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15 DIY Composting Toilet Ideas To Make Today

Discomfort regarding the bathroom is one of the biggest concerns when going off-grid. Going out in the bush and venturing away from home to use an outhouse toilet can be quite cumbersome, particularly in bad weather. That is why preparing yourself with some good DIY Composting Toilet Ideas for a composting toilet is important.

Composting toilets is one of the simplest but most effective ways to handle bathroom activities without running water. Not only are they eco-friendly and healthier than flushing urine and feces into the local sewer system, but they can also save you money by using a smaller space for your bathroom area. Keep in mind that there are many composting toilets out there that will require electricity or a water supply. But, these DIY composting toilet ideas show that plastic buckets, simple hand pumps, and some logs can do the job just as well - even if they don’t look as fancy as some commercial products, but still the best option to try.

DIY Composting Toilet Ideas

DIY Composting Toilet Ideas

While you may be able to find plenty of composting toilet ideas on the Internet that can help you build your own, it's not always easy to get started. What works for one person may not work for another, so it can take a bit of trial and error to get your system just right—and have enough compost to handle your needs! Here are some ideas to help you get started; follow them you'll surely find the answers to all the questions in your mind regarding making a super functional composting toilet.

Cheap DIY Composting Toilet

Creating a Low Budget Composting Toilet

A composting toilet is like a flush toilet that does not use water. It doesn’t need to be connected to a sewer system or septic tank. Instead, it creates soil instead of sewage. This Environmental Health Engineering idea will help you build a low-budget, DIY composting toilet that is less expensive than commercially available models and works better. It requires very few parts and is easy to use. You can start using it within minutes with very little effort!


DIY Composting Toilet Systems

Hunkering Down In A Yurt

Living off-grid can be a great way to experience nature, learn new skills, and do things differently. Living in a yurt is one of the most popular options for living off-grid today. You can use a composting toilet for your off-grid living situation by following these simple steps that work for our guest's DIY project. If you're looking to move off-grid or have a sustainable option in your current home, a composting toilet is one of the best options.


Do It Yourself DIY Composting Toilet

Composting Toilet

Composting toilets is the most ecological solution on earth. They don't need a water supply, don't use any energy, don't require a sewage treatment plant, and don't produce any pollution. The pulp residue is all-natural compost, which can be easily used as fertilizer in your garden or the countryside. This is how things were meant to be! If you like keeping your own "black gold" [worm castings] in your garden, there's no better way to do it than by using this DIY composting toilet!


Tiny Home DIY Composting Toilet With Urine Separator

Composting Toilet For A Tiny House

Do you need a composting toilet for your tiny house? We've got suggestions on how to find an inexpensive option that can be installed in just one hour. The tiny house's owner says it's an inexpensive option that takes up very little space. It looks like a rubber tub is placed in the bathroom to capture urine and cover the excrement in an airtight bag. This means you can use it without smell or mess. It's a perfect solution for your tiny bathroom if you want to design it yourself or if you don't want to spend a lot of money on your tiny house toilet.


Composting Toilet For Open Garden

Composting Toilet in the Garden

Landscaping is one of the oldest and most traditional ways of enriching soil. However, in this case, we will use compost to keep our vegetable garden healthy and leafy. Making a toilet can be aesthetically pleasing because it doesn't require much space and allows us to utilize waste materials in an eco-sustainable way. It's a perfect solution for households with little or no water connection or those who prefer their sanitary latrine at home instead of having proximity to their bathroom.


DIY Composting Toilet System

DIY Composting Toilet System

The Toilet Composting System is for converting older toilets into composting toilets. The dense plastic construction helps to ward off pests and odor, while a large grate under the bowl allows airflow to prevent foul smells. The system has two chambers, one for solid waste and one for liquid waste. The solid waste chamber features a plastic-lined bucket with charcoal filters that collect any solids that float down through the pipe, keeping bacteria away from the homeowner during use.


Solar Power Composting Toilet

An efficient solar-assisted composting toilet can achieve huge savings and environmental benefits. This unit has a large capacity, is completely self-contained, and is easy to operate, making it ideal for off-grid homes at any location. This Solar Assisted Composting Toilet is easy to set up, disposes waste without plumbing, eliminates odors, and uses on-site composting to reduce waste by 80%. The unit can be used as an indoor or outdoor toilet.

Urine Separator For DIY Composting Toilet

Urine Separating Composting Toilet Bucket

This composting toilet is built using a 5-gallon bucket and cut so that the waste will be separated. The bucket is placed over the hole dug into the ground, and all human waste are deposited into it so it can decompose. Urine is collected separately using a simple screw cap, allowing clean liquid to flow freely into another vessel. It’s built from a 5-gallon bucket, many other things, and a small bucket that was used to contain the separated waste.


How To Make Composting Toilet System With Garden Concept

Composting Toilet With Garden Concept

The toilet features a special waterless flushing system and internal composting. The human manures collected in the toilet are processed through internal machinery, which turns them into compost that can be used to grow plants on the back of the unit. Compost Toilet efficiently converts human waste into organic fertilizer for gardens or farms using decomposition aerobically with no harmful environmental effects.


DIY Composting Toilet RV

If you’re off-the-grid or in an RV and need a composting toilet, this is the one for you. It is small and easy to use, but most importantly, it’ll fit into your tiny home or your RV! The olives are pressed by hand, so they don’t get damaged during transport. Just add water to the clay pebbles and put them inside - it has a great flushing mechanism that ensures everything becomes one with the Earth when it is finished.


DIY Composting Toilet Bucket

TSJ 3000 - a Composting Toilet

The toilet is not a luxury but a necessity for every human, with a lot of social and environmental responsibility to save water, energy, and chemicals. This Tiny House Composting Toilet will be best as an alternative sanitation system to help reduce water and waste costs in rural areas. The toilet will operate manually, compact, and has a small footprint. Its simple design makes it easy to clean and maintain.


In-depth Composting Toilet

In-depth Composting Toilet

Composting toilets is becoming more popular but can be intimidating for those new to the idea. If you plan to build your composting toilet from scratch, you will need a few tools and materials. They include stainless steel or polyethylene pail with a tight lid, natural fiber (like cloth or twine), a large plastic bin, sandpaper, polyurethane spray, duct tape, plywood, and screws. Before you start building the simple DIY composting toilet you can find in this article, there are some important things you must consider.


How To Build A DIY Small Septic System

This DIY septic system uses a standard cesspool, a drain field, and leach lines. A homeowner with basic carpentry skills and DIY experience can install the entire unit. You’ll have to work with concrete, PVC piping, and other plumbing components, but all materials are available in your local home store or online. Once the wastewater filters thoroughly, it moves on to drain fields to enrich the surrounding soil for vegetation or landscaping.


Fancy Composting Toilet System

You’ll need a bucket, saw drill, hacksaw, and gloves for a DIY composting toilet. You can make all the cuts with the saw and then sand, seal, and paint your cabinet to match the rest of the bathroom. The tutorial walks you through each step and shows how to install an odor filter for the toilet inside so it will smell fresh even if you forget to empty things every once in a while!


This is a low-tech composting toilet to add to your homemade camper. It does not require electricity or a connection to a sewer, so it's perfect for going off-grid. The diverter allows you to treat black water as normal greywater and dump it onto the ground or in a bucket as needed. The fact that this toilet uses no water will keep your total cost down while reducing your environmental impact. The design is simple and easy to clean; just add water & peat moss to the bucket.

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