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13 Best Homemade DIY Mouse Trap Ideas

Rats are among the most dangerous animals to live with them! They come in groups and can destroy anything they want inside your house without even caring about the consequences. The best way to get rid of rats is by trapping them! That's why we present some of the best DIY mouse trap ideas below. They are all easy to make, safe for humans, and require minimal cost. These homemade mouse traps will help you exterminate rats from your home, and their creation is too easy; you can use simple materials sourced from around the house or purchased inexpensively at any hardware store.

Top Homemade Mouse Traps

DIY Mouse Trap Ideas 1

These easier mouse trap ideas can help in getting rid of intruders at your home. These traps don’t cause much damage to intruders, too; they are elastic, safe, and effective. So, avoid spending money on buying a mousetrap if you find disposable and reusable ones that are not working.

DIY mouse traps are cheap and effective and can be used until you don’t want to use them anymore. At the same time, they are eco-friendly and safe to use. They are reusable because they do not contain any poison or chemicals like other store-bought mousetraps that also end up harming you.

How To Make A Bucket Mousetrap

How To Make A Bucket Mousetrap

This bucket mousetrap is smartly straightforward and incredibly good at dealing with mice in a kind and eco-friendly way. Its usefulness and success will certainly impress you.

Materials List:

  • 5-gallon bucket
  • A coat hanger or a piece of wire
  • Can
  • Bait, such as peanut butter
  • Drill
  • 2- to 3-feet long plank
  • Hammer
  • Nails

Making: To create a mousetrap using a bucket, start by drilling holes on the sides of a bucket and through a can's center. Then, thread a rod through these holes. Use a wooden plank to act as a ramp for the mice. Apply bait to the can, and when a mouse climbs up the ramp onto the can, the can will spin, causing the mouse to fall into the bucket.​


DIY Mouse Trap To Keep Mice Out Of Your Yard

DIY Mouse Trap To Keep Mice Out Of Your Yard

This amazing article will give you extremely useful plus best range ideas for making mouse trap yourself using the simplest materials available.


Make A Simple Bottle Mousetrap

Make A Simple Bottle Mousetrap

This homemade mousetrap is easy and effective, providing a way to solve a house problem using few materials while keeping it efficient!

Materials Needed:

A plastic bottle
Craft knife
Crochet needle
Paper clips
Rubber bands
Mouse bait

Making: To create a mousetrap from a plastic bottle, cut the bottle while keeping the top connected. Use a heated crochet hook to make holes at the neck and bottom of the bottle, and insert chopsticks. Connect the chopsticks with rubber bands and make an extra hole at the bottom. Tie a string to the bottle's neck, and attach bait to an opened paper clip inside the bottle. Connect the string to the paper clip's end. Set the trap near mouse activity. When a mouse takes the bait, the bottle's top will close, trapping the mouse inside.


Easy & Simple DIY Mouse Trap

Easy & Simple DIY Mouse Trap

This DIY mouse trap is ingeniously simple yet remarkably effective and helps wonders of resourcefulness and creativity in solving everyday problems.

The material list need for this mouse trap:

  • A tall bucket
  • Rear grill of an old electric fan
  • Hot glue gun and glue stick
  • Barley

Making: Let me walk you through how to make a simple DIY mouse trap. First, get a tall bucket and fill the bottom with barley or whatever bait you prefer. You might want to add something slippery, too. Then, grab the rear grill from an old electric fan, glue it on top of the bucket, and secure it with a hot glue gun. For the mouse to get in, you must make a staircase or a ramp using cardboard or scrap wood. Attach it to the bucket's side so the mouse can climb up. Done with the setting? Cool! Now, put the trap where you usually see the mice at night.​


Homemade Mouse Trap

Bucket Mouse Trap

Homemade mouse traps will help you solve the mice problem in your home. You can make the mouse trap with a few available tools and materials in a few hours. The homemade mouse trap is inexpensive to catch mice using everyday items you already have around the house. This 5-gallon bucket mouse trap is so simple that anyone can do it. This mouse trap can be made using just one 5-gallon bucket, metal rod, tin can drill, and drill bit. You will also need peanut butter, but that's easy peasy.


Homemade Mouse Trap Bottle

Build a humane mouse trap using just a plastic bottle. A simple design lets the mouse enter your house and safely leave them unharmed! It is also easy to assemble, as you only need some household necessities. The bottle is laid on its side and then filled with small pieces of cheese. Once the mouse enters, it will take food, but the sides of the bottle prevent it from escaping. A homemade bottle mouse trap is perfect for picking up mice; you can make it without effort. This tool is designed to trap the mice without causing them any harm and will help you avoid touching them.

Soda Bottle Easy Mouse Trap

Bottle Mouse Trap

This DIY soda bottle mouse trap is one of the flawless homemade traps. Soda bottles are sturdy and, at the same, relatively light in weight. The narrow funnel opening at the front makes them quite an ideal trap. It is the easiest and safest way to catch mice.

It is simple, safe to use, non-lethal, and easy to clean; it requires no harmful chemicals or poisons and humanely traps mice without hurting them. You can get rid of annoying mice quickly and simply by setting up this simple mouse trap. It's cost-effective, easy to set up, and, most importantly, very effective.


Rat Trap With Cable Tie

It is another simple DIY mouse trap that's disguised as something else. An ordinary cable tie has been turned into a rat trap this time. It lured the mice to their deaths. A simple, cheap, and effective way to get rid of pesky rats! You can make this easy, homemade cable tie-rat mouse trap. It uses just a few supplies, is simple to build and use, and doesn't have to worry about cleaning it out. Tie up a piece of bait and place it inside the trap. The little guy will come running and get stuck fast!

Humane Mouse Trap

Humane Trap for mice

Mouse traps can be cruel, but this DIY version is humane and safe because it does not need chemicals. This super DIY humane mouse trap is a homemade device that will make capturing and relocating a mouse much more effortless. It exploits the mouse's natural curiosity and aversion to being wet. You can eliminate mice from your home without hurting or killing them using only a bucket, an empty soda can, and a few other things. It is super easy, and you don't have to be strong or skillful to follow the instructions carefully and place it where the mice like to move around.


DIY Bucket Mouse Trap

Because of its size, the bucket mouse trap is an effective and efficient way to trap mice in your home. It is big enough for the mice to enter freely but too small for them to escape from it. If you are dealing with many mice in your home, this mouse trap would be the most suitable option for you!

This bucket mouse trap is the most popular among homeowners because it’s easy, cheap, and effective. It uses an empty bottle (or soda can) to divert the mouse inside the bucket where it’s trapped safely without hurting it. It is also more reliable to not lose it from the deep bucket if your trap fails.

DIY Trap Door Mouse Trap

This DIY rat trap is an excellent choice if you want to catch a mouse or rat humanely. To make a rat trap, you only need a few items. A wooden box and some peanut butter will get the job done! Just make sure you leave enough room on top of the trap so that they can breathe while they are inside, as it should be completely air-tight. If you are worried about killing or breaking your pet or have small children or pets at home, you can easily catch rats by following this simple guide.

Homemade Mouse Trap

Homemade Trap for mice

This No-kill mouse trap is easy to make and use, just like the professional design! Made entirely out of household items, you can eliminate rats or mice without killing them. Construct a tunnel for the mouse to enter by wrapping an empty toilet paper tube around a plastic container with openings on either end. Then, place it near your home’s entry points and put in some food to lure in mice. The best part is that it works 100% guaranteed.


How To DIY A Simple Bottle Mouse Trap

Keep your home rodent-free with this simple yet effective mousetrap. Homemade mouse traps are easy to set, cheap, and clean. This simple plastic bottle mousetrap is adjustable and can catch your furry intruders when you least expect them.

You don’t have to buy expensive mousetraps when you can make your own. All you need is an empty plastic bottle and some kitchen supplies. It’s so easy to whip this up that you won’t believe its effectiveness. When your trap catches a mouse, remove the bottle top and free your little prisoner. They’re not going anywhere!

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