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21 DIY Parcel Drop Box Plans To Receive Delivery Packages

These DIY Parcel Drop Box plans will allow you to build your parcel drop box that you can use to receive and hold your parcels until you retrieve them. They're simple, straightforward, and easy-to-follow plans with comprehensive instructions and all the cut lists required for construction. They are a very good item in front of your house if you do not have time to receive your parcels during work hours. Be sure to make one!

DIY Parcel Drop Box Ideas And Plans

DIY Parcel Drop Box Plans 1

Whether you're trying to put together a new home addition, redecorate the exterior of your home, or need to stick some plastic over some windows, the right parcel drop box can help keep noise and bad weather out. These DIY Parcel Drop Box Plans are easy projects to build yourself and look much better than other mailboxes. These amazing boxes can protect your packages from the weather, pets, and all those nosy neighbors. But we've listed several ways you can do this below!

Build DIY Parcel Drop Box Plans

DIY Parcel Drop Box Plans are the perfect solution for any home. With our easy-to-follow instructions and detailed instructions, you can have your parcels safely dropped off in your parcel drop box. It’s quick, simple, and cheap! These DIY parcel drop projects will save you tons of time and money on deliveries, especially during the holiday season.

Why We Need A Parcel Drop Box?

If you're a frequent online shopper, you know how easy it is to get packages delivered to your front door. Sometimes, however, that's not convenient -- or safe. If a package left in someone else's hands arrives at your home, it could be anyone from a neighbor to a complete stranger with ill intentions. Then what?

We curated this amazing list of parcel drop box plans to deal with this unwanted situation. Follow them and you'll surely find your answer and the best solutions to get rid of it and make your parcels secure.

Make A Parcel DIY Drop-Off Box

DIY Parcel Box

Use an old iron drum to make a super useful, sturdy, and unique parcel box. It suits well in extreme weather conditions and will surely be great to protect your parcels. So why wait? Get the supplies and follow the tutorial to make this outdoor masterpiece.

Lakewood Package Delivery Box

Lakewood Package Delivery Box

If you want to add a parcel drop box just outside your home fence, then nothing can be better than this wooden Package Delivery Box tutorial to follow. It has numerous useabilities, and you'll find it a great alternative to the store-bought parcel boxes.

Building A Parcel Box For Home

Building A Parcel Box

Let me show you the most innovative DIY parcel drop box you have ever seen. Follow the video tutorial, and you will surely thank me later. Make a height-wise wooden box with an opening at the top; the mounted top will act as the sliding opener for this Dropbox. The delivery person will drop the parcel in it, which will become inaccessible to anyone outside. The lower box is equipped with a lock whose keys will be in your pocket, so whenever you come home, open the lower section of your DIY parcel box and hurrah!


Outdoor Package Drop Box

This video explains how to build a package drop box to receive deliveries and leave them safe in your home. If you don't have an outside door leading to the garage, you can use this box as an alternative to it.

The Creepy Parcel Box is a parcel delivery box that receives packages of all sizes and securely stores them for later retrieval. It will be the best receiver for your packages whenever you're not home and surely be your trusted partner. Follow the tutorial to make this super useful DIY delivery box quickly. You can add a quote, " Place Packages Here" to make it look more authentic.

DIY Smart Parcel box

This DIY Parcel box is a smart parcel drop-off and pickup box. It allows people to deliver parcels to a specific location without needing someone to be home at delivery time. This smart IOT parcel box lets you pick up your orders even when the shop is closed. It works by initiating a pickup option in the app, which sends a notification to the courier to come to deliver the parcel at any time of day or night. And you can also receive a parcel from the courier when you are not home; drop off the package inside, and it will be collected automatically.

DIY Smart Parcel Box Installation Guide

Smart IOT Drop off and Pick Up Parcel Box is a simple and smart way to drop off or pick up your parcels. This video shows how to install and set up the Smart Parcel Box. You can follow these simple step-by-step instructions to use your parcel box today. In this video, you will learn how to use AuthToken and Wi-Fi, register for an account, and manage it.

Homemade DIY Package Drop Box

Build this DIY package drop box - It is easy to build. The small dropbox is installed in a pallet wood house outside your home. Children may also use it as a playhouse since it is big enough to hold more than one kid at a time. The Dropbox itself is made from recycled wood and measures 7.87 x 6.83 x 11.65 inches inside dimensions. The whole setup is built so the package will drop into the basket inside the small house. It is made so that the package will drop into the small house.

How To Build A Parcel Box

Want to know how to build a parcel box? We’ll show you how with our complete guide. Discover what materials you need and how to install a locking door. Learn the benefits of building your parcel drop box. A DIY parcel drop box is an excellent way to allow packages to be dropped off in your home or office securely and with ease. This guide will help you build a parcel drop box for your business with step-by-step instructions and tips for securing the door and opening it if it’s an issue.

Wooden Parcel Delivery Box Cheap

Wooden Parcel Delivery Box Cheap

This package is made with cedar wood and comes with easy steps. You’ll find yourself making a beautiful parcel delivery box following this guide, that too in no time. It has an open-top front, so you can easily keep the stuff in and out of it.


Trap Door Package Box

Trap Door Package Box

The Trap Door Package Box will provide a clever and unique way to hide your packages. This DIY project can be completed in about three hours and requires basic woodworking skills. Gather materials and tools, measure space, and build your box following detailed instructions. In 1 hour, you'll have a custom drop box!  With the package Dropbox, there's no more running back and forth when you get packages delivered!


Build Your Own DIY Parcel Drop Box

Learn how to build a DIY parcel drop box. A parcel drop box is a secure and valuable way of storing your parcels while waiting to be collected. They are also ideal for outdoor use and can help greatly reduce the risk of theft or damage. This guide shows you how to create a custom parcel drop box using wood, screws, and hinges. This design is simple, affordable, and so easy to build that anyone can do it. No need to call the professionals - save time and money by doing it yourself!

Parcel Drop Box Design

Parcel Drop Box Design 

This mini parcel drop box is easy to build and will help you organize your packages without taking up space or leaving them out in the open. The parcel drop box features a hinged top and front doors that glide smoothly on metal slides with rubber bumpers for quiet operation. The box is designed to hold a medium to large package with a lock so only you know what's inside. This is perfect for storing your delivery packages or other items you want out of sight from visitors.



Parcel Delivery Box DIY

You need a safe and secure drop box to leave your parcels for delivery. This smart parcel delivery box is ideal for any business. It is secure because of its pin-locked door with a clear window for postal services to deliver your parcel inside. The smart box is also lightweight, so you can easily move it around without problems. You can also write instructions on how to access the box in case you are not around or someone else needs to drop off a parcel for you.

Homemade DIY Package Drop Box

This homemade parcel drop box is made out of reclaimed wood. It is very easy and fast to construct. This DIY package drop box has a front access door with an opening for users to place their parcels or items for delivery, which will later pick it up by the delivery truck operator or postal worker. These boxes are a great way to collect your mail or newspapers from those who cannot come to your doorstep. They also serve as beautiful curb appeal and create an inviting entryway for guests at your home.

DIY Delivery Box / Storage Box

The DIY Delivery Box / Storage Box is called the DIY because it is made from various materials that are easy to find. You might already have some of them in your garage or shed. The idea behind this project is to combine these materials and then add hinges, so you can create a storage box for any things that need to be moved from one place to another. This box can hold up to 1200 lbs at 500 pounds per side. The project is very easy to make, as seen in the video. It’s also cheaper if you have some free or cheap materials.

DIY Parcel Drop Box Plan and ideas

Unique DIY Package Drop Box

Unique DIY Package Drop Box

This package drop box is a simple building. It requires less time, energy, and money. This package drop box will construct in less than one hour. The materials needed are minimal and can be found at any hardware store or lumberyard. The package drop box requires only a few tools: a circular saw, skill saw, table saw, cordless drill, tape measure, and hammer. This drop box will hold most packages safely while allowing your customer easy access.


How To Make A Parcel Box From Pallets

How To Make A Parcel Box From Pallets

How to make a parcel box from pallets. The parcel box also makes a great gift idea for men. This is a beautiful way to recycle pallet wood and make your box. Use it for storage, or turn it into a compost bin at the bottom of your garden. It’s easy, quick, and cheap to make – and you can do it in less than an hour!


Make A Large Package Shelter For Your Parcels

Make A Large Package Shelter For Your Parcels

It is easy to build a large package shelter for your parcels. You don't need any specific tools or equipment for this job. The shelter's frame is works of 2×4 lumber and comes in two pieces, which join together when you glue them together with wood glue. In general, there are various ways to build a package drop box. The large package drop box allows you to keep your parcels safe and secure in a safe place. It is made of wood and will fix sturdily. The box will not enclose, but it looks very nice.


DIY Porch Package Box For Porch

Porch Package Box For Porch

Install a package drop box on your beautiful porch as a clever way to help keep packages safe and out of reach from thieves. Following this guide you'll surely end up in something extremely useful without spending a lot of fortune.


DIY Parcel Drop Box For My House

This DIY Parcel Drop Box is fairly impossible for any thief to break. The lock and door make it so that the box cannot open unless the mandatory key is available, which means you will not have any more problems with rogue mail delivery people. With this Dropbox, you don't have to worry about thieves or vandals destroying it. This package requires a lot of panels, bolts, and screws that must securely attach to the box to prevent theft.

DIY Parcel Drop Box Plans

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