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21 DIY Plant Wall Ideas For Indoor

If you love plants and want to add a green color to your home but don’t have the space for a whole garden, these DIY plant wall Ideas are a great alternative. They'll need less space but are great for providing a decorative and unique ambiance to any room.

Easy DIY Plant Wall Ideas

DIY Plant Wall Ideas

These Plant walls are also a great way to add color, texture, and personality to your home without making a big commitment. Add these easy-to-complete DIY Plant Wall Ideas indoors to make your home interesting and more livable. They don’t require much DIY experience, making them perfect for first-time DIYers.

Looking for modern plant wall decor ideas to help beautify your home? These easy-to-build plant wall ideas will fill your living room, bedroom, or office with greenery and cheer. These modern indoor wall designs and ideas create more space for growing plants, give you more focal points in the home, and become an eco-friendly alternative to traditional decorating.

Tips To Follow For Making Vertical Plant Walls

Look for a wall with natural daylight, and once you complete the project, you can grow more vegetables, flowers, and herbs. The best part is that you can plant any plant in this garden because it has a vertical space, which makes it unique and different from all the regular gardens.

Our given ideas Vertical gardens allow you to incorporate nature and the structured indoor environment of your home, but they are also great for adding greenery without much space. You may not have an outdoorsy garden due to a lack of time and funds, or you may not have enough space outdoors. No worries, we’ve got you covered!

DIY Mid-century Style Slatted Plant Wall

DIY Mid-century Style Slatted Plant Wall

Creating your own Mid-Century Style Slatted Plant Wall is a fun and charming way to showcase your greenery. Just get the following materials on hand.

  • 1x2s Common Pine slats
  • Brad nailer
  • Sandpaper
  • Stain or coating material for the wood (optional)
  • Wallygro planters
  • Plants of your choice

First, you'll want to determine which area you'd like to spruce up, then figure out how many slats you'll need to complete your design. Get 1x2s of Common Pine from your local hardware store; try to pick the straightest pieces you can find. You'll want to measure these pine slats against your wall before you cut them to your desired length.

After that, you'll have to sand down any rough edges before you attach the wood to your wall. You could stain or coat the pieces if you like or leave them natural. Next, you secure the wood slats to your wall using a brad nailer. It's important to keep an even space between them; a good tip is to use an extra wood slat as a spacer. You can hang the planters once you've got that wooden structure up on the wall. Finally, the fun part - fill them up with your favorite plants!


DIY Indoor Living Plant Wall

DIY Indoor Living Plant Wall

This DIY Indoor Living Plant Wall is not just a delightful spectacle to behold but great for adding an aesthetic appeal to breathe life and warmth into any living space.

The materials you need for making this plant wall are:

  • 2- 4 ft pieces of plywood
  • 1 x 2 board
  • Screws with anchors
  • Spray paint
  • 4 and 6-inch plant hangers
  • 4 and 6-inch clay pots
  • Plants

Process of making: Start with cutting two 4 ft pieces of plywood depending on the size of the space you want the wall to cover. After that, you give them a nice paint job in whatever color you fancy. Next, fit the painted plywood on the wall, but remember, you want to ensure you can take it off easily if needed.

With the plywood ready, your next step is to fix 4 and 6-inch plant holders onto it, and you can play around with the pattern as much as you like. Have the clay pots in your hands, and you place the potted plants into the holders on the plywood. When you finish, you'll have this fabulous indoor plant wall that looks good and is pretty easy to take care of.


DIY Hanging Wall Planter

Hanging Wall Planters

This flexible indoor gardening method can accommodate various herbs, such as basil, mint, oregano, parsley, and chives. And also serve well as a decoration piece for your kitchen.

Materials You Need: 

  • Lightweight plastic pots (without drains)
  • Inexpensive craft paint
  • A small foam brush
  • A drill for creating a hole in the pots
  • 3M Command Hooks (or any other similar hooks)
  • Fresh herbs

The procedure for making this easier wall plant hanger starts with. First, you must get lightweight plastic pots with no drainage holes. These will hold your herbs. Give them a good paint job, both inside and out, with some budget-friendly craft paint. After the paint dries, make a small hole about an inch from the top of the pot. This is so the pot can hang nicely from whatever hook you choose.

Next, pick a spot on your wall and firmly attach your chosen hook. Now, you can hang your newly painted pot from the hook. Get your herbs and pop them into the pot, keeping them in the smaller pots they came with. When it's time to water them, it's a cinch. You pull out the smaller interior pot, give the herb a good watering, let any excess water drain away in your sink or outdoors, and then put it back into the hanging pot. And that's it!


How To Make A Living Wall

How To Make A Living Wall

A living wall is a wall covered with plants that are grown in a way to form a decorative texture. Living walls are an attractive addition to the home and are very low maintenance. With the right plants, the living wall will require little care or watering once established and can last years. It's also known as vertical gardening or green walls since it can be made from various materials such as plywood, metal, and concrete.


DIY Plant Wall Hanging

DIY Plant Wall Hanging

Nature can be a great addition to any indoor space, but what happens when you lack a yard or balcony? Try a Hanging plant wall! These plants bring the outdoors into your home or office, giving it a fresh feeling and mood. Plants can add life to any space, whether on the go or at home. Hang this mini greenhouse with simple tools and turn your space into terrarium heaven with fresh plants and vibrant colors.


Easy Hanging Wall Herb Garden

Easy Hanging Wall Herb Garden

This project is easy, inexpensive, and will give you beautiful art in your home or office. This indoor herb garden keeps your herbs close at hand while looking great on the wall. The frame for this project is simple to create and can be hung on any wall. All you'll need is some scrap wood and a few basic tools, so this project is easy enough for beginners and fun for everyone! It's easy to create, and you can replace it with new plants as they grow or freeze them in wintertime. Use herbs instead of spices to get more flavor out of your dishes.


Living Wall Art For Indoor

Your indoor vertical wall garden will bring the outside in and add drama without wasting precious space. Nature lovers can create a stunning landscape indoors, no matter the size of their rooms or apartments. With an indoor wall garden and a few succulents, you can bring the outside in and create a fun, vibrant focal point anywhere in your home. Use succulents arranged in cube planters available at local hardware stores or online to bring life and texture to your living space.

DIY Living Plant Wall

DIY Living Plant Wall

This DIY living wall is a great way to add color and texture to your home's decor. It only takes a few hours to assemble, and supplies are minimal. This DIY living wall is an innovative and unique way to infuse your living space with style and personality. Pallets are versatile materials that can be recycled into many different creations. This pallet wall looks great in any room of the house! It's a perfect way to spruce up any space, giving it a fresh touch that does more than make your place look good. Whether you're a hardcore DIYer or just starting, this project will add color and life to any room in your house.


Stylish Vertical Garden For Wall

Stylish Vertical Garden For Wall

Vertical garden planters are a great way to grow your plants on vertical surfaces. They are so effective that they can transform any room in your house into a lush and green space. This project will show you how two simple and inexpensive picture frames can become an amazing vertical garden system with only a few simple supplies from the hardware store. With the help of this tutorial, you'll be on your way to creating mini gardens that are easy to maintain and can be moved around with ease as needed.


Wooden Trellis Plant Wall

Wooden Trellis Plant Wall

This DIY project is outstanding. Make a trellis plant wall for your home and add it where it can get enough bright light. Don’t worry about how big you want your plant wall to be; we have the solution for you! It is easy to make but will give an amazing result because all you need to do is glue and hammer nails in the wooden planks. Assemble the planks in a way you like, and then attach them to the wall with finishing nails!


Wall Mounted Vertical Garden

Wall Mounted Vertical Garden

Wall shelves are a great way to conserve space, add character, and express your style. We've designed this vertical garden for indoor and outdoor use so you can grow some greenery anywhere in your home. Transform any wall into your garden with this unique indoor vertical wall garden. Its three shelves and modern design make it perfect for small indoor spaces. Place in the bathroom for a mini spa sanctuary or the kitchen to add greenery to your meals. It also works great as a feature piece in your living room or foyer!


DIY Plant Wall Art

Transform your living room into a serene space with this plant wall made from faux plants. This easy-to-assemble kit is an ideal way to introduce greenery in your home and can be hung on a kitchen or bathroom wall. Attach the dowels to your walls and hang the plants on them for a lovely look that suits any style or theme. This project is great for beginners and advanced DIYers alike, so feel free to customize it however you want!

Mini Plant Basket On Wooden Shelf

Mini Plant Basket On Wooden Shelf

This miniature shelf garden is the perfect size for small homes and offices. This mini-shelf garden is an easy way to start growing your herbs, flowers, and succulents. It includes everything you need to start your indoor garden, including seeds, soil, and fertilizers. You’ll be able to grow herbs, vegetables, and even fruit easily when you have this easy-to-use planter on hand. Its unique and beautiful design makes it a fantastic addition to any room or office.


DIY Indoor Plant Wall Jungalicious

How to make a living wall indoors from scratch? This beautiful DIY jungle-style plant wall can be made easily and quickly with your family. But if you doubt how to create the perfect backdrop for a lush, green, and fragrant living wall, do not worry; we will show you how in this video! We will teach you how to grow a wall of plants, herbs, moss, and succulents in your home or garden. This DIY plant wall is excellent for creating a natural and peaceful ambiance in any room, especially in bedrooms or workspaces.

DIY Hanging Plants Wall With Broomstick

DIY Hanging Plants Wall With Broomstick

If you love plants, this DIY hanging plant wall is a must-try. Get creative with your home decor and beautify your wall without spending too much. Find this easy and fun DIY here. This can be made for your front porch or living room, inside and out of your home. All you need are curtain rings and macrame cords to create that fun wall art. Watch the video below to see how it's done.


How To Build A Wall Mount For Plants

plant wall DIY for home

This wall-mount project is a fun way to display your favorite plant. This rustic succulent letter idea is simple yet impressive. The succulents used in this project are typically small and easy-to-grow varieties, making them the perfect plant to use in a space-saving wall mount. Every letter can be customized with your coloring scheme and stamping technique.


Modern Vertical Vegetable Garden

Modern Vertical Vegetable Garden

Try this DIY vertical vegetable garden project if you love gardening but have limited space. Add a beautiful and productive garden to your patio, deck, or small space with this Vertical Vegetable Garden DIY. You can place it on the wall with your hands and grow different vegetables. It’s so easy that anyone can complete this project by themselves. This idea is perfect for those with limited space as it allows you to fit in more plants than you would otherwise.


DIY Indoor Plant Wall

DIY Indoor Plant Wall

This DIY is easy, quick, and the perfect way to add color to a room. Drill holes into a metal mesh and hang it up on the wall. Hang planters off the mesh and fill them with plants to create living art! This can be done in any room of your house or apartment, but we recommend using it as an entryway or lounge area. Its rustic feel creates a warm and beautiful look for any space. Hang one in your bedroom or make it into a larger installation by hanging multiple planters from the ceiling.


Vertical Succulent Wall Planter

Vertical Succlent Wall Planter

Here, we come with a perfectly situated wall planter handmade with love. Anybody can make the Vertical Vertical Wall Planter, and the materials are easy to find. It’s the easiest way to decorate your home with fresh plants, succulents, or cacti in your bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom. The unique design will improve air quality and allow great growing space for all your favorite plants. And because of its vertical position, it won’t take up much space on your wall.


Copper PVC Wall Planter

Copper PVC Wall Planter

If you love green and want an eco-friendly vertical garden, you should consider investing in this one. The PVC copper planter is perfect for indoor and outdoor areas like the balcony or patio. Your visitors will be amazed at the sight of your new vertical garden. Create a tropical atmosphere in your living room with rich green plants and vines that need little care, or add color to a dull wall indoors or outdoors! With a beautiful, unique look that compliments any decorating style and color palette, this elevated wall planter will help you grow your indoor garden while adding striking contrast to any home area.


Cedar Wall Planter Plan

Cedar Wall Planter Plan

The ultimate herb planter, this wood cedar wall planter will allow you to grow fresh and healthy culinary garnishes at home. The age-old design of this planter has stood the test of time and will continue to do what it has always done: bring your balcony garden to life with its fantastic looks, sturdy build quality, and convenient design! Its unique shape and fun cedarwood color will also add a decorative element to your living space.



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