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5 DIY Bamboo Trellis Plans For Plants Vertical Growth

DIY Bamboo Trellis Plans are a great way to add greenery and privacy to your yard. Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants on Earth and can be used for many things, including building a trellis. Bamboo is an excellent material for building a bamboo trellis because it's strong, flexible, and lightweight. You can use bamboo to make various structures, from fences to planters and even furniture. The best part about building a bamboo trellis is that it's relatively easy to do yourself with just essential tools and a little bit of time.

Benefits Of DIY Bamboo Trellis Plans

DIY Bamboo Trellis Plans

A bamboo trellis will add a nice touch of greenery to your garden, but it also helps keep your plants growing straight and healthy. If you want to make your DIY Bamboo Trellis Plans, there are several different types that you can build depending on what type of plants you want to grow and how much space you have. If you're going to use the bamboo as an accent piece in your yard, consider constructing a vertical garden or raised bed where you can plant flowers or vegetables that need climbing support. You can also use these same designs inside your home if you have limited space.

Simple Bamboo Trellis

Simple Bamboo Trellis

If you have some bamboo lying around, this is the perfect project. This trellis will help you grow a lovely garden of flowers or fruits and veggies. You can also purchase pre-cut lengths of poles that are ready for your use. It’s easy to build, very sturdy, and looks great! This bare bamboo trellis is an easy way to improve a garden space. It requires no tools other than a saw to cut the poles and the screws that come with it to mount the wall ties on your house or other building. It is made from bamboo poles (strong enough to hold up most plants) attached with metal fasteners and rope.

  • Tools: Hand saw
  • Difficulty: Basic
  • Materials: 5 bamboo poles (5’ long), 10 bamboo poles (3’ long)


Bamboo Hoop Tunnel

Bamboo Hoop Tunnel

Have you ever wanted to add a bamboo tunnel to the garden but didn't know how? This fun and easy project will let you create your backyard jungle gym in minutes. This bamboo hoop tunnel is a great way to add a beautiful, professional-looking garden feature to your yard. By combining bamboo and dowels, you can create a unique garden tunnel. With just a little bit of water and patience, you can form this hoop into the exact shape you want and get it to stay in place while it dries. You will have an attractive garden feature that looks like it came straight from the store in no time at all.

  • Tools: Water tub, scissors
  • Difficulty: ⅜” wooden dowels, bamboo stakes, garden twine, water
  • Materials: Intermediate


V-Style Trellis

V-Style TrellisYou will love this V-Style Bamboo Trellis, it is an easy-to-build trellis that will look great in your garden or flower bed. The bamboo trellis design allows you to create nearly any framework you want. You do not have to stick with basic square techniques because you already have that covered by nature. With some imagination, this product can be used for more complicated designs like a large V. It is a very flexible design that allows you to create different shapes. This bamboo trellis is a great way to decorate and add privacy to your garden, especially if you want to grow flowers or vegetables close to the house.

  • Tools: Hand saw, tape measure, pencil
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Materials: Mixed diameter bamboo poles, garden twine


Small Bamboo Trellis

Small Bamboo Trellis

Put the finishing touches on your garden with this delightful, small bamboo trellis. This functional item measures 30" x 40" when complete and is an excellent way to highlight your hard work while supporting climbing plants. The cheerful squares are easy to use and complement any garden, even indoors. This small bamboo trellis shows off the beauty of your garden. It's easy to assemble and can be placed almost anywhere in your yard or inside your home. This trellis is fashioned from bamboo, and it's perfect for small gardens or as an in-home decoration. The neat little squares give your garden a modern touch!

  • Tools: Scissors, hand saw, pencil, tape measure
  • Difficulty: High
  • Materials: 7 sticks of bamboo (4’ long), 8 sticks of bamboo (3’ long)


A-Frame Bamboo Trellis

A-Frame Bamboo Trellis

A-Frame Bamboo Trellis offers more space to grow climbing plants and vines, perfect for gardens that occupy the middle of a yard. This trellis combines two flat frames into a single A-frame that can stand independently. It eliminates the need for a wall or fence to put up a traditional bamboo trellis, allowing you to garden in areas that most trellises simply cannot. This A-frame bamboo trellis has a sturdy design that is easy to assemble with no tools required. Pop open the pieces of the framework and slide them into place. The A-frame bamboo trellis also features a beautiful Oriental look that will look great in any garden setting.

  • Tools: Tape measure, hand saw, scissors, pencil, tape
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Materials: 8 bamboo poles (60” long), 11 bamboo poles (30” long), garden twine



With some basic items most of us have laying around the house, and a free afternoon, you can build a variety of unique and functional trellises, from a complex decorative trellis for your office to a large bamboo teepee. There is a number of trellis designs on this list that you can make right now. Every one of these designs was chosen for its ease of use and affordability with the average gardener in mind.

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