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7 DIY Trap Door Plans For Hidden Passageways

Are you looking to add an element of surprise, mystique, or even security to your home? Follow this collection of DIY Trap Door Plans and unlock a realm of secret passageways, leaving your guests and family in awe.

DIY Trap Door Plans

DIY Trap Door Plans For Hidden Passageways


By incorporating trap doors into your living space, you can not only enhance your home's intrigue but also provide functional accessibility to hidden spaces and meet a broad range of needs. With comprehensive, user-friendly guides available here, you'll be supported in every journey step, from selecting materials to perfecting the finishing touches.

DIY Trapdoor To Basement

This video explains how to build your custom trapdoor. This DIY Trapdoor is a simple solution for adding basement or crawlspace access. It is a great alternative if you don’t have an attic space. It’s useful for adding an extra entrance or exit in your house for survival and everyday convenience!

How To Build An Interior Floor Trap Door

How To Build An Interior Floor Trap Door

Adding a trap door will be the best option if you want to access your home's secret basement. It will provide access to your home's cross space and other areas. You can add this trap door to your home floor using the same look your floor already has. You have to use some Hing joints to add to the frame of your trap door, then use 24 inches of the door because this size is suitable for a person to pass on. If the dimensions are not working for you, you can go with a 36 inches trap door following this idea, but you must dissect it from the middle.


The tutorial shows how to make a secret trap door for your tree house. It is an easy DIY project that anyone can accomplish. The project involves framing the trap door area and building a hinge mechanism for the hidden flap. If you have kids, this is an excellent door for them – they will love hiding their toys and games!

Floor Hatch Trap Door To Basement

This trap door to the basement is quite aesthetically pleasing. It is often used to access basements and root cellars and will also be a creative DIY addition to your home.

DIY Trap Door To Basement

DIY Trap Door To Basement

Add this trap door to your home floor for accessing the secret basement un attentionally. It will be your favorite secret point to go inside your basement without being noticed. Because if closed, this trap looks exactly like the regular floor.


DIY Trap Door

Making trap doors for pigeons can be fun for your little ones since it requires minimal effort and time. It will be the best trap door creation idea you have ever tried, and I hope you'll love making it too.

DIY Trap Door Pigeons


The Trap-door trap system is a user-friendly, small-sized trap best suited for homes, chicken coops, and other limited spaces. Take a look at our DIY Trap Door Pigeon! It's intended to be simple to construct, clean, and kind to the birds.

DIY Trap Door Plans

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