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9 DIY Garden Cart Plans To Help You In Gardening

Maintaining a garden isn’t easy, especially if you want it to look good all year long. This can take hours off your hands and free up some space for other things in life. Try these DIY garden cart plans and make your outdoor space look better!

If you have a garden and are trying to do something about it, then it is obvious that you’re bound to need a way to carry stuff from one place to another. One such thing that is of utmost importance is a garden cart. We are sure you know about these carts' availability in the market. But, what if you want one made by yourself? To help you out in this regard, we bring you some creative DIY Garden Cart Ideas, which you can use to make one for yourself!

Free Garden Cart Plans

DIY Garden Cart Plans

Save money by making your heavy-duty garden cart. These DIY Garden Cart Plans will show you how to build an easy-to-move, fully functional garden cart that is rugged and rustic in design. They will be great for making fun and useful additions to your gardening and enhance your work speed by easily shifting and transporting heavier objects from one place to another. You can use them as a mini towing cart also. Check out these easy-to-follow plans for building the garden cart, and keep your yard clean and organized this season by following these easier ideas.

How To Make Garden Cart From Recycled Pallets

 This project is a creative approach to recycling old pallets, garden pallets, or any other wood that can be suitable for garden carts. You can use it for gardening, yard work, and more. The best part is that you don't have to spend much money or put this away when the growing season is over. This project is done with a little green thumb, so it looks great inside and out! The garden cart from pallets has many uses. You can use it to transport materials around your garden or even take it to the beach or park for picnics. And if you want something beautiful enough to keep in the house, this will do the trick.
  • Tools: Screwdriver, wrench, cordless drill and bits, safety gloves, measuring tape, adhesive
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Materials: Wood pallets, regular wheels from the store, hinges, screws, bolts, nuts, lock washers

Universal Garden Cart Tutorial

 It is a simple and easy-to-make cart that you can use to haul various materials around the yard. It is made from scrap lumber, used lawnmower wheels, and a plastic storage tote bin. The Garden cart is designed with two heavy-duty wheels, rubber tires, and a solid axle for strength. The axle is secured to the base with two bolts through the holes and secured by nuts inside the base. A bungee cord is used as a hand brake to secure the load, allowing you to easily turn the cart by lifting upward on the rope to swivel on the rear wheels.


  • Tools: Gloves, Phillips screwdriver, drill, measuring tape, combination square
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Materials: 5 wood planks, four wheels, screws, stove bolts, lag bolts, bungee cord/regular rope, spring links, tote (optional)

DIY Utility Wagon Garden Cart

Hose Holder + Plastic Tub Garden Cart

Make your garden Tub cart with a door and a hose holder. This Utility cart is made of high-quality steel and can carry many tools and other things. It is a Utility cart with a door for carrying Garden Utility. It can hold your garden hose or roll up your trimmer and is easy to carry anywhere in the yard. The tub is made of heavy-duty plastic with a convenient hinged lid to reveal plenty of storage space for whatever you need to keep out of the way: tools, supplies, etc. The base has wheels for easy maneuverability over uneven terrain or lawn edges. Great for holding all sorts of stuff around the house and garage too!

  • Tools: Safety gloves + goggles, screwdriver
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Supplies: Wood board, hose holder, screws, bolts, washers, tub, wheels mixed reactions


Three-Level Garden Cart Plan

Three-Level Garden Cart

The Three-Level Garden Cart is designed to be the perfect blend of modern and traditional. These three-level garden carts are designed to maximize space and functionality. This cart has three levels, large shelves, and basket storage in the middle, and it has durable base material and wheels for strength, a long lifetime, and easy mobility. It also provides enough space to carry your plants or flowers around without damaging them. This garden cart has three baskets on each side and two shelves so you can store more items in it if needed.

  • Tools: Circular saw (or table saw), drill, nail gun, hammer, pencil, speed square, tape measure, safety glass + gloves
  • Difficulty: Moderate/High
  • Materials: 1 4 x 4 hardwood plywood sheet, 3 2 x 4 planks, 6 1 x 3 planks, self-tapping screws, wood screws, nails, wood glue, caster wheels, stain (optional)


Large Wooden Garden Cart Plans

This large, old-school cart is made of solid hardwood. It would be perfect for creating a home office or foyer storage space. The legs are wooden, and the wheels roll smoothly on carpeted floors. This product does come with a delivery charge that may vary based on location. It is a great solution for your basement, garage, or great room. Use it to display all your things, such as tools, bikes, or sporting equipment, in a central location in the home. Many options are available in the design and style options, so you can make it look really good.


  • Tools: Measuring tape, pencil/marker, miter saw, gloves + goggles, construction adhesive, electric drill + bits, grinder
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Materials: 2 large wheels, axles, ¾ inch treated plywood, screws, aluminum trim, washers, lock nuts

Build DIY Motorized Garden Cart

Building a garden cart is a fun project; you can make it exactly how you want it. You'll need a few supplies, but the great thing is that they're all easy to find at your local hardware store. This DIY garden cart tutorial shows you how to build your supply carrier, which will take no time and uses items that most people already have around the house: 2x4s, plywood, and 2"x2" boards. Then add wheels and hardware. Once built, use it both indoors and out, as it's much larger than it seems.

Classic DIY Garden Cart With Bicycle Wheels

Classic Wooden Cart

The Classic Wooden Cart is a well-balanced and user-friendly classic wooden cart. It features an American stave construction that holds to its name, with a timeless design that is both elegant and practical. This Cart is a great addition to any family. Whether for your child or for transporting from the car to the house, it is sturdy and functional. The Cart has been designed to be used in many different ways. This Cart also comes with wheels, so you can easily move it around from room to room or even outside if needed!

  • Tools: Miter, circular, hand, and jigsaw, drill with bits, measuring tape, clamps, combination square, protective gloves + goggles, screwdriver, wrench, sander, glue
  • Difficulty: Moderate/High
  • Materials: Wood planks (Douglas fir, ash, or white oak), bicycle wheels, hinges, screws, bolts

family handyman

Vermont Garden Cart Plans

The Vermont Garden Cart is a wheelbarrow that makes garden care easier and more efficient. It's designed to be a back saver and help you push, pull or lift more loads with less effort on larger areas. This garden cart is a versatile organizing tool that helps you get your work done quicker and easier.

Portable Bench Garden Cart Plan

Portable Potting Bench Garden Cart

This portable potting bench nursery truck is a real game-changer. Whether taking care of plants, gardening, or dabbling in the arts, this versatile tool makes it easy for anyone to get creative. You can use this portable potting bench as a gardening cart or detach the built-in benches and place them around your home to create a stylish patio area. Whether planning on making your garden space a living work of art, this versatile truck will let you do the job easily.

    • Tools:
    • Miter saw jigsaw, sander, screwdriver, heavy-duty adhesive, wrench, framing/combination square.
    • Workframe: Easy/ Moderate
    • Materials: Pressure-treated pine, two 8-inch wheels, axle, corrosion-resistant screws, five-gallon bucket

Today's homeowner

Six-Wheeled Garden Cart With Pull Handle

Six-Wheeled Cart with a Pull Handle

This hand truck has a beveled deck which makes it easy to carry large items such as bags of mulch or soil amendments from the car to your garden beds without spilling any material out of the sides of the container as you walk along with it on your shoulder while carrying other things in both hands. It is a very well-built hand truck. The design is simple but effective. The cart has two large wheels in the front and four smaller ones in the back. It's designed to lean into turns so you can easily maneuver it around obstacles like plants and trees. The tires are also wider than average, which helps give it better traction when going up or down slopes.

  • Tools: Safety gloves, screwdriver, miter saw, electric drill + bits, framing square.
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Supplies: 2 x 4 lumber, a set of average-sized wheels (6 in total), wood screws, washers, lock nuts, bolts, hinges


DIY Lawn Tractor Cart

This DIY lawn tractor cart is a very simple project that can be completed for under $50. The most expensive part of this trailer was the deck boards. You can use old bed rails to make your dump trailer, but we’ve made ours from a Harbor Freight dolly as it has a removable axle and was fairly inexpensive.

Utility Garden Cart With Opening  Door

Utility Cart with a Door

This Utility Cart is not just a simple utility cart that has storage at the bottom of the cart! It is created as a wall-mounted utility cart with a door, a heavy-duty wooden frame, and four wheels. This utility cart has heavy-duty construction and meets all code requirements not just for use on job sites but also for indoor or outdoor use. You can use this cart to store your tools or laundry supplies. It's very convenient and practical because it saves you time from going back and forth between your utility room to get things done. This wall-mounted utility cart also has an adjustable shelf which you can use for your different needs.

Tools: Miter saw, circular saw, chisel, drill with Forstner bits, protection for the eyes, ears, and  hands, measuring tape, square

  • Skill level: Moderate/High
  • Materials: 4 pneumatic tires, two-axle rods (+ plastic caps and locking shaft collars), locking pillow blocks, spacing washers, pressure-treated plywood, wood planks, hinges, screws, bolts, end caps, hitch just measuring up



Garden carts are a simple and affordable way to move heavy loads around your garden area. Whether transporting soil or gravel, breaking down compost piles, or removing sod, a garden cart is essential. Plus, they're easy to bring home from the garage shop, so you can use them repeatedly. Read these plans to learn more about the different types of garden carts, their pros and cons, and then follow these step-by-step instructions for 9 DIY Garden Cart Plans.

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