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15 Jellyfish Crochet Patterns For Marine Life Lovers

Jellyfish are the most beautiful thing on the planet. A crocheted jellyfish is a unique item that can be added to your home decor. If you love aquatic animals, these cute jellyfish patterns will be the perfect gift for anyone who loves sea animals. Jellyfish plushies are unique crochet jellyfish patterns that can be crafted easily using crochet hooks without any hassle, like other stuffed creatures and animals. If you are looking for a fabulous jellyfish plushie project to crochet with your kids, then these Crochet Jellyfish Patterns are just perfect for you. Stitch one of these adorable jellyfish plushies, and you will surely love its cuteness.

Realistic Crochet Jellyfish Patterns

Crochet Jellyfish Patterns

Jellyfish is the symbol of happiness and peace, and it's one of the first sea creatures children learn about when they go to the ocean for the first time. There's something about these creatures that makes them irresistible to both children and adults alike. Moreover, these delicate creatures inspire creativity and beauty in many forms, including crochet jellyfish patterns. These Crochet Jellyfish Patterns are best to add more charm and life to your softies. You can also use them as toys, educational tools and other crafts. Here you will get an idea of how they are made using simple stitches and a good choice of yarns. These are great to make individually, or you can use them as a gift pattern idea.

Mommy And Baby Crochet Jellyfish

Mommy & Baby Jellyfish

This fun and easy Kid-Friendly crochet pattern is a great stash buster! It's a wonderful photo prop for baby shower photos and child photography, as well. The Mommy & Baby Jellyfish are perfect for hanging from a nursery or child's room! Beginner friendly and great for all skill levels. This pattern includes endearing pictures of each step, so even if you're unfamiliar with crochet, you'll be able to follow along easily!


Large Jellyfish Squish

Jellyfish Squish

This Jellyfish Squish has just the right amount of softness, squishiness and stretch to be both huggable and lovable. It’s a super soft and squishy crochet pattern that works up fast, and the best part is you can make them all! You can even use different colors of yarn to make them unique. It’s made with worsted weight yarn to keep it as easy as possible, but if you want a bigger jellyfish that’s even larger than the normal-sized one, use a bulky weight yarn instead.


Crochet Jellyfish Amigurumi

Jellyfish Amigurumi

Are you looking for a smaller project you can work on between larger projects? Do you love the squishy feel of amigurumi and wish you could do more with them? Look no further; this adorable jellyfish is exactly what you need! This is an amigurumi sea life creature meant to be a cuddly piece of art and comfort. This pattern features a boxy body with two separate pieces for the head, making it easy to customize the colors and making one perfect for any ocean dweller in your life.


Crochet Jellyfish Cat Toy

Jellyfish Cat

The crochet jellyfish will be a great masterpiece that adds to your home décor or kids' toy collection. This pattern is designed to be customizable and simple enough for beginners. The jellyfish toy is extremely hardy and suitable for all ages. You can use any color of yarn you like; make sure it's safe and high quality. Use a 2mm hook or 2.5mm, depending on the weight of your yarn. The 4 step by step pictures helps guide you through how to crochet this adorable jellyfish.


Mini Crochet Jellyfish

Mini Jellyfish

Mini crochet jellyfish will be a great hit for you to try this season. This is a one-of-a-kind doll that looks so realistic and cute! It won't take long to make this little guy, so get your hook ready and dive right in! It can be used as a keychain or cell phone charm. This Amigurumi crochet pattern is quick and easy to make, too! All you need is some yarn and a hook, and you'll be able to whip up this lovely crochet jellyfish in less than an hour.


Jenni The Jellyfish

Jenni The Jellyfish

Jenni The Jellyfish is perfect if you’re new to amigurumi or looking for a great beginner pattern. This crochet jellyfish is made all in one piece and requires only simple stitches, so you can master the art of making three-dimensional amigurumi with ease! It’s a super simple crocheted in one piece, and it’s made with basic stitches and shapes that are easy to pick up. The techniques at the end of this book will help you if you want to make more intricate projects later on!


Cute Jiggly Jellyfish

Jiggly Jellyfish

If you are looking for a unique and loveable addition to your home décor, look no further. This crochet pattern is easy to follow and makes an excellent gift for those who love marine life or the ocean. You can use this pattern to make your jiggy jellyfish or to adapt the pattern to make an octopus or squid. Your skill level need not be advanced; this project is suitable for beginners, too! The jiggly body adds interest to this fun project that can be completed in two or three evenings. With instructions for making your favorite bow, this pattern is perfect for beginner crocheters.


Crochet Jellyfish Keychain

Squishy The Jellyfish

This little crochet jellyfish pattern makes a keychain that is about 4 inches tall, but it could be bigger or smaller if desired. If you are new to magic loop, this would be a great project for learning! The wavy tentacles create an ombré effect on the tentacles that is gorgeous! Fun for any age, and sure to please! The jellyfish is just over four inches long, with tentacles that measure approximately 4.5” when completely flat, which means this will be the perfect size to hang on your keys!


Cute Gingerbread Jellyfish Pattern

Gingerbread super cute amigurumi

The cute gingerbread jellyfish pattern is ideal for a holiday-themed project that’s still playful but not overly sweet. The cuteness factor is sure to please kids of all ages, but it can also be great as a friend gift or Secret Santa present for adults! With all the tiny details, adorable shape and fun movement, your friends and family will be overjoyed when they see this beautiful creature swimming through the air above their heads!


Crochet Jellyfish & Octopus Appliques

Jellyfish & Octopus Appliques

Introducing a new collection of appliques to add the cutest touch to your beach accessories. Quirky jellyfish and cuddly octopuses are made with a blend of solid purple and aqua-green yarn. They have been designed to fit on virtually any project that you can imagine, from clothes and bags to beach towels, pillows and more! We have included detailed instructions for crocheting jellyfish and octopus appliques, so you can make them any way you like - from beginner to advanced skill levels!


Jessica The Jellyfish Pattern

Jessica The Jellyfish

Are you looking for a fun, easy and quick crochet pattern that will look cute with any handmade gift? This easy-to-follow Jessica Jellyfish Amigurumi crochet pattern will make your list of go-to patterns in no time. With detailed step-by-step instructions with many photos and videos, you'll be making your own Jessica the Jellyfish in no time. Make her an original gift for friends, relatives, or children and let them bring hours of fun with their new underwater friend to play with.


Juniper The Jellyfish Pattern

Juniper The cute amigurumi

This crochet jellyfish pattern is perfect for any baby shower and perfect as a handmade gift! This versatile pattern could suit any decor and is easily customizable by using a different yarn or using different sizes of hooks and adding embellishments. This pattern comes with full instructions and photos, so it's easy to make; even a beginner crochet expert can use it! You can create a cute jellyfish using only single-crochet and double-crochet stitches, with minimal sewing required.


All In One Jellyfish

All In One cute fishes with tenticles

This Jellyfish pattern is a great project for beginners. This is designed to be an all-in-one Jellyfish without joining parts as you go, making it perfect for making for younger children or gifts. The crochet jellyfish also works quickly and easily, so it is perfect for beginners and experts who want to make something cute. Great for kids and adults alike, you'll love creating these colorful critters as gifts or for your own home! The pattern can be worked in any weight of yarn that gives you a look you desire.


Crochet Jellyfish Amigurumi

cute fish Amigurumi

Make your adorable Jellyfish with this crochet pattern! With this easy-to-follow pattern, you can make any size of Jellyfish you want! Whether for a baby toy or a deco-style decor, these make a great addition to your home. This adorable crochet pattern is perfect for any child that loves Jellyfish! The Jellyfish will crochet using the magic circle and seamless construction. You’ll work in the round using only single crochets and chain stitches, so it’s an easy beginner piece to work on.


Realistic Jellyfish Babies

asy to make cute fish Babies

The crochet pattern is best for making one jellyfish by your own. The jellyfish has a white rim and a transparent green body. This pattern works quickly with basic stitches and is ideal for beginner crocheters. This easy crochet pattern makes as many baby jellyfish as you would like! This is the perfect project for summertime fun or keeping a child occupied while they wait at the dentist's office or restaurant.


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