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Crochet Squirrel Patterns For Kids To Play

This delightful guide offers a collection of fun and easy-to-follow Crochet Squirrel Patterns. Whether you're a seasoned crafter or a beginner, you'll get a kick out of creating these cute, forest-themed amigurumi. Each pattern is broken down into straightforward, step-by-step instructions that are easy to understand. From tiny details to finishings, this guide covers all you need for your crochet journey. It's time to grab your hooks and make some super cute crafty squirrels.

Follow this easier tutorial to make a super cute fluffy squirrel with its favorite food (acorn) in hand. It's going to be a great hit among kids, and I hope you'll love it.


  • 8 Ply, 100% Acrylic Yarn in the desired squirrel color
  • 3.5mm Crochet Hook
  • Yarn Needle
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Stuffing
  • 18mm (or 12mm for smaller eyes) Safety Eyes

Squirrel Pattern

Feet (Make 2)

  1. Start with a magic ring of 6.
  2. Repeat 2 increases, then 2 single crochet (SC) to reach 8 stitches.
  3. Work 3 rounds of 8 SC each.
  4. Finish off without stuffing, and the tuck ends inside.

Head and Body

  1. Start with a magic ring of 6 SC.
  2. Follow the pattern to create the snout and body curvature. (Specific increase and decrease rows not provided, follow typical amigurumi shaping techniques.)
  3. Insert safety eyes in row 5.
  4. Continue with the body, including attaching the feet as you close the body.
  5. Stuff the body before closing.


  1. Work from the base with increases and then transition into half double crochet for a curved tail.
  2. No stuffing near the tip; lightly stuff the base.

Arms (Make 2)

  1. Start with a magic ring of 6 SC.
  2. Increase and work rows to form the paw, then shift to creating a curved arm using increased techniques.
  3. Lightly stuff the paw part only.

Ears (Make 2)

  1. A magic ring of 6 is followed by a series of increases to create a triangle shape.
  2. Use back post-SC to form a base ridge, then decrease to shape the ear.
  3. Pinch to finalize the shape.

Assembling the Squirrel

  1. Sew the tail at an upright angle to the body.
  2. Attach the ears on the head aligned with the eyes.
  3. Sew arms on the side, adjusting according to whether you want the squirrel sitting or standing.
  4. Optional: Add chubby cheeks by shaping small circles and sewing them near the mouth.
  5. Optional: Create the impression of stuffed cheeks with added stuffing before finalizing the sewing.

Acorn Pattern

  1. Start with a magic ring of 6, and increase uniformly.
  2. Work several rounds to form the base.
  3. Shift to front post-SC for a textured border.
  4. Decrease to form the cap; stuff the base only.
  5. Close the top without stuffing for an acorn cap appearance.

Crochet Tiny Squirrel Amigurumi

Crochet Tiny Squirrel Amigurumi

Put your hands on this fun crochet tiny squirrel amigurumi pattern to make the admirable cutest miniature playing amigurumi for kids in no time.


  • 8-ply 100% acrylic yarn in chosen color
  • 3.5-millimeter crochet hook
  • Stitch markers
  • Yarn needle
  • Scissors
  • Stuffing
  • 18mm safety eyes (can opt for smaller 12mm eyes)


Little Back Feet:

  1. Start with a magic ring of 6 stitches.
  2. Work two repeats of an increase followed by two single crochets to reach 8 stitches.
  3. Work three repeats of 8 single crochets around (24 stitches total).
  4. Finish off without stuffing, but tuck the starting tail inside the piece.

Head and Body:

  1. Start at the top of the head with a magic ring of 6.
  2. Follow the pattern with increases for snout shaping and shifts to create the back curve.
  3. When making the body, attach the feet in the round, squishing them flat with four pairs of stitches and attaching as you go.
  4. Stop before row 11 to insert safety eyes into row 5, on either side of where the snout will be.
  5. Continue with the head and body pattern, attaching feet with squished flat ends along the body.
  6. Stuff the head and body segment firmly.
  7. Close the bottom with a finish-off technique similar to a reverse magic ring.

Pro Tip: Follow the pattern step by step, paying attention to increases and decreases that shape the head and body.


  1. Begin with a wider end, decreasing to create a tail shape.
  2. Alternate between half-double crochets on the top and single crochets on the bottom stitches to achieve curvature.
  3. Finish off with a final row of 12 single crochets.
  4. Stuff firmly, leaving the end unstuffed, and attach to the body.


  1. Begin with a magic ring of 6 for the paw.
  2. Use techniques similar to the tail to curve the arms into a boomerang shape.
  3. Stuff the paws slightly and attach to the body.


  1. Work as thick, squishy triangles.
  2. Start with a magic ring of 6, work increases, and regular stitches to achieve the triangle shape.
  3. Finish with a back post single crochet to create the ridge at the front.
  4. Shape and attach the ears to the head.


  1. Pin, then sew on the tail, ensuring it's centered, and position the squirrel as desired.
  2. Attach the ears following the count and positioning described in the video.
  3. If adding chubby cheeks, position them around the face, partially obscuring the eyes, and stuff lightly before sewing.

For optional cheeks and an acorn, please refer back to the video for row-by-row instructions, as these details weren't provided in the transcript provided.


  • After assembling all the pieces, add accessories such as cheeks and an acorn.
  • Sew all pieces securely, and ensure no pins are left inside if gifting to a child.


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