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Homemade Plant Fertilizer Using Banana Peeling

Homemade banana peel plant fertilizer offer an eco-friendly, nutrient-packed choice over store-bought ones. They are easy to make and are full of potassium and phosphorus, which help plants grow strong and develop well.

DIY Plant Fertilizer

banana fertilizer recipe

Here's how you can make it:


  • Banana Peels
  • Water
  • A clean jar


  1. Preparation: Start by gathering the banana peels you'll be using. The quantity isn't critical – use as many as you have available.
  2. Jar Preparation: Find a clean jar, enough to fit the number of banana peels you have. Ensure that you use sterilized water and clean it to prevent any unwanted elements from influencing your fertilizer's quality.
  3. Adding Banana Peels: Delicately place the banana peels into your clean jar. The jar should have to fill up to a reasonably comfortable level without being too load.
  4. Adding Water: Pour clean water into the jar until all the banana peels get entirely submerged. Extra water might be necessary to ensure complete submersion.
  5. Soaking Time: Allow the jar filled with banana peels and water to soak for a few days. During this time, essential nutrients from the peels will infuse into the water, making your fertilizer potent.
  6. Removing the Peels: After the soaking period is complete, extract the banana peels from the jar with care, ensuring that the nutrient-rich water isn't disturbed.
  7. Composting: Add the used banana peels to your compost heap. This step, while not directly related to fertilizer production, is an excellent practice for the best gardening experience.
  8. Application: Pour the banana peel water, now full of nutrients like potassium and phosphorus, onto your plant's roots. This banana water is a homemade plant food that helps plants grow and stay healthy.

Repeat this process with each batch of banana peels you collect, and enjoy the improvement in your plants' health and growth!

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