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18 DIY Clothesline Ideas To Dry Clothes Indoor And Outdoor

String your clothes out to dry instead of using a dryer will help you save money and natural waste resources. And our list of DIY clothesline ideas has some fantastic inspirations to help you in this regard. Here, we have many ways to create a clothesline with things you already have at home! Just give them a try, save hard-earned money, and contribute to less energy consumption as much as possible. 

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Why To DIY Clothesline?

In many parts of the world, clotheslines are still a common sight. You hang your laundry on a clothesline and let the sun do the rest! A clothesline is an ecological way to handle your laundry, using little electricity and requiring no chemicals or water. However, it's an old-fashioned method of drying your clothes in the fresh air, but it is still a worthy activity.

The homemade clotheslines can be made with items you already have, creating a beautiful addition to the yard or porch. You can match the vibe of your home decor, and it is also a great way to dry your clothes without using electricity.

Tips To follow before making a DIY clothesline idea: 

  • Select the appropriate size for your clothesline concerning the open area or space you have, plus the weight of your laundry, because it will help select the best clothespin idea.
  • Use the material with a long-lasting life span (PVC, steel, or jute rope) to create your clothesline because it will be economical and lessen the load of drying your clothes.

How To Make Clothesline:

A brief overview of DIY A Clothesline will be that you have to select some materials like

  • Posts, Poles, Vertical Standing Stripes, Or anything you want to make the poles of your clothesline.
  • Actual Clotheslines, Like cotton clotheslines or wired clotheslines.
  • Screws, nails
  • Hook (eye hook, eye bolt)
  • Cement, Concrete Mix, etc
  • Tools to make a hole in the ground

Generally, you'll have to select the appropriate place and the length of your clotheslines. I suggest locating that place where there's maximum exposure to the sun and the breezes flow for long. Secondly, make a hole in the ground for the poles to stand; keep the height of poles/posts up to your easiness. After putting the poles:

  1. Use concrete mix, cement, or whatever is used in your area to make the base firm.
  2. Later on, add an eye hook on the top of the pole and use it to install the clothesline on it.
  3. Keep room for adjusting the tension of your clothesline, and you're done to let your clothes dry without much hassle. 

Permanent Metal Clothesline

Permanent Metal Clothesline

Make an extremely sturdy and years-to-use metal clothesline following this amazing guide. The creator of this project is well-professional in his field and discussed all the different materials that can suit best for making clotheslines. It's a must-read article if you're willing to make a clothes drying line for your home use.

Creating this clothesline is easy: dig a hole with respect to the measurements given, put the metal pole in concrete, fill the hole, add concrete mix, and let it dry. Lastly, add the lengthy wire lines that will be a great option to get rid of wet clothes all year round.


DIY Clothes Line

DIY Clothes Line

Following this guide will be helpful if you want to make a clothesline at home using a simple pole. It requires just a few minutes of work, but surely, the usability it provides will be for years and years. You have to start by picking the location for your clothesline, then dig a hole in the ground one foot deep and one fit wide.


Simple DIY Clothesline In Your Backyard

Simple DIY Clothesline In Your Backyard

Adding a clothesline can be a perfect option if you have a laundry routine or find it challenging to dry clothes in different circumstances. All you have to do is get the treated lumber on hand, make a pole-like structure from it with two supports underneath, dig a hole and put that pole inside, pour some concrete mix, let it dry, and install the clothesline on it. It can be a simple but beneficial DIY project in your daily routine, and you'll surely admire it, too.


Early Years Play Using Clothesline

Early Years Play Using Clothesline

Let's make a beautiful and colorful clothesline for kids to develop hand-eye coordination in them and bring out the creativity hidden in them. Some jute clothespins and cute little fabric pieces are needed to create this activity for your toddler. He/she will love it and mark this project as an opportunity to distinguish between colors and other fun stuff.


How To Build A Clothesline

How To Build A Clothesline

Creating a clothesline in your backyard or garden will be fun and the easiest project you have ever done; it will save you hard-earned money and provide you with several other benefits.

Some fast steps to take for making a clothesline will be: Select the best location, determine the length of clothesline you need, how much height is required, and the weight of laundry to carry in usual circumstances. Then, get the timbers in hand and do some DIY magic to make a masterpiece clothesline for you.


Old-fashioned Post And Rope Clothesline

How To Build An Old-fashioned Post And Rope Clothesline

Let's make traditional-style clotheslines easily using the most straightforward material available around. It costs very little and helps you a lot while doing laundry; you only have to make a hole, put the posts in it, and use the Quikrete solution to keep it stand. After that, put some water on it and leave for almost a day or two to let it dry.

Repeat the same for the second Post, and when you're done, examine the sturdiness of the poles in the ground. Secondly, you must add the cross beam on top of the posts and screw it firmly using the screwdriver. Lastly, add an angled support base and insert the eye bolt at the location of your clothesline rope. The creator suggested three clothing strings; the best suitable height will be 6 feet, although you can alter it according to your needs.


Simple Farmhouse-Inspired DIY Clothesline

Simple Farmhouse-Inspired DIY Clothesline

Farm living is fun, but doing laundry is always a mess there; it becomes very difficult to dry clothes, and almost everyone finds it worse. This fantastic DIY farmhouse-inspired clothesline idea will suit you best to cope with that unwanted situation. It works well for most off-grid living personnel, and its useability makes it women's favorite.

  • 3 4″x4″x8′ posts
  • cotton clothesline
  • line tensioners
  • eye hooks
  • screws and bolts
  • white exterior paint in satin

Like the above-added ideas, the same is to be done here: dig a hole, stand the post, add the eye hook, install a cotton clothesline, and use tensioners to make it loose or tight. You can make your clotheslines look more admirable with the white paint coating and surely thank me later.


DIY A Hanger Clothesline

DIY A Hanger Clothesline

This clothesline makes it easy and convenient to hang up laundry. It holds up to 10 pounds, so you can easily adorn the rail with your favorite dish towels or other lightweight hand-washed items. The top bar is removable when not in use and rolls up for compact storage. This portable design makes it easy to set up on short notice, wherever you need! Use it to hang wet towels, aprons, robes, or even shoelaces! The lightweight plastic design is easy to take down and store.


DIY Clothesline With Metal Fence Poles

This clothesline is inexpensive and easy to create, making it a perfect option if you are looking for a DIY project. It is great for drying wet clothes, towels, and other items in your yard or garden. It’s also an excellent alternative for those looking for a more compact unit that does not take up too much space.

DIY Clothesline With Post

DIY Clothesline With Post

Hang your laundry and hide your clothesline from view with this DIY version of a standard clothesline. This is an easy way to add flair to your clothesline and disguise the posts. The simplest design uses T-posts from the hardware store and construction scraps to create decorative lines for outdoor drying laundry. All you need are your decorative posts, some wood, and an idea of what you'd like to do with them. Customize the size of your clothesline as you wish by using wood from other projects or adding more posts as needed.


DIY Clothesline Between Trees

A clothesline is a great way to dry your clothes, especially in places where the sun shines bright. Use this DIY project as an alternative to standard wooden poles and wire that can damage trees when it’s time to remove them. Hang it from your tree trunks and attach it from one side to the other with an extra cord that runs parallel to the length of your clothesline.

DIY Clothesline Pulley

DIY Clothesline Pulley

This DIY pulley clothesline and the accompanying plan will allow you to move your line as you hang items up so they can be removed when you’re not using them. This design will allow you to lower the line when not in use, eliminating interference with other outdoor activities. It will bring convenient functionality to your garden or yard, making it easy to install and attractive in any setting.


How To Install A Clothesline

Let's make an easier clothesline to dry your washed clothes outdoors by following this easier video tutorial. It will cost only a few dollars, but surely you'll find it extremely useful. All you have to do is use any of your outdoor wall to add a swivel at it according to your desired height. Then, make a vertical wooden pole stand right in front of it with another swivel on its top. Use the highly sturdy cord to pass through those swivels, and your clothesline is done to get rid of the dryer and other machines and dry your clothes organically.

Folding Clothesline For Deck

Folding Clothesline For Deck

If you want to add a clothesline to your deck but don't like to mess with the decorative vibe of your outdoor space. Then, both things can come true with this amazing folding clothesline deck. It can withstand easily when needed and fold down when not in use; the creation is too low, and the whole process is described excellently in the below instructable.


DIY Clothesline Retractable

The 5-foot Retractable Clothesline lets you leave your sleeves rolled up and your buttons unbuttoned. This easy-to-use line can be pulled out when needed and easily reeled in when you don't. It will be perfect for those with limited space who still want a convenient place to air-dry clothing. Retract it when not in use to prevent unsightly hanging lines. It's perfect for those who don't want to deal with permanent structures or homes with limited outdoor space.

Simple Indoor Clothesline

Simple Indoor Clothesline

The concept of the indoor clothesline is simple: a clothesline that can be mounted in your house to dry air clothes. It is lightweight and can easily be removed, moved, or hidden. You could install one in various places depending on your needs, including a retractable option if you don't have enough space in one room. With the right placement and a little time, you can have clothes dried and put away in minutes. More importantly, your house will smell fresh and feel inviting wherever guests enter.


DIY Clothesline For Laundry Closet

Clothes hanging For Laundry Closet

You can string a simple clothesline in your closet to cut down on the clutter in your laundry room. Then, hang damp or dry clothes to help them immediately start drying and pull them down as needed. You'll save money and space by drying your wet clothes indoors without heating the entire house from the dryer. It hangs from the ceiling in a laundry closet and has three large hooks to hold a lot of clothing. You can secure it easily with hook-and-loop fasteners, so no tools or hardware will be needed.


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Multi-Line Indoor Clothesline

Multi-Line Indoor Clothes hanging

Tired of fighting with your clothes-drying closet? Our retractable multi-line indoor clothesline is perfect for people with tiny laundry rooms. It may not be a full-size cedar line-drying closet, but it's the next best thing. Anchoring it inside cabinets gives you the quick drying line you need without taking up precious space.


DIY Clothesline For Small Spaces

Clothes drying For Small Spaces

This space-efficient indoor clothesline is four times the size of the standard retractable version. Just tuck it out of sight when not in use, or stretch it across any wall or corner to hang dry your heavy items for easy retrieval. Made with a design that can fit any space, it's a quick and easy solution for hanging clothes on the line. Its adaptability means it's perfect for your basement and any room in the house.


Crib Spring Drying Rack For Indoor

Crib Spring Drying Rack For Indoor

If you've got an old crib spring, here's another use. Reuse the springs to create a drying rack hanging from a ceiling or wall stud. The large surface area is ideal for drying large items like sheets or a king-size comforter, but it can also be used for smaller garments such as sweaters, hats, and gloves.


DIY Clothesline Ideas

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