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15 DIY Telescope Ideas To See Far Away

DIY Telescope ideas are the perfect way to explore the world beyond our planet. They can be fantastic for looking at the sky, but they can also be used to look deep into space at galaxies and the most loveable things available around us.

DIY Telescope For Kids

DIY Telescope Ideas

This post is your go-to resource for DIY telescope plans. You'll find number of plans for every budget to build your DIY telescope. 

The fun of astronomy is highly accessible, even to the casual observer, but a homemade telescope can help you get a closer look at the moon and stars for cheaper than store-bought models.

There are many ways to build your telescope with amazing ideas ranging from paper to cardboard tubes. Keep reading to find out how to make your telescope.

What Is A Telescope

They are one of the oldest inventions in the history of science, and they have brought us so much knowledge about the universe. Before telescopes were invented, astronomers relied on their eyes to see things – which wasn’t always reliable, especially when viewing things that were very small or far away.

Uses Of DIY Telescopes

A DIY telescope can be a rewarding project for the whole family. This will give everyone a new hobby, which can be enjoyed together in the backyard or at a star party. You'll get hands-on experience with basic mechanisms and learn some astronomy. Beginners and experts will find something they can use to make their telescope.

How To Make A DIY Telescope

How To Make A DIY Telescope

Make a unique and admirable telescope for your kids using the paper roll. It will be the best way to spark your creativity, and you can make this easy telescope within 30 minutes. Your little ones enjoy seeing the objects around them, like birds playing, and it will be best for them to observe the environment around them in a more fun manner.


DIY Telescope

DIY Telescope

Are you known for the excellent benefit of making a fun telescope on your own? It blocks the surroundings and the things available to help you focus on the particular things you want to see. So if your little one is fond of chasing squirrels in the garden, surely this amazing telescope will be a great gift for him.


Cardboard Tube Telescope

Cardboard Tube Telescope

Use wasted cardboard from your storeroom to make a beautiful function and simple DIY telescope for your kids. It will help them see the world beautifully and help their cognitive mind think differently by observing different objects keenly.


Wooden Telescope

Wooden Telescope

If you are a star seeker like me or one who wants a professional-looking telescope for himself, then nothing can be best than this amazing idea for you to follow. The creation of this telescope will be difficult, but the excellent guide below will help you. The creator has guided about the material to be used and the whole procedure in the easiest to understands  for everyone.


How To Make A Cardboard Telescope

How To Make A Cardboard Telescope

Make a super beautiful and unique telescope for your kids to examine and observe the things and objects available around them. Following this is a super easier cardboard telescope creation idea. The creator has listed the material used in the most excellent way, and there is a video tutorial available to help you.



DIY Dobsonian Telescope

DIY Dobsonian Telescope

With these detailed instructions, learn how to build a telescope that will inspire you in awe of our universe. The DIY Dobsonian Telescope is easy to make and allows you to see far away into space from your backyard. These detailed instructions will show you how to build a Dobsonian telescope that will allow you to see far up into the sky and get a closer look at the solar system.


Backyard  Dobsonian Telescope

Backyard  Dobsonian

The Backyard Dob is a simple yet powerful telescope anyone can assemble. The images it reveals are even more mind-blowing than you can imagine. This unique telescope design allows you to make a large aperture telescope from inexpensive materials that will fit almost any car's trunk.

The design also enables you to make a large aperture telescope that is portable and easy to pack up for travel or storage. You can build this telescope and see the world's beauty in high definition. You will see details on the Moon in clear skies, craters on Mars, rings around Saturn, and Jupiter's moons. This scope will provide family fun looking at the stars and other celestial bodies.


Wrapping Paper Tube Telescope

Wrapping Paper Tube scoping lens

Make a telescope out of wrapping paper tubes and a couple of items you can purchase at any hardware store. Cut down the tube to the desired length, then cut matching lenses to fit each end. This may not be as powerful as many other types of telescopes, but it is just as fun to look through, and it can be made quickly and cheaply with items you probably already have on hand.


DIY Telescope Under $200

how to make scope Under $200

Build your telescope following this idea. It will allow you to observe the Sun, distant galaxies, planets, and even the beautiful wonders of our solar system. More than just an ordinary telescope, this DIY telescope will allow you to see clearer and more detailed images of planets, stars, and galaxies than most people ever get to see.

When you build it yourself, you will understand how telescopes work and why they work so well. Learn about telescopes and astronomy as you go through the steps outlined in these free plans for a quick-to-build DIY Newtonian-Dobsonian-style telescope.


Kids Telescope

Kids scoping

Fuel a child’s natural curiosity and provide hours of fun with this easy-to-build DIY telescope. Inspire kids to search for lost treasure just like the pirates of old ones did with this fun educational toy. This telescope idea will teach them about our solar system and helps them discover dark nighttime.

It uses recycled materials assembled into a functional telescope, a great gift for children who love science or nature. It is easy for boys or girls to build without much help from an adult, and it keeps usable items out of landfills. This is a great way to teach kids two lessons- recycling and discovering new things.

giftofcuriosityDIY Telescope Ideas

DIY Astronomy Project

DIY Astronomy Project

This project will teach you how to turn a cardboard tube into a functional telescope. This easy DIY telescope will provide a clear view of the solar system or anything else you want to see. It’s inexpensive, easy to make, and looks great on any shelf or in a window display.


Digital Telescope

Digital Telescope

Our DIY digital telescope is easy and cheap to build, even in the limited time allotted. The instructions in the link below will allow you to make your own tripod-mounted Digital Telescope easily.

The finished product will provide a webcam with a high-power lens and allow you to record what you are looking at through the computer by simply pressing the record button on your remote control. This makes it ideal for research projects, teaching science classes, or spying on people who don’t know they are being watched. You will be able to see new things you wouldn’t be able to see before, right before your eyes!


Beginners Telescope

Beginners scope

This beginner's telescope will introduce your newbie astronomer to the wonders of outer space. Follow these instructions and create a telescope showing them Jupiter, Saturn, and Venus. With this short focal length, you'll get a clear image, so they'll be able to see craters on the moon. This telescope is perfect for a beginner.


Galilean DIY Telescope

Galilean DIY Telescope

If you have an aspiring young astronomer in your home, here is a project to help them learn more about the night sky. The Galilean DIY Telescope is a perfect science project to build with your children or for a school science fair.

It's easy to construct and provides a view of the solar system that will capture their imagination and fan their natural curiosity. To create a spectacular show for an even bigger impact on your child, combine this telescope with some simple chemistry experiments in kitchen aids like lemons and baking soda!


DIY Replica of Galileo’s Telescope

Replica of Galileo’s scope

Do you remember learning about Galileo and how he discovered that the Earth revolved around the sun? Do you want to make your telescope like Galileo’s but don’t want to spend much money? This DIY replica of the telescope could be made with only a few pieces of PVC pipe and a few lenses.

The total expense for this project will be very low, allowing you to spend more time looking at the stars rather than earning money for your next telescope project! The materials needed are easy to obtain. If you need help putting this together, I suggest taking it to an expert specializing in telescopes or contacting a museum with an original telescope like this one.


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