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Fun DIY Mouse Trap Everyone Can Make

A DIY mouse trap provides a humane, cost-effective solution for minor mouse infestations. These traps, made from materials like recycled plastic bottles, are eco-friendly and non-toxic alternatives to commercial products. They're easy to set up and clean and allow for safe catch-and-release of the mouse. Plus, their effectiveness can be easily monitored and adjusted as needed, offering the user great flexibility.

Homemade DIY Mouse Trap

DIY mouse trap

Here, you'll find a simple yet effective way to build your own DIY Mouse Trap using items commonly found at home. Always remember to handle any caught mice humanely and release them far away from your home unharmed if you can.

Materials Needed

  1. Plastic bottle
  2. Scissors
  3. String
  4. Stake or rod
  5. Bait (like peanut butter, cheese, or bread)

Craft the trap

  • Begin by taking your plastic bottle and cutting the top off about a quarter of the way down. This creates a funnel-like top.
  • Invert the cut-off piece of the bottle and place it back inside the bottle so that it forms a funnel towards the bottom.
  • Make sure to secure it in place with some tape.

Setup your trap

  • Position the bottle on top of the stake or rod in such a way that it can easily rotate.
  • Secure the bottle in place using the string. You can do so by tying one end of the string to the neck of the bottle (the side which forms the entrance of the trap) and the other end to a stationary object.
  • Ensure the bottle is balanced such that it returns to its original position after being disturbed.

Apply bait

  • Smear a bit of your chosen bait along the edges of the cut-off funnel and some more at the bottom of the bottle. The bait will tempt the mouse to enter the trap.

mouse trap

Monitor your trap

  • Check your trap regularly. This method captures the mouse alive, so you would not want to leave the mouse in the bottle for long.
  • Once you have caught a mouse, handle the bottle carefully to avoid frightening the mouse.
  • Remember to be humane and release the mouse at a place far away from your house.

Best Mouse Trap Bait Options

Here are the most used bait options:

  1. Peanut Butter: Due to its high fat and protein content, mice are easily seduced by peanut butter. The sticky consistency is also hard for mice to remove from traps, often luring them in more effective manners.
  2. Cheese: Particularly strong-smelling cheeses like blue cheese or cheddar are appealing to mice, making cheese a traditional, albeit somewhat less effective, bait option.
  3. Seeds and Grains: Mice in the wild feast primarily on seeds and grains. Hence, familiar foods, like bird seeds, popcorn or cereals, can become successful baits.
  4. Chocolate: Contrary to popular belief, mice are also tricked by the sweet taste of chocolate. Small pieces or chocolate spread on a trap can attract the critters' attention.

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