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11 Crochet Hamster Patterns For Kids

Crochet your adorable hamster with this collection of patterns. The hamster is one of the most popular small pets that are easy to care for and fun to watch. There are many different types of hamsters, but generally, they’re all adorable, sweet, and harmless creatures. With that said, if you have a little hamster running around your home or want to make one for a friend, these Lovable Crochet Hamster Patterns will come in handy. From small to large and in many variations, these cute little guys will make any room more cheerful.

Adorable Crochet Hamster Patterns

Crochet Hamster Patterns

Creative cat and hamster designs like these make a great gift that any child would love to receive. If you or someone you know has a soft spot for these furry little faces, you should try it yourself! With these adorable crochet amigurumi hamster patterns, you can find the perfect one to fulfill your new creative project needs. Explore using different materials and colors to take your crochet skills to a new level.

These crochet hamster patterns are some of the cutest I've seen. It definitely will make a great gift for any young animal lover. They also make great gifts for children who want a furry friend but can't have a real one due to allergies or simply because their parents don't want them to own a pet yet. These adorable crochet hamster patterns are perfect for any avid crafter; their size and adorableness make them easy to hold and take with you wherever you go.

Crochet Hamster Plush

Crochet Hamster

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No-Sew Crochet Hamster Pattern

No-Sew Hammy the Hamster

Crochet a No-Sew Hammy the Hamster using the no-sew method where ears, feet, and arms are attached in the round with single crochet stitches. This makes it super simple to make, as you don't need to attach everything separately like in most patterns. Use these instructions to crochet a Hammy the Hamster using the no-sew method, where ears, feet, and arms are attached in the round with single crochet stitches. It's a quick, easy pattern that makes for a great beginner project.


Crochet Hamster Amigurumi

Hamster Amigurumi

This amazing Crochet Hamster Amigurumi pattern will be a great hit to add to your amigurumi collection for kids or to have fun. Make it big and put a smile on the faces of the ones you love. It will definitely become one of the cherished toys of your little ones! This pattern is easy to follow and super cute hamster amigurumi. This will be a great hit for your little ones or yourself. You can also make it for yourself to have some fun around.


Cheeky Hamster Free Pattern

Cheeky Hamster

This cheeky mini Hamster is a great DIY project for you and your kids! You can make this cute little crochet hamster in different colors with the help of this easy step-by-step tutorial. The Hamster is small enough to keep as a cuddly pet, or you may use it as an ornament or stuffed toy in your home. It is so easy to follow that even beginners can make it.


Crochet Hamster Amigurumi

Amigurumi Hamster

Hamsters are the most adorable rodents in existence, and they make the most wonderful little companions. This crochet pattern is worked up in super bulky yarn, so she works up super quickly and is a great way to use up some of the smaller bits of yarn you have left over from bigger projects. This little hamster is a great way to use up some of the smaller bits of different yarns you have left over from bigger projects. She worked in single crochet, works up super quickly, and makes a perfect gift for any hamster lover.


Crocheted Hamsters Toy

Peachfuzz And Butter Crocheted Hamsters

Crocheted Hamsters are super cute and easy to make. They have big round eyes and little pink noses, so if you're having a bad day or need company, these hamsters will be there for you. These cute little crocheted hamsters are excellent listeners and are always up for a cuddle when you need one. Each has a sweet face and soft body, perfect for a quick nap on the couch or in your lap.


Crochet Hamster Cozy

Hammy The Hamster

Hammy is a cute little guy who will join you in your crochet adventures. He is the perfect size for a purse, bag, or backpack, and he’s just waiting to find a home where his new family can love him. This is a very easy project with the skill level of a beginner. This will make a great gift for any hamster lover, and you can use the leftover materials to make many other toys for your Hammy! This pattern uses the crocodile stitch, a very easy double crochet stitch. Great for beginners!


Crochet Hamster And Rabbit

Little Hamster And Rabbit

Crochet cute little crumbs - a small but very sweet and funny hamster and a cute rabbit! Cute hamsters and squirrels will surely delight those who love the small and fluffy. These animals will become your guests at any children's party. The hamsters are easy to make, and your kids will love the cute color combinations. The pattern is designed by professional designers who know the standards of measuring and creating these creatures.


Beautiful Hamster Amigurumi

beautiful handmade Amigurumi

Make your hamster with this easy crochet pattern. You'll learn to make amigurumi stitches like single and double crochet, make a magic ring, and stuff a mini-doll. This pattern includes instructions on how to make 3 different colors of hamsters so you can choose your favorite! This quick and easy crochet pattern can be made to any size you want. The detailed written instructions make this a great pattern for beginners.


Crochet Hamster Pattern Free

cute soft plushie

A little fluffy hamster is here. Children will love this little rodent, and you can crochet him to your heart's content. The pattern is fast and easy to follow, resulting in a cute, soft, and cuddly little friend for you or your child. With our crochet pattern, you can make the most adorable hamster! The instructions are easy to follow, and with help from your favorite yarn and hook, you'll have your little critter finished in no time. With this pattern, you'll be able to relax on the sofa and crochet as you watch your favorite movie or pass the time on a rainy day.


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Cute Crochet Hamster Pattern

amigurumi With Hazelnut

Do you love animals and want to share your passion with someone? With this Cute Crochet Hamster Pattern, you can make beautifully designed animals that are sure to bring a smile to any face. Use this crochet pattern to make a hamster with a beanie, bowtie, and mittens. You'll also learn how to sew eyes and felt ears onto your doll. Because this is a small project, it's perfect for beginners who want to make something bigger than a bookmark or potholder.


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