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22 DIY Target Stand Projects To Have Fun

Plan a fun shooting competition between your friends or kids with a DIY target stand to aim. It will be great to develop a sense of archery in your little ones and always be great to groom future cops and military men.

Homemade Target Stands

DIY Target Stand Projects

The creation process of all these DIY Target Stand ideas is too simple, less time-consuming, and inexpensive. You can go with any desired materials like iron, PVC, cardboard, or whatever you want; almost every type of excellently fun and functional target stand project is available below.


  • Simple Target Stands Made From Conduit
  • DIY PVC Target Stand Project
  • Target Stands DIY With Cardboard

DIY Archery Target Stand Plans  

These DIY Target Stand Projects will make your shooting experience much better than shooting down a regular box. There are many different types and other shooting ranges; however, this post will focus on outdoor fields. Our shooting target stand ideas are best used in various sports, such as archery, shooting, indoor aiming, and much more. Just follow the plans carefully, and you will never go wrong.

Whether you are an expert DIYer or just looking for something to do on a rainy day, these target stands will keep you busy, and when completed, you can aim at your targets.

Follow these easy steps to build DIY target stand projects. You will love to spend more time enjoying and having fun with friends or family. Also, follow our list of DIY slides if you want to have some quality time with your little ones inside the home.

DIY Target Stand 2x4

This Target Stand 2x4 will be an awesome way to test your shooting skills. You can take it with you wherever you want. It's easy to make, and costs about 40 dollars, and the huge size makes it good for practice shooting, especially for beginners.

DIY Target Stand Woodworking

If you are looking to make a target stand but need more money or time to find one, then let me introduce you to an amazing and unique Target Stand Woodworking tutorial. It will save you tons of money in the long run, plus it is easy to make and has durability, too.

How To Make Target Stand

If you’re into shooting and hunting, having your target stand is the best idea. It can help you improve your skills and is a great competition tool. Making your target stand is not difficult either. If you follow this tutorial, you’ll have a decent one quickly!

Wooden Target Stands

Enjoy your shooting time and maximize accuracy with a functional wooden target stand for your next training or event. You can save money by creating this stand rather than purchasing a more expensive version. In this video, you'll learn how to build a wooden target stand to practice safely and effectively. This amazing target stand can be used for both handgun and rifle shooting.

Gear up for summer fun with this easy target stand that you can set up anywhere! Made of pallet wood and an easier guide, this DIY project is simple to create but makes a statement. It's a fun option to try and goes great for a shooting fair.

How To Build A Target Stand

Are you in search of something very sturdy when it comes to a DIY target stand?  If the answer is yes, then you're surely in luck because nothing can be better than this iron target stand for you in this regard. It works well for welding enthusiasts and is always the best option to beat any target stand available.


DIY Axe Throwing Target

DIY Axe Throwing Target

Building a homemade axe-throwing target is easy with common woodworking tools and supplies. It's also inexpensive, depending on the size and materials you choose, and you can customize it however you want.


 DIY Portable Target Stand

This Portable Target Stand is super easy to transport, folds up neatly into a small square for storage, and is set up in seconds. It features folding legs with adjustable height options, so it suits well to contest shooting fair anytime, anywhere.

How To Build A PVC Target Stand

PVC Target Stand

This guide teaches you how to make a target stand DIY out of PVC pipes so that you can save time and energy. To make this product, all you'll need are the materials for the base, some PVC sockets, pipes, and glue for added support rather than an outlet piece set in. You can not fold it and also disassemble it when not in use; it is ideal to go indoors if given enough space.


Nerf Gun Target Stand

Nerf Gun plinking targets

The DIY Nerf Gun Target Stand is a fun and engaging way for kids to practice safe indoor shooting. It will bring your child's love of playing with their Nerf gun into the safety of your home as well. This wooden target stand is easy to put together, and it can be up in minutes! Your children will get so much enjoyment out of this toy!


DIY Steel Target Stand

Steel target stand DIY Made From Conduit offers metal conduit combined with thick rods to give any shooting enthusiast a sturdy place to set up their targets. This stand is heavy-duty and will easily withstand an assault from even the most advanced shooter in your family.

DIY Target Stand Cardboard

This Target Stand Cardboard is a fun way for your kids to practice their shooting skills. It's easy to make the target stand with the PVC pipe base frame and the added cardboard top that helps your kids practice their shooting skills.

DIY Simple Target Stand

easy to make shooting targets

It's the perfect target stand for shooting ranges or in your backyard. This simple, budget-friendly unit will be a straightforward way to get rid of that rusting metal pipe and turn it into something creative. All you need is some conduit, S-hooks, and some other materials to make this impressive-looking and useful target stand. It will be an excellent playing option for your little ones; it will be helpful to restrict children playfully inside the home's boundary wall.


$7 DIY Target Stand Wood

We have the perfect archery DIY target stand wood for you. Assembled from wooden pieces and cardboard, this stand is easy to transport. This stand provides an incredibly sturdy foundation and safe storage in any place without being bulky or excessive, so you always know where your targets will be when needed. There are sets of one-inch diameter holes in the target surface with six inch distance between them, and there are 10s of space where you could shoot arrows anywhere on their surface.

DIY Portable Shooting Target Stand

Portable Shooting Target Stand

Make your frame for shooting targets with this guide using simple materials! You’re in charge of how high you want the bullets to go or if you miss the bulls-eye. This DIY Portable Target Stand For Shooting has one unique advantage over other versions: it’s designed to swiftly back up against any continuous surface like an outside wall. It will be an excellent gift for anyone who enjoys handguns


DIY Target Stand Cardboard

Cardboard Target Stand

If you need a target stand for shooting practice, this cardboard target is the perfect fit. Made from cardboard, this idea requires no tools or hardware and is assembled in less than 5 minutes! The stand was designed to look like a DIY archery target stand bow with the top part angled at 3 feet off the ground to accommodate all heights of shooters.


DIY PVC Target Stand


A DIY PVC Target Stand will be best to make a realistic target with no hassle. Forget buying expensive targets cutting boards, and making all the measurements to get your sturdy shooting setup. This 40-inch high stand produces an upright target that you can easily store when not in use. The design is best for indoor use but can be covered with an outdoor cover if desired (not included). Follow the simple steps in the link to finish this admirable and fun DIY shooting stand project.


DIY Target Stand PVC


Setting up this Target Stand is a lot of work, but the end product will be worth it. The target stand requires two constructed PVC pipe stands, as mentioned before.


3D Model DIY Target Stand

shooting target model

An essential part of any rifle range, the target stand makes setting up and creating targets a breeze. With our 3D model kit for the target stand, you can start making your wood model and not just purchase it! Start with lengths of lumber, which you will cut to size according to your particular need. It will be a perfectly easy and quick way to try your hand at woodworking and also a superb playing accessory for your little one who is willing to be a cop or military man in the future.


How To Make A Target Stand For $10

Make A shooting Stand For $10

Build your target stand for only $10 with this handy design. The materials are easy to find, and the instructions simple enough for anyone to understand. You can choose any size between 2 -6 feet, depending on what you want to do (target or skeet shooting). This is a perfect outdoor toy that anyone can put together in the afternoon.


DIY Clay Plinking Targets

DIY Clay Plinking Targets are great for those who want a target stand that is easy to use and pocket-friendly. You’ll be able to construct your plinking targets in minutes and save yourself the time, effort, and mess of fashioning one from scratch.

DIY Target Stand Folding

The DIY Folding Target Stand is a low-cost, easy-to-build tool for folks who love shooting. Made from light but strong materials, it can be moved easily, but it's also durable. Since it can be folded, storing and moving it is easy. It's a great tool to improve your shooting skills and brings the excitement of an outdoor shooting range to your own space.


DIY Target Stand Projects 1

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