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22 DIY Rain Chain Ideas For Decoration

Rain chains are one of the most popular ways to add a beautiful element of nature to your yard or garden. There are many different styles and ideas for rain chains, such as ones with crystals, glass beads, and other decorative accessories to spruce up your space. Go through this series of DIY rain chain ideas and add a splash of loved accessories to your home decor, and they'll also answer what you do at the bottom of a rain chain.

DIY Rain Chain Ideas

DIY Rain Chain Ideas

These rain chains will add interest to any garden or patio with a unique look and feel. They're a great addition to any outdoor space, as they can be used as an accent piece or installed in an area where you would like to add motion-filled movement to your garden.

What Is A Rain Chain?

If you love the sound of rain and want to bring it indoors, create a DIY Rain Chain. It helps keep your walls dry, protects your foundation, and looks beautiful. You can customize them with any colors or materials you like to make them as personal as possible.

Whether making your rain chain for gifts or remodeling a house, it will always serve well and be your hearty favorite with the tipping sound of water that amazes you. These DIY rain chain ideas will show you how to create your unique rain chains with items you already have on hand.

How To Make A Rain Chain?

Here's a unique, easy-to-follow, DIY guide to making a creative Rain Chain using materials that are likely to be found around the house.

This rain chain's unique feature will be made from discarded keys that look ornamental and are weighty enough to hold up in the wind.


  • Old Keys
  • Sturdy Wire (like a coat hanger)
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Spray Paint (optional)


  1. Start by gathering the keys the old keys that you don't use anymore.
  2. You can spray-paint the keys for a splash of color, or you can leave them as they are for a more rustic look. If you choose to paint them, make sure to let them dry completely before moving to the next step.
  3. Uncoil your wire or unwrap it from the coat hanger, then cut it into 10-inch sections using wire cutters. You'll need one piece for each key.
  4. Take one piece of wire, thread one end through the hole in the key, and pull through until the key is at the halfway point of the wire. Then, twist the wire to secure the key, using your needle-nose pliers to tighten it.
  5. Create a small loop at each end of the wire. Connect another key to the first by threading a second piece of wire through the loop you've created and repeating the securing process. Continue this process until all of your keys are joined in a chain.
  6. Finally, hang your DIY rain chain from your gutter. Ensure it's secure, then sit back and enjoy the beautiful, tinkling sound next time it rains.

Note: If your area experiences heavy rainfall, you might need a heavier chain or add additional keys to ensure it can withstand the winds and water.

DIY Hanging Seedling Rain Chain From Soda Bottles

Recycled Soda Bottles As Hanging Seedling Rain Chains

Make a rain chain from the wasted soda bottle following this super easy recycling idea. It's a fun project that can also be great to use as a seedling, like to grow baby plants or germinate different plants' seeds with natural water. It can be done in a few minutes, but surely great for adding a touch of stylization and environmental friendliness to your home decor.

You can follow this simple process and materials like:

  • Empty soda or water bottles
  • 22 gauge floral wire
  • 1.5" buttons
  • Scissors
  • An extra-large drinking straw
  • Soil
  • Seeds of your choice

Start with having empty soda bottles on hand, cut their neckside portion with scissors, and keep them aside. Next, cut the floral wire into a 3-foot piece and fold it for hanging your rain chain. Then, you have to add two buttons to stabilize your hanging rain chain, and you are almost done. Lastly, you need an extra large straw, pass it down all the bottles, and twist the extra floral wire to the neck of your bottle, and you're done.


Stock Tank Rain Chain Fountain

Stock Tank Rain Chain Fountain

Make a super decorative rain chain for outdoor or garden areas using the simplest hanging chain technique. It will be a stunning option to showoff your creative skills, ll you need is:

  • A 4x6 redwood post
  • Two 2x6 redwoods pre-cut with decorative ends
  • A stock tank (Dimensions: 32" in diameter, 24" high)
  • A pond pump (550GPH capacity)
  • Two rain chains (8.5 feet each)
  • Three hooks
  • Misc ¾" and ½" tubing and fittings
  • A PVC pipe (for manifold)
  • A PVC platform to support a 31" disk
  • A 31" disk of ¼" black plastic
  • Cobbles
  • Outdoor weatherproof outlet
  • Remote control for the outlet

Start by placing a super simple redwood post and add another redwood post on its top for hanging your rain chain. Then attach some hooks on that added post and hang them down below. Secondly, prepare the tank below by making holes, setting the tubing, and installing a pump to complete your pond setup. Lastly, run the chains all the way from the added hooks to the tank, and you're done. You can add the sea stones surrounding your tank to make it look more beautiful.


Copper Rain Chain Succulent Planter

Copper Rain Chain Succulent Planter

Hey DIYers, let's make a simple hanging rain chain with the succulent flower pots to add a superb decorative and unique addition to your home decor. Its making is too simple; gather the materials like:

  • Copper Rain Chain
  • Succulents
  • Cheesecloth
  • A Garden Hook or something to hang the chain from the Potting Soil

The making process is very simple: start by cutting a cheesecloth piece to keep at the bottom of the pot, then fill the container with soil and let the water pass through it. Secondly, add a hook to one side thread through the container and hang it on the other side to finish in a decent hanging succulent planter.


Copper Pipe Rain Chain

Rain Chain from Copper Pipe

This DIY rain chain is made from high-quality copper and adds elegance to your home. It helps conserve water and keeps your roof from being damaged. It also helps eliminate water damage to your foundation and walls. The beauty of this project is that you can customize it to your dimensions, and with just a few tools, you can have your rain chain in no time. It will look great and help channel water to the garden area below your roof.


Modern Rain Chain

Every day, many people in the country deal with issues regarding rain. Sometimes too much water, sometimes none at all. One way to deal with this is to build a rain chain designed to divert water from your building's foundation. It would save you from painting and construction problems, making your house more environmentally friendly by allowing you to use collected rainwater on your garden or lawn. There are many styles and sizes, but you know precisely how many rain chains you need for your roof pitch in this tutorial.


DIY Slag Glass Rain Chain!

DIY Slag Glass Rain Chain!

Make your home look beautiful while providing functionality with this DIY plan to make an elegant rain chain with gauge wire and slag glass. You will tightly wrap the cable around several slag glasses according to the length of your building. Wrap metal gauge wire around slag glass or colorful bottle glass thick enough to hold its shape. You can use any length you like, so the sky's limit is whether you want to spell out your name or create a whole textured alphabet.


Yogurt Jar DIY Rain Chain

Oui Yogurt Jar Rain Chain

This rain chain is a great way to reuse the cute little jars your yogurt comes in. Make a rain gutter chain out of them and hang it on your porch for all to see.  This diy project is simple and also be completed with just a few tools in a few hours. It will be best to bring some color into your backyard or brighten your home decor. So get creative and reuse these baby food jars that are not only attractive but also functional, reducing the risk of water damage to your home.


Neon Zip Tie Rain Chain Idea

Neon Zip Tie Rain Chain

Make your rain chain with this easy-to-make idea to create a beautiful alternative to downspouts that can be easily attached to any home. When it rains, instead of water pounding on your roof and running down the walls, you can now have a beautiful, artistic display of colors as the water travels from one side to another through your new chain.


Tart Tins Rain Chain & Suncatcher

Tart Tins & Suncatcher

Create a beautiful and functional rain chain with these DIY tart tins. The tart tin is held to the solid wire with colorful beads and can be used in any weather. They are the perfect repurposing project and can easily make this stunning rain chain & sun catcher. It will provide a unique and beautiful look to your yard or garden and keep it dry.


Mini Flower Pot Rain Chain

Mini Flower Pot Rain Chain

This miniature rain chain is a lovely addition to any home, bringing a touch of luxury and nostalgia to the garden. The project is straightforward even for first-time DIYers, and it can be completed in under 2 hours and cost very little.


Galvanized Steel Bucket Rain Chain Ideas

Rain Chain from Galvanized Steel Buckets

Rain chains from galvanized steel buckets are an easy and affordable alternative to traditional downspouts, naturally providing your home with water drainage. This rain gutter chain is disguised as a rustic charm and will add an attractive accent to your home's exterior. These galvanized steel buckets hung from a chain, which gathers water from your roof and funnels it down. The chain is long enough to convey the flowing water from your roof to the ground while keeping your property neat and clean.


Rain Chain With Copper Fork and Spoon

Rain Chain With Copper Fork and Spoon

When the rain comes, you have to enjoy it. Create a rain chain with forks and spoons to re-purpose your springtime precipitation. The fun project involves twisting the cutlery into different shapes and joining them at the tips to form a long downward chain that catches water as it falls from above. Every year after a storm, you can see your beautiful handmade creation making rainwater look even lovelier.! Make sure the runoff doesn’t waste with this DIY rain chain. Instead of escaping down the drain, water will trickle along the forks to create a beautiful and functional rain chain in your yard or garden.


Rain Chain from Wire-Wrapped Rock

Rain Chain from Wire-Wrapped Rock

Have a rock wall in your garden? Then this rain chain could match it perfectly. It's also great for channeling water to the garden or flower pots. And you don't need much material to make it. The rain chain is made with wire wrapped around rocks and placed between floral wires to hold them in place.

It is a fun project with the kids during the weekend. And if you are looking for a very economical project, this is your answer! You can build this rain chain to save your garden from getting drenched in the rain. Or place it on your balcony or verandah to add beauty to the space.


Front Door Driftwood Garland

Front Door Driftwood Garland

The driftwood garland is an excellent solution if you are searching for something different from copper rain chains and much more inexpensive. This farmhouse-inspired rain chain serves as decor while controlling the motion of water.

The driftwood is held together with twine, making it easy to install. It's also functional! The motion of the water causes drops to fall at varying heights into a small container below, resulting in a soothing sound and relaxed look. And once complete, the rain chain adds instant character. This easy DIY project is perfect for entryways and windows.


Vintage Tarte Tins Rain Chain Instructions

Rain Chain Using Vintage Tarte Tins

This elegant rain chain is made of vintage tart tins and metal chains. It's perfect for creating a modern and functional statement piece in your home. The DIY project is easy to build and costs below $20. This DIY project is easy, inexpensive, and perfect for any season. The plan uses vintage tart tins, metal chains, and copper wire to create an elegant modern rain chain.


Recycled Soda Bottles/Hanging Seedling Rain Chains

Recycled Soda Bottles/Hanging Seedling Rain Chains

Recycled Soda Bottles/Hanging Seedling Rain Chains are an architectural feature for every home that provides beauty to the garden. You can do this project out of half-cut water bottles, which you can get from your local grocery store. They hold the soil and the seeds of your plants, giving them sufficient water when watered. The seeds will plant in these half-cut bottles and then hung on the garden wall by drilling holes on both ends of the bottle and inserting a chain through these holes.


Rai With Shower Curtain Hooks

Easy to make eater chain Using Shower Curtain Hooks

If you don't have to spend a fortune to make a beautiful rain chain. The rings will hang each chain link high to avoid getting dirty or clogged with fallen leaves, ensuring it lasts longer. This DIY project is great for areas where water may be scarce, like drought-stricken areas. It provides a creative, beautiful, inexpensive way to get water from the downspout into a barrel or a plant pot.


Hanging Yogurt Cup Waterfall

Hanging Yogurt Cup Waterfall

This project will allow you to channel the water movement off your roof so it can cascade like a rain chain. It ties the yogurt cups together and hangs them in the right spot on the roof. This project is simple to make, requiring only plastic cups and twine since no prior experience is necessary. You need to know how to tie a knot properly to do this correctly. This project is simple, allowing you to create a functional piece of art that you can use indoors or out.


Plastic Cup Rain Chain

Plastic Cup Rain Chain

If you know that you can make a rain chain using plastic cups? These are very cheap and easy to find. You must add a chain through the middle of each cup and then arrange them onto your gutter, which is also very inexpensive. You can even choose different colors for the cups to make them look more attractive. It will catch the water in the chain and carry it to your choice's barrel or corner basin.


Copper Wire Rain Chain

Rain Chain From Copper

Copper rain chains are trendy, and you can use them in many ways, both indoors and outdoors. They are more expensive to buy from the retailer, but if you follow this DIY plan, there is a way to create your copper rain chain without spending too much money. It makes peaceful trickling sounds as water drips your choices from it into your outdoor flower table. It is easy to make and looks great in various settings. The design can adapt to suit any needs, making it unique and innovative, giving it a unique identity that others will notice and comment on.


Little Watering Cans Rain Chain

Little Watering Cans Rain Chain

Something about a rain chain that soaks up the water from the ground fills your soul with joy. It will amaze you and your guests with its delightful design and graceful movement. This diy project will complete with tiny garden watering cans and metal chains, readily available in nearby stores. Use different colors for cups to make them look more beautiful and charming. The project does not require many materials or tools; it is easy to follow, even if you are unfamiliar with this DIY project.

Rain Chain Using Spoons

Rain Chain Using Spoons

With this beautiful DIY rain chain, your home will use old spoons and become even more beautiful and magical. You can also place a decorative pot or barrel under the rain chain to collect the water. This simple project can benefit your home by adding beauty and functionality.

You can make it with old spoons and other crafts materials, following this detailed plan of bending the spoons and placing them on a dowel rod. The project is simple to make, and you can also use old spoons to create this one-of-a-kind decorative feature. This rain chain can attach to any location in your home where you need proper drainages, such as gutters or downspouts.


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