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25 DIY Kitchen Island Ideas

Consider our DIY Kitchen Island Ideas as your golden ticket to a chic, functional kitchen renovation and innovation idea. These unique, easy-to-make kitchen island plans can instantly elevate your space from mundane to magnificent and show off your love for stylization and customization.

Unique DIY Kitchen Island Ideas

DIY Kitchen Island Ideas

A kitchen island can be a fantastic addition to your home, but there is no reason it shouldn't look great. Here, we have compiled a list of design ideas for your DIY kitchen island layout, materials, and finishes to help you create the perfect free-standing worktop for your home. From rustic wood repurposed kitchen island to simple floating shelves and even a lazy Susan that spins around, these ideas inspire you—and they’re sure to get neighbors talking!

Best Kitchen Island

Whether you're looking for extra storage or want to transform your kitchen by adding a countertop to eat meals on, these projects will help you get it done right. The kitchen island is a great way to maximize space and make a statement in your kitchen. Build your own, and you can choose the exact shape and size that suits your needs. Alternatively, you can purchase stock cabinets, starting this DIY project even easier.

DIY Kitchen Island Budget Build

DIY Kitchen Island Budget Build Makeover

DIY-ing your kitchen island adds a personal touch to your space while keeping costs low. You can easily make your kitchen island on a budget and save significant money following this video tutorial. It'll be your best option to create a custom, stylish centerpiece for your kitchen. The best part is that the simple process allows even novices to accomplish this task without sweating.

DIY Kitchen Island Project

DIY Kitchen Island Project

Starting a DIY Kitchen Island Project results in a polished, stylish kitchen item that boosts your home's look. This beautiful element isn't just practical and adds flair to your kitchen. With DIY, you can personalize it how you want, making it a standout feature that shows your style.

DIY Bar Footrest & Antique Dresser Kitchen Island

The DIY Bar Footrest and Antique Dresser Kitchen Island is an innovative project transforming an old dresser from your storage room into a functional kitchen island. Not only does this re-purposing save you money, but it also adds a touch of vintage charm and unique personality to your kitchen. Incorporating a bar footrest boosts its functionality, making it an impressive fusion of old and new.

DIY Kitchen Island 1

Starting a DIY Kitchen Island project is an entertaining and inventive way to improve your kitchen. Whether it involves constructing a kitchen island counter or looking for unique concepts, it's an exciting venture that allows your creativity to flourish. Building your DIY kitchen island will be best, resulting in a distinctive kitchen piece stimulates my creativity and broadens my innovative skills.

DIY Kitchen Island Build

DIY Kitchen Island Build

The DIY Kitchen Island Build is a remarkably attractive centerpiece for your kitchen. Crafted with attention to detail and a keen sense of style, the outcome combines functionality and aesthetics. This project aims to inspire and enable you to enhance your kitchen space, turning it into a place of utility and beauty. I hope you find this idea truly beneficial for yourself.

Modern Kitchen Island

Making A Modern Kitchen Island

This DIY Modern Kitchen Island is adorned in a warm wooden hue, offering aesthetic pleasure and practicality. The additional drawers contribute more than mere style, facilitating ample storage for your kitchen essentials. This splendid mix of form and functionality makes it an ideal enhancement for any contemporary kitchen.

How To Frame Your Kitchen Island

In this guide, "How to Frame Your Kitchen Island," we'll provide step-by-step instructions on building a kitchen island. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a novice, this video will equip you with the practical skills needed. From planning and framing to the final touches, we'll walk you through each phase, ensuring you can create a functional and stylish kitchen centerpiece.

How To DIY Kitchen Island

How To DIY Kitchen Island

Build this simple kitchen island for your open or small kitchen. Sturdy, functional, and affordable are the keywords for this free DIY island plan. The basic construction will provide shelves and drawers to easily store goods, accessories, or cookware while providing an extra workspace in the center of the room. Two doors on either side of the work surface make accessing any items stored inside easy without disturbing those stored on top.


DIY Kitchen Island Cart

DIY Kitchen Island Cart

This is a convenient kitchen island and has a host of other uses. It can be used as a breakfast bar, snack bar, or drink station for parties. With its convenient wheels, this kitchen island can also be used as a built-in sideboard. This kitchen cart has a countertop, storage space below, and storage on the side that can be converted into a bar cart or snack area for parties! Its convenient wheels can be moved around a room to create a bar cart or snack station for parties and get-togethers.


DIY Kitchen Island Farmhouse

The Farmhouse Kitchen Island & Bar is a DIY project that results in an attractive, usable piece of kitchen furniture. The island has four drawers for storing your cutlery and other baking supplies, two open shelves for holding spices, dishes, and glasses, and even a glass-door cabinet for additional storage.


DIY Kitchen Island With Storage

DIY Kitchen Island With Storage

This clutter-free kitchen island makes tidying up a breeze. Five shelves allow you to store items with ease. With its wide workspace, you’ll also have room to roll out bread and dough and assemble a sandwich or slice of pizza. The wood top makes it easy to wipe down after spills or messes, and you can put anything from baked goods to cold beverages on it. This island is an excellent way to get the most out of your kitchen and make meal prep easier by having everything in one place.


DIY Kitchen Island Pallet

DIY Kitchen Island Pallet

Pallets are the perfect material for DIY projects. They're cheap, available almost everywhere, and have numerous applications. The natural color of this pallet kitchen island lends itself to virtually any kitchen decor while creating a sturdy rustic look. This project will look at building a kitchen island with wood pallets. This is commonly done using 2×4 lumber, but 4×4 lumber may also be used. The base of the island utilizes the existing pallet boards. Openings are added to allow for legs, and decorative slats are installed at each end of the island to finish it off.


Kitchen Island Pottery Barn

Kitchen Island Pottery Barn

This unique island will be the perfect addition to your kitchen with a classic farmhouse style and a touch of vintage charm. Pair it with any chair that strikes your fancy, and it will look like you splurged on something from Pottery Barn. Crafted using reclaimed wood, this tabletop is sturdy and durable. It would make the perfect addition to your kitchen, especially if you love the look of Pottery Barn furniture but don’t want to spend much money.


DIY Kitchen Island Table Combo

DIY Kitchen Island Table Combo 

Ideal for small spaces, this sturdy table is perfect for any home. Its design allows it to be a dining room table, craft table, or kitchen island with a simple button push. The surface is resistant to scratches, and the wooden legs are easy to assemble. This folding craft table is a great DIY kitchen island, featuring lots of storage, foldable sides, and an adjustable height. This can be converted into a dining table when you need more room for dinner guests.


DIY Open Shelf Kitchen Island

DIY Open Shelf Kitchen Island

Create an open feeling in your kitchen with this island. It features ample workspace, storage, and a unique look that helps to make your kitchen unique. The open shelves are perfect for a home bar or to show off cookbooks and other decorative items. This island is made of sturdy wood and features a Black finish. The open-shelving kitchen island provides a large amount of workspace and storage in your kitchen.


DIY Kitchen Island With Wine Rack

DIY Kitchen Island With Wine Rack

This DIY kitchen island is best to use and easy to make. The wine rack holds several bottles and can easily be modified to hold any kitchen appliances you might need to cook. The narrow island allows you to use the remaining space on the countertop for other appliances and food preparation items. Constructed from solid wood, this piece will last for years if properly cared for. This kitchen island is best for indoor use only.


DIY Modern Sleek Kitchen Island

DIY Modern Sleek Kitchen Island

This DIY drop leaf kitchen island is easy to build with a small amount of skill required. The drop leaf saves space when not in use but opens up when needed. A smaller space like an apartment or home without much room is perfect for this kitchen island. Luckily, this kitchen island is easy to build, requiring minimal skill. It allows space saving when not in use, so it can easily be tucked away from sight.


Rustic DIY Kitchen Island

The Rustic X Kitchen Island is a heavy-duty kitchen island with a rustic design and ample storage for pots, pans, and more. The unit has a nice flat top with an apron and space for three drawers on the bottom, providing extra kitchen storage. The island also features wheels, so you can move it into different kitchen areas as needed or desired.


DIY Kitchen Island Plan

how to make Island Plan

This DIY kitchen island is perfect for any home. The double-shelf design makes running your cooking utensils straight from the countertop to the oven simple, and extra space on both shelves allows for ample storage options. This piece has a clean, open design that’s easy to customize with cabinets or drawers to suit your needs. This island is a great solution for any room or setting, whether you want something to add extra storage or help organize your busy kitchen.


Minimalist DIY Kitchen Island

Minimalist Island

This minimalist kitchen island is perfect for those who want to simplify their kitchen or transform it into a modern new space. Transform your kitchen into a beautiful, minimalist space with minimal effort. This beautiful DIY kitchen island is modern, elegant, and easy to make, thanks to its simple design and black finish.


DIY Kitchen Island With Cabinets

make Island With Cabinets

Here we came up with the perfect solution for creating extra counter space in your home. An island, which usually spans the width of a kitchen, can be any height and size. You can create an island using only cabinets or add a countertop to complete the look. It can be a place to relax with family and friends or an area to do hand-washed dishes and prep meals. You can also match this cabinet with the color of your existing kitchen. All you need is a little time and creativity.


how to make Island From Barn Door Console

The Grandy Barn Door Console is a trendy piece for your kitchen that adds style and function. Its farmhouse-style white finish gives it an old-world charm, and the spacious shelves, ample counter space, and barn doors make this a perfect place to store your favorite items. The shelves are large enough to hold cookbooks, pitchers, cookie sheets, and more. The interior design features farmhouse-style kitchen appliances and accessories.


DIY Kitchen Island With Trash Storage

Kitchen With Trash Storage

Whether you have pets or children or want to hide your trash, this kitchen island is perfect for you. The plans include many storage options, including a handy utensil drawer and ample cabinet space. If you’ve ever wanted a kitchen island with storage but couldn’t find one that fits your design aesthetic, this simple DIY project is worth trying.


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DIY Kitchen Island Breakfast Bar

island Breakfast Bar

This DIY Kitchen Island With Breakfast Bar will solve all your kitchen storage problems while providing a place to cook, eat, and entertain. This DIY kitchen island constructed from 2x4 lumber, pine boards, and maple plywood. The cabinets feature ¾" plywood construction, and the drawers have full extension under-mount drawer slides. You can use this kitchen island design for a full kitchen or a breakfast bar. This DIY project features a large countertop with an extended bar and roomy cabinet storage, allowing you to cook and serve from the same island.


How To DIY Kitchen Island With Salvaged Wood

How To make Island With Salvaged Wood

Few things are as warm and inviting as having a gorgeous wood kitchen island. If you love the look of salvaged wood but don't have the funds to buy new materials, combining salvaged materials with a DIY kitchen island can be an affordable and beautiful solution. This kitchen island style features plenty of storage for dishes, appliances, and other items for the entire family, creating a functional space for your home dining area. This can also be a fun project for a beginner, as you'll be able to learn some new skills and have a unique piece of furniture in your home.


DIY Kitchen Island Ideas


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