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25 Best DIY Picnic Table Plans For Enjoying With Friends And Family

We’re excited to share these free picnic table plans with you. Get ready to transform your outdoor gatherings with our fantastic list of DIY picnic table plans! By following these easier guides, you'll save money and create a unique and functional centerpiece for your backyard.

DIY Picnic Table Plans In Different Sizes


With these unique table plans, you can create a fun activity for your family and friends, giving them a chance to catch up while enjoying lunch or dinner out in nature. Whether you're looking to create mini picnic table plans for your backyard or something bigger or more impressive, this list will always benefit you.

DIY Picnic Table

Let us show you how to make a classic and durable DIY picnic table without breaking the bank! This 20-minute tutorial will walk you through each step, ensuring you create the perfect outdoor centerpiece for your family gatherings. Explore is the secret to constructing a timeless picnic table that serves as a functional piece and stands up to the test of time. Delight your friends and loved ones while making memorable moments with a DIY Picnic Table built by you!

Easy Picnic Table Build with Free Plan

Experience the joy of DIYing with our easy picnic table build guide! This straightforward tutorial allows even beginners to head on a fun and satisfying project. Designed with simplicity in mind, it's likely the best and most user-friendly guide you’ve ever followed. We hope you'll adore this guide and the charming picnic table you'll create by the end of it!

How To Make A Modern Picnic Table

Creating an attractive picnic table for your garden is easy and good. You will use some basic tools and materials to create this modern-looking table. This project does not require complex techniques or tools; following the steps below, you can easily make it. Follow along with our step-by-step instructions, and you’ll have the perfect addition for your patio or deck in no time!

Build A Square Picnic Table

Learn how to build a square picnic table with this amazing DIY tutorial! This beautifully designed tabletop will provide years of entertainment, making it an amazing addition to your back patio or deck. Follow the instructions with clear instructions and images that even a beginner can follow. This tutorial will give you the confidence and skills to build your wooden projects.

DIY Picnic Table For Kids Party


Need an easy, affordable picnic table for your kids? This DIY outdoor table is an easy DIY project that won’t break the bank. With a little bit of creativity and time, you can create your own DIY picnic table for kids! We created this project to make something affordable, functional, and cute. It will be so quick to build that you can knock it out in one afternoon.


Small DIY Picnic Table


This easy-to-build, four-foot picnic table is ideal for outdoor and small spaces. It’s sturdy, functional, and great for kids. Follow this free step-by-step plan to build your DIY picnic table perfect for your home or backyard. It will be a great addition to any backyard and doesn’t take up too much space, so it fits just about anywhere.


DIY Picnic Table Solid Wood

Wood Picnic Table Plans

Are you looking for a picnic table for your lovely home? Here we came with a decent and beautiful DIY picnic table for your home. It features a clean, simple design with a natural taupe finish and is accented with a beautifully crafted wood grain. The table has finished edges that are smooth and durable, plus you're going to love making it.


How To Build A Picnic Table With Built-in Cooler

You can use this Diy table when hot summer days appear, or anytime you need to refresh yourself from a very hot day. This DIY picnic table with a cooler is a beautiful addition to any get-together or patio area. The cooler part of the table may not seem useful at first, but it is perfect for small snacks and beverages and great for summer parties in your backyard or garden.

DIY Picnic Table

Pop and retrofit your Backyard, Patio, or Garden easily with this DIY Picnic table. This DIY picnic table will make your backyard much more enjoyable. This project is not difficult; you have to follow simple steps to finish this admirable masterpiece. You will easily find the supplies you need for this DIY picnic table in your backyard; in this way, you don't have to spend a bunch of dollars on this project.

DIY Hexagonal Picnic Table

Hexagonal Picnic Table

Gather some basic materials follow simple instructions, and make a decent stylized, unique masterpiece for your home decor following this hexagon picnic table idea. There are added benches, and this hexagonal table makes it more functional, and everyone's favorite; plus, it reduces the cost of adding separate benches.


DIY Picnic Table Plan


With this plan, you can build a picnic table with an X-shaped base and seats on either side in less than two days. Whether it's for you or your children to play and eat, it will surely be a hit in your chosen location. It will be a great handmade addition to your garden or backyard, plus the excellent features will make this project your heartedly favorite.


DIY Picnic Table Plan



If you are building an outdoor picnic table for your family, here are the instructions to make it. This amazing design features an open design that makes eating and playing easy, while the tabletop provides a place to create lasting picnic memories.


DIY 8-Foot Picnic Table Plan

DIY 8 Foot Picnic Table

This 8-foot picnic table plan is the largest one in our collection; it will be great to be a part of your table list and always a better option for DIYers to try. It accommodates 8-10 people easily so you can host your next birthday party in your backyard easily.


DIY Round Picnic Table

This easier video will cover making a round (circular) picnic table. It has a platform-based structure that suits you well for several occasions, so if you want to make your picnic time fun and remember those school days of sitting at a table and enjoying your favorite meals with friends and family, this round picnic table will surely be a decent option.

DIY Picnic Table With Benches


This DIY picnic table with benches is a perfect place to eat and have an excellent place to read a book or magazine in the sun. You can use it in your backyard, front porch, patio, or deck, or keep it in your camper van to have fun DIYing.


DIY Strong Picnic Table Plan

This DIY picnic table plan-free project will help you build a strong picnic table for your backyard. It's also portable for you to take it anywhere you like. The creator spent a lot of time and details on this video tutorial, so please watch it and follow his instructions.

How To Build A Picnic Table

This easy-to-build folding table will be best for making great picnic spots on your next outing. It has the best possible easiest instructions provided in the video to give a free hand to you about making this masterpiece.

DIY Plan For A Picnic Table

Here is a perfect place to have dinner or a picnic with family and friends. This small wooden picnic table is made of 5 pieces, but it only takes two skilled workers one day to finish this. It will be a superb beautifying piece for your backyard to arrange late-night parties without adding much heavier furniture.


How To Build A 6-Foot Picnic Table Plan

6 Foot Picnic Table

With this tutorial, I will show you how to build a 6 ft picnic table plan. This is an easy project that only takes a few hours to complete. The table will be sturdy enough to withstand many family gatherings for years to come and also be great for outdoor summer BBQs and picnic events.


DIY Suitcase Picnic Table

Suitcase Picnic Table

Make a decent, lightweight picnic table with several advantages by getting inspiration from this DIY suitcase picnic table idea. Its creation is too easy and inexpensive, but the endless features make this table a great DIY project.


DIY Modern Picnic Table

To make a perfect modern DIY picnic table, all you need to do is follow the simple video tutorial. It will be a stunning handmade addition to your home decor, and you'll heartedly fall in love with doing this DIY project.

DIY Convertible Picnic Table

Convertible Table for garden

Essential to the traditional picnic, this convertible DIY picnic table is a modern take on the classic centerpiece. The top features a decent desk-like surface to accommodate different eating and other essentials. Its convertibility makes this DIY table a decent option to try, and I hope you're surely going to admire it.


DIY Kids Picnic Table

Kids Table

Enjoy a great picnic time with this colorful table; it will be an excellent place for your kids to enjoy their snacks while playing games. It will be an excellent long-lasting table that makes it kids' and DIYer's favorite.


Children’s Sitting Table

Children’s Sitting Table

The DIY Children’s Picnic Table is what you need to have a memorable experience with your family. You can put the table in a place of your choice and let the children dine, play or study in a properly organized environment. You can add your creative side by personalizing the picnic table. It will be a decent gift for your son and an admirable option to bring some fun to their life without spending too much; there is an added bench along with this table to make it great practical, and cost-effective.


Beautiful Table Plan For Garden

Table Plan For Garden

Try this inexpensive, sturdy, and versatile masterpiece; to add a sophisticated touch to your home decor and backyard section with this excellent Picnic Table Plan. Making a fun station for your backyard, this amazing picnic table has several other excellent features, too; follow the link below to explore the making process and thank me later.



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