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15 DIY Floating Shelves Ideas For 2023

Let's explore this series of easy and unique DIY floating shelves ideas to make useful additions to your home walls. You can turn a few inches of left over space into something multi-functional for carrying the useful stuff and adding a sense of stylization to your walls.

Easy DIY Floating Shelves Ideas


You can make floating shelves for your bedroom, living room, or bathroom, whether to keep the bathing essentials or your favorite photo frame. Always this collection will have some amazing floating shelve options to offer you.

We have searched all around the web and compiled the best-floating shelve ideas for you to follow, some of them are inexpensive, plus we have long-lasting options too. So, why wait? Get the supplies in a selected one of the floating shelve ideas from the below list and end up in some super creative storage snap stylization option for your home.

Easy Floating Shelves

Easy Floating Shelves

This amazing idea will be the best option for adding a decent storage solution to your bathroom using old barn wood pieces. You can keep all the essentials in the bathroom over this DIY floating shelf, like towels, paper rolls, etc.


DIY Floating Shelves Kitchen


Adding DIY floating shelves to your kitchen will not be less than a blessing for you. If you haven't tried one before, this idea will be the best option to get started. You can easily follow the guidelines given by the creator of this floating shelf project and have some amazing addition to your woodworking skills. You can easily customize the size of these wooden shelves to suit your kitchen according to your space.


DIY Floating Shelves With Brackets


Brackets are the best option, especially to add shelves anywhere you want; they provide immense stability and do not mess up any stylization. If you want to add a decent wooden shelf on the empty wall in your living room, this idea will help you.


DIY Floating Shelves Solid Wood


Add some solid wood shelves to your office wall by getting inspiration from this idea. If you want to make a super useful, sturdy shallowing option for years to use, then nothing can be better than this solid wood DIY shelves Idea made using brackets.


DIY Floating Shelves Plans


Add this super useful study and unique-looking floating shelves to your kitchen or whatever room you want. They are the most useful, sturdy shelves you have ever seen. Their creation seems difficult, but trust me; they are one of the easiest shelving options available online. Just get the wooden board screws, and you will have a decent high-duty shelving option in almost no time.


Cheap DIY Floating Shelves

Are you fond of adding cheap items to your home decoration? If yes, this amazing, expensive DIY floating shelf idea will be your favorite. It'll be best to add anywhere you want. Its endless usabilities and the durability of the Word make this floating shelf a better option than the store-bought plastic ones.

How To DIY Floating Shelves


Here we come with a unique and elegant floating shells idea for your home decor. It will be a superb option for adding to any modern style home plus grade to provide a stunning background while taking photos and creating monumental memories. You can use these DIY shelves to keep photo frames, art pieces, and any of your desired stuff, but surely you will find the shelves a great discovery.


DIY Floating Shelves Bathroom


Bathrooms are mostly space conscious. We must have to be careful about using every inch in them. This idea will be great if you want to add a less space-consuming but extremely useful DIY floating shelf option for your bathroom. You can keep any of your essential, towel buckets, or the stuff you want near your hand while taking a bath and sitting on the commode.


DIY Floating Shelves With Drawer

Following this super unique YouTube tutorial, let's make a multifunctional drawer-equipped floating shelf for your Tedious home or apartment. It is a beautiful shelf, and the added drawer greatly enhances its useability. Whether you want to keep your photo frame and favorite comics on top of it or desire to keep your miniature stuff organized and protected, this single DIY floating shelf will suit best in all those cases.

DIY Floating Shelves Under Tv


Add a decent-looking sleek styled TV stand equipped with DIY floating shelves underneath it. It will be the best-floating shelf option you have ever seen because it will hold your TV, and the added shells act like a drawer or box to keep all the related stuff like DVD players, gaming consoles, chargers, tablets, or anything you want. So don't you have to rush to store your TV belongings or always find them difficult to access again because adding this amazing floating shelve will be the solution for you?


Floating Shelves Living Room


If you have guests at home, they will stay in the living room. If you are having a movie night, all your family members will sit in the living room, so It wouldn't be wrong to say that the most important part of any home is its living room, so why not add some decent-looking super stylized inexpensive but unique DIY floating shelves to make your living room look amazing.


DIY Floating Shelves With Lights

Get inspiration from this easy video and learn how to make your own Floating Shelves! Lighting up your living room, kitchen, or any other space using your creativity and these simple steps.

DIY Floating Shelves Laundry Room


Laundry rooms are always a mess and the most unorganized room in most of our home homes. But here we come with a solution for it; you can try to organize and store the stuff in your living room in the most efficient and the best way we spend less than 100 dollars. You can keep all those essentials of the laundry room, like buckets, towel rolls, detergent buckets, and anything you want, over these amazing sturdier, cheap DIY floating shelves.


Simple DIY Floating Shelves


In this amazing guide, let me show you the simplest, easiest, cheapest unique, but very useful DIY floating shelf option to add to any of your rooms. The picture above focuses on adding this floating shelf unit to your bathroom where you can keep the towels and other essentials on it. These amazing shelves will provide excellent storage options and organize your stuff most sleekly.


DIY Floating Shelves Reclaimed Wood

This tutorial shows you how to make beautiful DIY floating shelves using reclaimed wood. It’s a great project for novice and experienced craftsmen alike and is perfect for any room in your home, from the bedroom to the kitchen.

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