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15 DIY Broomstick Ideas For Halloween Season

DIY Broomsticks are one of the most trendy items for Halloween decoration; they serve well for many purposes. They suit best to use as a decoration piece, a photo prop, or a gift-giving accessory. So, to make some fantastic spooky broomsticks, following this impressive list will help you.

Fun DIY Broomsticks For Everyone

DIY Broomstick Ideas 1

Below, you'll find a stunning series of easier and unique ideas that can help you make a broomstick easily without much effort. All you have to do is select the best one up to your needs and follow the simplest instructions below. However, there are modification possibilities, too, for building broomsticks that are unique and fit for purpose.

We have some extremely fun DIY broomstick ideas for kids to follow; they can make these beautiful witch brooms themselves. Or their parents can make for them as an inspiration to develop the urge of crafting in kids and to make a participation of little ones in the Halloween decorations.

Different Types Of Broomsticks

Broomsticks and witch brooms are similar, but to explore their concept more and propose endless creative ideas to make them in several ways for decoration and other purposes. Here, we came up with a marvelous series of fun and spooky broomstick ideas to follow.

  • Witch Brooms For Kids:  These brooms are smaller, sometimes even inches, and can be best for kids to inspire their creativity. Or sometimes you can pair them with treats for kids to develop their interest. 
  • Broomstick For Decoration: You can use the long-handle broomsticks as a beautiful decoration option for your Halloween themes, like hanging them over a wreath or keeping them at the front door to show your guests that this home is ready for celebrating Halloween. 
  • Witch Broom For Witch Costume: Many people love to roleplay or cosplay like a witch in any horror movie or a Halloween party, so the witch brooms serve exceptionally well for them. They Can enhance the spookiness of their costumes or wear and make them look more crafty. 

How To Make A Witch Broom?

Here are a number of ideas to guide you on how to make a witch broom, and the given list explains everything in detail, especially focusing on the material to be used. The readers can avoid ambiguity and find an easier understanding of the best-ever broom creation ideas. Although some important points to consider before collecting the materials for your witch broom/ broomstick creation are:

They are usually made of :

  • Stick: It can be a long handle stick, a smaller one, a mediocre size, or anything up to your design and needs. However, you can also use a stick from your garden's tree. The only thing to keep in mind is that the dried wood suit is best for witch brooms. 
  • Broom Bristles: They are the most prominent part of your broomstick or witch broom creation. You can go with everyone's favorite raffia for it or use any of your local brands you're using. However, the bunch of twigs available in your garden can also suit you well if some hard work is your choice to do. You can also use colored Brromork bristles, whether you buy them in color or use spray paint for staining, but colored bristles add a lot to the spookiness of your broom. 
  • Rope: The most famous and commonly used option for rope is jute, although you can go with other sturdier threads, too. 

DIY Witches Broom For Halloween

DIY Witches Broom For Halloween

If you want to make the world's simplest witch broom, follow this amazing guide to help you in this regard. You need a thicker tree branch, get some twigs in hand, keep them around the branch, and tie them tightly using a rubber band and twine. It will be the easiest and quickest DIY project that can be done for new pennies, and I hope you're going to love it.


Witch Broom Halloween Treats For School Kids

Witch Broom Halloween Class Treats

Engage your kids along with their favorite treat and pencil following this stunning guide. It will bring kids closer to the Halloween theme and enhance their participation in the spooky celebration. All you have to do is get a simple pencil and tie the sucker at one end using masking tape. Next, the packaging paper was cut into longer stripe shapes to make it look like a broom when pasted right above the candy and the tip of a pencil. It's a minute-made DIY craft and will surely be kids' loveable.


DIY Glitter Witch’s Broomstick

Easy DIY Halloween Glitter Witch’s Broomstick

Make a decent broomstick to use along with your witch costume, Halloween costume, or home decor for November parties using this superb guide. It's almost 6 feet tall and surely great to add a touch of wow to your spooky theme easily. You'll need a cobweb broom, some Halloween-inspired items ( faux spiders, spiderwebs, etc), glittery spray paint, ribbon, gaze- fabric ( orange, black ).

First, spray the broom with a spooky purple color and add your desired creepy items. You can wrap a beautiful brown ribbon to the handle of your broomstick and finish it off with the gauzy fabric layered around. It can be a decent masterpiece for your home decor and is especially great to receive admiration from everyone.


Miniature Broom For Halloween Crafts

Easy Miniature Broom For Your Halloween Crafts

Following this guide, let me show you how to make a fun broomstick in minutes. Get some smaller-sized twigs in hand and cut them in 2.5 inches size. Secondly, get a rope in hand and unwind it to convert it into a sisal structure; all the sisal fibers must be less than 1.75-2 inches, so cut the rope piece with respect to them. Lastly, wrap all the unwinded sisal surrounding the twig using a sturdy thread, make multiple rounds, and complete your broomstick in style.


Magical Halloween Broomstick

Magical & Free DIY Halloween Witches Broom

DIY A Magical Halloween Broomstick to stylize your front door wreath for the coming Halloween season. It's as much easier as surely be great to stun every guest at your November 5th party.

Just get a dried branch in moderate size with some twigs to wrap around on its one end and give it a look like a broomstick. You can use jute thread to tie the twigs; I know it's a simpler project, but it will surely add a lot to your front door decorations.


DIY Witch Broom

DIY Witch Broom

With the fall roaming around, it's time to put your hands on Halloween decorations. Follow this easier guide and make a super fun and stylish witch broom to make it the pride of your Halloween decorations and give a meaningful touch to your spooky theme for the 5th NOV party.

Take a dried wooden stick from the tree that is a bit irregular (not straight) and will suit you very well; untie the three cinnamon brooms you can buy online. Keep those broom twigs surrounded by the stick and tie them firmly using jute rope or twine. For a more spooky touch, you can paint the stick priorly (first spray the whole stick in black and then paint it white, making stripes that give the appearance of a black-white striped design).


Miniature Broomstick For Halloween

DIY Miniature Broom For Halloween

Put your hands on this miniature broomstick DIY using a small garden stick. Get the packaging paper in hand, cut it down into strip-like structures to give the appearance of a broom, and paste them around the stick using glue. It will be a fun project anyone can try, and I hope you'll find it useful.


How To Make A Witch’s Broom

How To Make A Witch’s Broom

Making this super simple witch broom is super easy and a lot of fun! You need a longer wooden stick with some of the finest broom bristle from Raffia available online, and make a bunch of them to tie at the lower end of your stick. Tie them firmly because your broomstick has to stand alone. Add a beautiful plaid style ribbon on the band for a spooky touch and thread your sed for tying. It looks quite admirable and will always be great to add a touch of spookiness to your Halloween celebrations.


DIY Witch Broom From Stick

DIY Witch Broom 1

Want a cute decoration for your Halloween theme? Follow this amazing guide to help you. Just get a simple wood stick, tie the raffia broom bristles at one end, and tie them firmly, and you can end up with a decent-looking broom for your home decoration. It's a superb alternative to the storebought broomsticks and a decent showoff for your mastery of DIY skills.


Glittery Witch Broom

Glittery DIY Witch Broom

Do you ever believe that brooms can be glittery? If not, then let me shake your creativity with this amazing glitter DIY witch broom idea. It's the easiest and the most unique DIY creation you have ever done. Get a tree branch from your garden four feet in length, and spray paint it in black 2-3 times to give a shiny, thick black appearance.

Then, find the glittery branches in your favorite color to tie on the one end of your stick and keep them tight with the jute ripe available around. Once you tie the glittery branches, make several rounds of jute ripe again and again to make it look like a professional broom that can be used for sweeping. Just kidding, they're just from decoration but surely a piece of talk at your next Halloween party.


DIY Dollar Store Witch Broom

DIY Dollar Store Witch Broom

Make a decent broomstick for Halloween decorations using the simplest supplies available at any dollar store. You can copy the theme of a scarecrow and turn these simple items into a broomstick with minimal effort. You can make it using a simple stick, paint it in dark black, tie some twines at one end, and you're done.


Halloween Decor DIY Witch Brooms

Halloween Decor DIY Witch Brooms

Following this easier idea, let's make a stunning broom part of your Halloween theme or an additive to your witch costume. Just take a pair of straw brooms in hand, paint them with a shiny black color, and add some Halloween touch with the ribbon and other stuff. You can also sticker or paint the handles of your broomstick to make them more creepy and Halloween-like and make everyone fall in love with them.


Witch Broomstick Pencil Party Favors

Witch Broom Pencil Party Favors

Get the inexpensive pencils in hand and turn them into a Halloween gift for school kids by following this easier guide. It's the best way to let the kids engage in the most fun celebrations and develop their interest in returning to school after the holidays. To make this treat gift for kids, you'll need the following:

Get the unsharpened pencils, take the green felt in hand, and cut it into smaller-sized patches. Then, cut each patch into stripes structure to appear like broom bristles. Lastly, wrap the cut felt around and tie it with the black rubber band. It'll be the best crafty tutorial you have ever followed because it requires just a few minutes to make.


Adorable Mini Witch’s Broom Craft

Adorable Mini Witch’s Broom Craft

Make a mini witch broom within minutes following this easier idea. Just a simple stick with the broom bristles tied at one tip and the added black bow. It will be best for enhancing the look of your broom.


How to Make a Witch's Broom 

How to Make a Witch's Broom or Besom

Spark your creative nature with this amazing broomstick creation following this guide. It suits you well for outdoor decor, whether you want to make it a part of your front door decoration or put it upside down in any of your huge flower pots.

Take a large tree limb, tie a branch bunches at one end of it, cover the tied portions with layers of jute rope, and you're done. It's a superb DIY project that almost everyone loves, and I hope you'll also admire it.


DIY Broomstick Ideas

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