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30 DIY Bean Bag Chairs To Sit In Any Position

Our DIY bean bag chairs are perfect for any living room, dorm room, or kid’s bedroom. These amazingly colorful chairs can be assembled in under 30 minutes and are lightweight enough to move around easily.

DIY Bean Bag Chairs Ideas

DIY Bean Bag Chairs

You've got the floor covered with a beautiful new area rug. You've got the walls covered with artwork or photos that you love. But what about when you want to sit back and relax in your living room? Or when you have friends over and need an extra seat at the table? Bean bag chairs are a great solution to this problem! They can be used as seating for children in playrooms. And, depending on the size of the bean bag chair, it can even double as a bed for overnight guests! With a DIY bean bag chair, you can make the perfect addition to any room in the house. These DIY bean bag chairs are great whether you want to create a comfy place for the kids to hang out and play or need a cozy spot to curl up with your favorite book.

DIY Bean Bag Chairs For Adults

Making a bean bag chair is a great project for kids and adults alike. You can customize them to fit your style and decor, making them fun to make and use. The easiest way to make a bean bag chair is by using large fabric bags filled with beans or rice (or learning how to make a bean bag chair out of a blanket and other stuffing you like). You can make them big or small as you won't - be sure to use a heavy-duty fabric so it will hold up. Check out these DIY Bean Bag tutorials if you'd rather make a smaller version that's more like a pillow.

Stylish DIY Beanbag Chair

Create The Perfect Stylish DIY Beanbag Chair

Add a touch of coziness and style to your space with a self-made blue beanbag chair. This DIY project allows you to create a comfortable and trendy piece of furniture that suits your taste. With its inviting deep blue shade, this beanbag chair provides a snug relaxing spot and is a charming addition to your decor. Enjoy creating a chic, comfortable piece that reflects your style and enhances your space's warmth.

How To Make A Bean Bag

How To Make A Bean Bag

Are you looking for a do-it-yourself project? Try making a beanbag chair. It's a straightforward chair that is versatile for your home, perfect for indoor cozy corners or outdoor relaxation spots. A handmade beanbag introduces personalized comfort to any setting. Follow a simple tutorial to master the process: choose your fabric, cut out a pattern, sew the pieces together, and fill them with beans. Before you know it, you'll be lounging comfortably on your self-made beanbag.


DIY Bean Bag 5 Foot

I Made A 5 Foot Bean Bag

If you've enjoyed creating a traditional beanbag, why not take it further with a giant 5-foot DIY beanbag? These oversized cushions, known as 'love sacs,' amplify the cozy factor in any space. While their size might make them a more challenging project, they are worth your effort.

DIY Bean Bag Chair At Home

DIY Bean Bag Chair At Home

Create your medium-sized DIY bean bag chair at home and experience ultimate comfort. This bean bag chair is designed to mimic genuine leather's luxurious feel, providing an extravagant lounging experience without breaking the bank. Made with top-notch materials, it offers plush support that hugs your body, ensuring relaxation at every use. Save big and enhance your living space by making a bean bag chair that will become your favorite spot in no time.

Best DIY Beanbag Chair

The Best DIY Beanbag Chair

Introducing the finest DIY beanbag chair that emulates the elegance of a sophisticated, brown leather piece. Skillfully created using exceptional materials, this bean bag chair is a striking addition to any room and delivers unmatched relaxation. The rich brown hue complements various home décors, blending naturally into your living spaces. Assemble your masterpiece with ease, and bask in the glory of the perfect balance between comfort and style.

Fun Bean Bag Chair Creation

Make Your Own Bean Bag Chair

Create your comfortable bean bag chair with this easy-to-use idea. The sturdy fabric covers are removable, so you can switch them out whenever you get bored. To create the perfect lounging spot, slip an adult into the seat cushion and arrange a child's favorite stuffed animal. Use it as a space-saving coffee table or seat in front of the television.


Make An Easy Bean Bag Chair For Kids

Make An Easy Bean Bag

Make a super stylish and simple bean bag following this super exciting and unique tutorial we provided here. This bean chair will be a gift for your kids to enjoy quality time while watching movies and playing simple games indoors. The adults can also use this amazing beanbag to spend hours laying in comfier situations like bed foam, etc.


How To Make Bean Bag At Home With Old Clothes

How To Make Bean Bag At Home With Old Clothes 

With the bean bag chair makeover tutorial and guide, you’ll love recreating the look of your choice in no time! This bean bag chair makeover is the perfect project for anyone looking to update an old, worn-out bean bag chair. It will keep your favorite seat in place and look modern for years. So without wasting any time, cover the beanbag cushion with fabric and add foam inserts for the perfect beanbag chair!


Ottoman Inspired Bean Bag Chair With Handle

Ottoman Inspired Bean Bag Chair With Handle

Do you have a little one who loves to lounge around the house? If so, why not make them their very own bean bag? If you love bean bags but want a more compact version, the Handy Bean Bag is a fun and practical solution. It is a great tutorial on making a DIY bean bag with a handle, and they are easy enough for anyone to make. Kids love cozy, comfy places like this to sit and read or watch television, and you can create this fun seat in less than an hour! All you need is a few extra supplies and a few minutes of your time, and you'll be enjoying your new friend in no time!


Bean Bag iPad Stand Pattern

Bean Bag iPad Stand Pattern

Protect your iPad with this DIY bean bag chair iPad stand. It’s an easy way to keep your tablet from getting damaged and is perfect for hands-free viewing. This easy-to-make bean bag iPad stand is a fun and creative way to watch movies on your iPad. And because it’s made from inexpensive materials, it won’t break the bank! It’s a great addition to your home decor, especially when you can personalize it with your family photos and images, eliminating the need for more large picture frames around the house! This project is super easy to make and fabulous-looking, one of our favorite things. The detailing on the edges makes it look like a custom piece you invested time in making yourself!


Giant Bean Bag Chair Pattern

Giant Bean Bag Chair Pattern

Make a Giant Bean Bag Chair from the comfort of your home! This DIY project is so easy and very cost-effective. Easy to customize, you can make this bean bag chair in any color and fabric to fit any decor style; this giant bean bag chair is both fun and functional. This bag chair will be the centerpiece of your room and deserves an extra-large size, especially if you want extra comfort when sitting. And, because it's big and comfy, it's the perfect place to curl up with a good book or movie when you need a relaxing break from work. Learn how to make your bean bag chair today with this amazing idea.


Bean Bag Chair Within 30 Mins

Bean Bag Chair Within 30 Mins

It is a great kids' bean bag chair that can be sewn and personalized by you. It's funky, comfy, and fun! This bean bag chair has a zipper on the back with cushioned fabric inside. The pattern is easy to sew, and it lines everything up in place when sewing! You'll love how soft and cozy it feels or how easily a child can spread out with their favorite book or tablet computer. It is full-sized and does not require beans to fill, making it easier for kids to carry around or sit outdoors. The materials are cheap, and the step-by-step instructions will help you create a comfortable chair.


Pouf-Inspired Bean Bag Chair Pattern

Pouf Inspired Chair Pattern

Rollie Pollie Bean Bags are fun and comfy bean bags that kids can fill with their favorite toys, books, and blankets. They are made of sustainable, non-toxic materials, and each bean bag is filled with certified organic soybeans. They can be used indoors or out, making them a versatile addition to any child's play space. They're perfect for resting while reading, watching TV, or lounging around the house. These bean bag chairs are comfortable and functional while they float in your lap or cradle your legs when you want to kick back.


Stenciled Bean Bag Chair For Living Room

Stenciled Bean Bag Chair For Living Room

This bean bag is hand-painted and stenciled in a design inspired by Mexican art. It is the perfect piece to add to any room, especially if you're looking for something that will serve as a piece of art, seating, and storage option. The seat has an overstuffed cushion in faux leather to give ultimate comfort. It will also be the perfect addition to your home or office space and features a fabric cover with a stitched design, which is removable for easy cleaning. The DIY bean Bag chair filler is a blend of new and recycled polystyrene beads free of harsh chemicals, making it safe for all ages and environments.


 Bean Bag Chair Pattern Free

Chair Pattern Free

A pyramid beanbag chair provides unique comfort, plus it's easy to make. You sew a large bag of fabric into a pyramid shape and then fill the bag with polyfill. Consider using this sewing pattern when you're ready to take your sewing skills from "beginner" to "advanced." This elegant pyramid beanbag chair is perfect for any room in your home, whether an office, den, or baby's nursery. This easy tutorial will guide you through each step of creating this fun piece so that you can make one for yourself or as a gift. It is lightweight, easy to move around and clean, and super comfy! This DIY project will take less than two hours, including gathering supplies and assembly.


Cozy Bean Bag Chair Pattern

Cozy Chair Pattern

Rollie Pollie Extra Cozy Bean Bag is a colorful and comfortable beanbag for a couch or bed. This extra cozy bean bag is designed for ultimate comfort and is big enough for the whole family. It's the perfect place to curl up during movie night, watch TV or read a book! Its high-quality materials make the outer layer soft and smooth, while the inner layer is durable, waterproof, and easy to clean.


Football Shape Bean Bag Chair

Football Shape Bean Bag Chair

Are you looking for a fun craft idea? Make this fun DIY Football Bean Bag for your favorite sports fan in the house. This is great for kids’ rooms or an excellent desk touch for your favorite football lover. So, dive into this project and create a one-of-a-kind gift that will surely bring a smile to their face this weekend. Made from simple supplies found at the craft store and an old cotton t-shirt, this tutorial will help you learn how to turn your favorite sports ensemble into a cozy bean bag chair.


Denim Pouf Chair Pattern

Denim Pouf Chair Pattern

Denim Tough Pouf is a functional and durable pouf perfect for any room. The naturally anti-bacterial, easy-to-clean jute fiber filling is packed in large ‘bricks’ of varying thickness for a solid and sturdy feel. These textured bricks are sewn into the cover with linen thread, allowing the filling to breathe and keep its shape over time. Its comfortable cushioned seat and polyester canvas fabric make this pouf the perfect addition to your home or office space. The durability of the denim bag chair can withstand any spills or messes and makes cleanup a breeze! With a sturdy seat, you can sit on it as long as you like in comfy support.


DIY Bean Bag Cover No-Sew

DIY Bean Bag Cover No-Sew

Pillowcase poufs are the perfect addition to any bedroom. They're an easy way to create your style and personality and can be used for playing games, resting your feet, or even sitting up. You can also use them as a cover on your couch or throw them over your bed. Add a little flair to your living area with these pillowcase poufs in various bright colors. They're made with a super soft cotton blend, and the polyfill can be hand washed for easy care. These superb bean bag chairs are easy to move around and come in various colors, sizes, and prints to fit any home decorating style.


Easy Bean Bag Pattern

Easy Bag Pattern

Are you looking for the perfect bean bag chairs for your home? Look no further! Because this plain bean bag pouf is the perfect choice for you! This bean bag chair's distinctive design and stylish look will add flair to any room setting. A classic and functional piece of furniture, the plain bean bag pouf is equally suited to your living room, bedroom, or study. It will be a fun and practical space saver, perfectly sized for all ages.


Bean Bag Chair For Kids

Bean Bag Chair For Kids

Bean Bags for Kids are the best place to relax and play. They are lightweight and easy to carry so kids can take them on their journeys. These bean bags come in different shapes, materials, and sizes. Bean bags for kids are a simple, affordable way to help your little ones get comfortable and stay seated in one place. Great for playing games, watching movies, and reading books. They come in several different shapes and colors, so there’s sure to be one that suits your child’s style. The bags are also great for building gross motor skills with active play and encouraging sensory integration, imagination, and creativity! The bonus is that bean bag chairs for kids are super easy to clean and maintain too!


Bean Bag Bed For Newborn

Bean Bag Bed For Newborn

This amazing bean bag will be perfect for the nursery or any room requiring a place to sit and relax. These bags are designed to provide complete comfort and safety for the most delicate little one while being lightweight, so you can easily take them from home to the park. They also feature a relief valve so that no matter how much air gets into the bag, it will never pop out like a ball filled with air.


Bean Bag Chair For Toddlers Room

Bean Bag Chair For Toddlers Room

Delight your toddler with this super comfortable and cozy furniture piece, perfect for long days in the playroom or as an extra seat around the house. Kids of all ages love sitting on it or snuggling up on it. This toddler bean bag chair is great for spending time and hanging out. The built-in pillow offers extra padding and comfort to keep your baby comfortable. This fun and cozy toddler chair support children as they play. The colorful, soft fabric provides comfort, while the sturdy design ensures durability. The fabric is easily cleaned with a damp cloth or sponge.


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Bean Bag With Stuffed Amigurumi

Pouf With Stuffed Amigrumi

Sitting on the floor is great for adults, but kids love the comfort and security of a bean bag chair. Best of all, Bean Bags with Stuffed Animals are designed to look just like the real thing, so your child's favorite furry friend can always be nearby. They are great for kids and adults alike. Whether you're looking to relax in your living room or play fun games with friends, bean bag chairs are a must-have addition to your house. These soft and cozy bags are built to last, so you don't have to worry about buying new ones yearly.


Bean Bag Chair For Little Ones

Chair For Little Ones

This amazing bean bag chair for little ones will be a stylish addition to your living room, child's bedroom, or playroom. For comfort and support, you can fill bean bags with beans or foam pellets. The bean bag fills up to its full size once you sit on it, unlike small standard bean bags with little give when sitting on them. Available in various colors with easy-to-clean durable fabric covers, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Bean bags are excellent for any kid's room as an extra seating option or a change of scenery for the kids. The cute designs and comfortable shape allow your child to relax, while the handles make it easy to move them around.


DIY Bean Bag Chair Pattern For Dolls

Chair Pattern For Dolls

Bean Bag Chair for Dolls is a great accessory for your dolls; who would love this bean bag chair when they want to relax? Stylish and comfortable, this Bean Bag Chair for Dolls is perfect and great for playtime and home comforts; The bag helps the doll sit comfortably and keep fit by staying in shape when sitting on this bean bag chair. The color is cute, and the size is so that it won't take up too much space. It comes in green and pink designs, so you can choose the one to go best with your child's room decor.


Bean Bag Chair With Foam

Bean Bag Chair With Foam

The foam Bean Bag is a great addition to any home interior. This bean bag makes an excellent gift idea when paired with a book or magazine! The foam bean bag has a soft and comfortable feel. Perfect for watching movies or keeping you cozy in your room. Whether you want to use it as a pillow, seat, or storage space, this versatile bean bag will meet your needs. It's also a great option for kids and adults, making it a great gift for any occasion.


Easy Bean Bag Pattern

Easy Bean Bag Pattern

The Easy Bean Bag is a fun and easy solution to working while sitting. This versatile product can be used anywhere – in your home office or kitchen table, making it perfect for adults or kids. The low-profile design adds comfort and style to any room. It features an open-cell polystyrene foam filling that helps create a breathable, cool, lasting foam seat comfortable enough to sleep. The removable cover allows you to wash it in the machine when wanted or necessary. You can use it as a couch, chair or even sit up independently using the armrest base accessories (sold separately).


Bean Bag Couch Pattern

Bean Bag Couch Pattern

Enjoy a relaxing day at home or on the go with Bean Bag Couch. The ultra-plush and soft microbeads are great for sitting, reading, watching TV, or sleeping! It is the ultimate bean bag you want for yourself or the kids. You can sit on it, lie down or even put your feet up. It's big enough for mother and father to relax on, but not too big that it takes up all the room in your house. The soft outer fabric makes it easy to clean, and the high-quality inner foam makes it extra comfortable.


DIY Bean Bag Chair No-Sew

DIY Bean Bag Chair No-Sew

Keep your feet up and enjoy a relaxing evening reading or watching TV in the No-Sew Bean Bag. Unzip the cover and fill the bag with beans to recline comfortably on any hard surface. This bean bag is ideal for the game room, garage, or bedroom. This No-Sew Bean Bag is a super simple and fun DIY project! You only need some fleece fabric, beans, stuffing, and a zip-top bag. This cute bean bag will make your child smile. It is super soft and comfortable. Just follow the instructions to create your personalized bean bag and slouch around on it over the weekend!


DIY Bean Bag Chairs 1


If you are looking for a great and safe way to play around the house, these bean bag chairs are one of the best items to come to mind. They are comfortable, convenient, and useful. They are easy to wash and maintain, making them even more appealing than other options. If you want a bean bag chair in your home but do not know where to start, follow the ideas we provided above, and surely you'll find it worth making them.

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