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28 DIY Micro Camper Plans For Camping Lovers

These micro camper van conversion plans will help you create the perfect space for outdoor adventure. Consider building a camper when you want camping but don't have the money for an RV. A camper is much cheaper than a full-blown RV, and there's plenty of room for creativity. We've found these DIY micro camper plans to get you started that are perfect if you want to save some major cash.

Most are based on trailers, meaning minimal construction and less cost. Some of them are even designed to fit on your bike! No matter what kind of camper you decide to make, remember that your camper will be a project: it will take time, effort, and probably several trips to the hardware store. But when it's done, you'll have an awesome toy that'll last for years!

DIY Micro Camper Plans

DIY Micro Camper Ideas 1

With all of these DIY camper plans, finding one that fits your style and needs is easy. If you're looking to get away from it all but still enjoy the comforts of home, a DIY micro camper could be right up your alley. A small self-contained dwelling that sits on top of a car, these vehicles can offer everything you need to enjoy your own private space.

There are several types of campers based on their style and use, but the most common type is called the teardrop camper. These designs are not only beautiful, but they are also incredibly functional, with ample room for sleeping, cooking, and storage. And with some basic carpentry skills and creative thinking, you can build one yourself in just a few days!

Advantages of DIY Micro Camper Plans

DIY Micro Camper Plans are a great way to save money on your next camping trip. If you're a DIY person and love camping, this is the perfect project!

Here are some of the advantages of DIY Micro Camper Plans:

  • They were cheap! They cost less than $100 to make, including supplies.
  • The DIY Micro Camper Plans are a great way to save money on your next adventure.
  • This is a fun and easy project that will have you out of the house and ready for new adventures in no time.
  • They're easy to build. These plans contain detailed instructions that will have you build your micro camper in no time.
  • You can customize them however you want—add extra features if you want a bigger camper or a different design!

Low-Budget Micro Camper Plan

Low-Budget Micro Camper Plan

This micro camper is built to be as affordable as a camper. It is a great alternative to buying one. The Budget Micro Camper is a great solution to your mobile needs. It's light enough to pull with a passenger car and affordable enough so that you can put it on your back property. The camper is built on the 4' 8" aluminum trailer frame but has heavy-duty axles, alloy wheels, and new tires. Add-in board flooring, jack and couplers, and taillights, then there you have it - add your stuff!


Off-road Micro Camper Plan For Everyone

This small off-road micro camper is small enough to be towed by a truck and tough enough to be dropped on the ground; it can be set up almost anywhere. Spend your holiday camping or pulling a float in style with this off-road micro camper. It’s super easy to travel with, making it perfect for families on vacation. While on the road, you can turn your camper into a mobile sleeper.

 How To Build Off-road Overlanding Camper

 How To Build Off-road Overlanding Camper

This camper is great for traveling off-road and Overlanding. It can be used on the road or in the mountains and can pack on any terrain, making it versatile. With a sturdy frame made from aluminum or steel, you'll have a camper that can handle any trip. This easy-to-build camper allows you to truly enjoy nature.


DIY Micro Camper Van Conversion

This simple video will help you convert your van into a camping shell using simple materials. It will be great for weekend getaways with the family or camping adventures with friends. Follow along with the tutorial and make a micro camper shell; you’ll have to find instructions about everything you need to transform your traditional van into a comfortable mobile home.

Cheap DIY Micro Camper Van

If you love camping or enjoy relaxing moments in nature, this DIY Micro Camper Van is the perfect project. Make unique modifications to your regular van, and turn it into something extraordinary following this tutorial. It will be quite easier to build this camper van with items found around your home and garage, plus surely you'll find it best.

Best DIY Micro Camper Van For Off Road

Make your own army-style DIY camper van following this easier tutorial. It will be great to accommodate the huge size of camping luggage and offer you decent airy sleeping space, so your friends/family can enjoy quality time for many days. This well-equipped camper van will suit you best for off-roading, too, and I hope you'll DIY it.

DIY Micro Camper

DIY Micro Camper

This DIY Micro camper is a unique way to be close to nature while feeling comfortable. With this micro camper, you can enjoy the outdoors with all your family and friends! Perfect for camping or as an extra room in forests, this micro camper has everything you need to stay comfortable. Its sturdy structure will make it useful for years, and I hope you'll admire it.


This custom micro camper idea will be great for turning the old van into a super useful vehicle made of simple materials. We will show you how to maximize the space in your brand-new cargo van by installing custom-built shelving and cubbies. Not only that, this custom design allows for easy entry, making it ideal for those looking for minimalist living.

Tiny Van Conversion Into A Camper

This is a more detailed video on converting your van into a camper. I'm going over exactly how you can build your tiny camper van or tiny house in just a day or two!! It's easy and cheap to do, so if you're looking to save money, this is the place to start!

Easy Bike Camper Tutorial

This camper can be made in just a few hours and is cost-effective. It is a micro one; you can use an emergency homeless shelter as its home. A simple, lightweight camper built to be towed by a bike. Using an existing emergency homeless shelter and combining it with campers creates a micro trailer that can be taken anywhere.

Box Trailer Covert Creation

The box trailer is a small, simple, inexpensive camper for your vehicle. You can turn your tiny truck or SUV into an on-the-go bed and kitchen with only a few minor modifications. The box trailer is great for those who love camping but don't have the space or money to buy a full-size trailer.

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Minimal And Cheap Travel Camper Van

Minimal And Cheap Travel Camper Van

This minimal travel trailer will be perfect if you have a suitable trailer and want more comfort! Small, lightweight, and inexpensive camper. It is easy to install on the roof of your car or SUV. It will be ideal for long journeys.


Easy Camper Plan To Get Organize All The Camping Stuff

Easy Camper Plan To Get Organize All The Camping Stuff

The Recreational Camper Plan is designed to convert your pickup truck into an RV. Build a camper that lets you take off on an adventure whenever possible. This plan sits on the back of your pickup truck and leaves room to sleep in, cook, and store your gear.

You can build this project on two weekends with simple tools and spare parts. This design is great for an affordable vacation and turns any pickup truck with enough space into a camper. You'll start by extending the height of the bed of a pickup truck, then add the necessary plumbing and electrical things.


DIY Camping Trailer Plans Free

DIY Camping Trailer Plans Free

A camping trailer is an excellent option for those who want to camp at a location with no available infrastructure or sleeping places. Creating a camper trailer van is the dream of many people because, unlike the tent and the caravan, this is less stressful and takes less time to set up. It offers a more comfortable way for you to stay overnight. It can also be used for other purposes like family picnics and even for carrying appliances.


Rustic Truck Camper Tutorial

This truck camper is sure to be a hit with the whole family. The rustic design and look are reminiscent of old times while maintaining a modern feel. This is great for those who want to travel with all their amenities while enjoying a camping experience far away from their home base.

It has all the technology of your truck but a beautiful old look. The beautiful wood stain and metal work perfectly balance this camper between beautiful and functional. This awesome truck is perfect for those who want to return to nature but want the convenience of modern-day technology.

How To Make A Truck Camper

This is a very reliable and sturdy truck camper model that you can fit on the back of your pickup for worry-free camping. The frame is made of wood, making it sturdier than just attaching the camper to your truck with a bar. You will have all the time in the campgrounds, even if they happen to be far from civilization. This camper is perfect for anybody who wants to camp but doesn’t want to deal with all the hassle that comes along with it. This truck frame can mount on your pickup truck and then be used as a camper body.

Make Demountable Campers For Trip At Hilly Areas

Make Demountable Campers For Trip At Hilly Areas

Are you looking for a camper? Then this amazing idea will surely be the best option for You. You can make this great DIY camper for your truck. It’s simple, affordable, and durable! All you need are some basic tools and materials. This camper can be taken off your truck by removing the roof, the wall, and the back panels. Large and integral rear doors offer easy access to your belongings from outside. The bold design creates a unique look for your truck and I hope you; admire it.


How To Make Micro Camper Pop-up Roof

Creating a pop-up roof is an amazing way to get extra space in your camper will be fun with this idea. If you have an old van or some other type of vehicle and have a limited budget to create a camper, then this DIY Pop-up roof is perfect! This process requires a skilled technician to do well. This process is not too complicated and should be great for everyone to try.

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DIY Micro Camper Plans

How To Make Teardrop Camper Plans

How To Make Teardrop Camper Plans

Is it time to get your camping trip on? If so, you'll love this awesome teardrop camper. It features a streamlined shape that adds to its aerodynamic nature and is lightweight, making it ideal for setting up on a beach or remote destination quickly and easily. This teardrop-style trailer has all the structural components, including the floor and exterior walls.

You can use framing 2 x 4's to create the bed's platform base and then construct a flat top measuring 6 ft in width and length. This high-quality teardrop camper is perfect for anyone looking to go camping.


Easy To Follow Car Camper Covert Guide

If you love the adventure of camping but do not enjoy carrying a heavy tent and sleeping bag, then car camping may be the right choice for you. This isn't as hard as it sounds and only requires a few supplies to turn your vehicle into a camper. The entire setup acts as a bed and provides space for food preparation or a living room. With plywood and heavy-duty brackets, you can create a table-like platform that folds up nicely in your trunk. This should be large enough to sleep on top with some storage underneath, providing most of the necessities for your trip.

How To Make Van Camper

You should consider buying a camper if you love camping and want to experience the thrill without packing a heavy tent and other camping essentials. This van has everything you need for your next adventure, including additional storage space, lighting, and plenty of power outlets to charge your devices. You also get a foldable table and bed to ensure you are comfy while camping out in the middle of nowhere. The bathroom includes a sink and toilet on the right side of the camper.

With all its utility, it can be quite expensive. You could go for buying an old second-hand van for this purpose but make sure that it is in good condition and has enough storage space to accommodate all your camping gears.

Easy To Tow Small Camper PlanEasy To Tow Small Camper Plan

Do you like camping on your own? Well, this adorable teardrop camper is just what you need. This is a small home away from home; build this for yourself or someone special! You can enjoy the countryside and have private time with family or friends. After all it only takes up a small space in your backyard, and when it is not in use, it can store away easily. This charming small camper plan has everything you need to take out on adventures. It uses plywood, which makes it easy and inexpensive to build.


Vintage Camper Plans

Vintage Camper Plans

This micro camper trailer is the perfect way to start your full-time travel dreams. To build a micro camper, begin with a used cargo trailer. You can customize the footprint with aluminum sides and a lightweight rooftop to your needs. This is a great way to add a camper without breaking the bank if you want more amenities such as electricity and plumbing. It offers plenty of space for a couple and equipment but can still be towed by most vehicles. Using a recycled cargo trailer, aluminum sides, and roofing, you can build the perfect small camper that you can keep in storage until you're ready to hit the road!


Nautical Themed Camper Creation Tutorial

This Nautical-themed Camper is a cool, unique way to kick back and relax. A high skill level is required to pull off this project, but once completed, you will have a one-of-a-kind camper that can be used for all outdoor activities, from camping to fishing. The look of this camper is inspired by ships and sailors who spent their time at sea. The décor inside is also very nautical in style. Beautiful and unique, this camper is made out of wood. It includes a bed, chair, and table. The interior décor will make you feel right at home no matter where you are.

Toxin-free Teardrop Micro Camper Trailer

Toxin-free Teardrop Micro Camper Trailer

A Toxin-free teardrop trailer is a retro lifestyle trailer perfect for traveling around the country. Learn how to make a toxin-free teardrop trailer and experience a more environmentally conscious way of living. It is great for outdoor excursions. It looks small but big in style - with lots of storage space and comfortable seating.

And you can customize the color scheme to suit your unique personality. This DIY project will soon become your new favorite place to relax and refresh your mind. This amazing idea comes with all the materials you need to build your custom trailer. This teardrop trailer is a DIY project that allows you to enjoy the comforts of home on the road.


Easy Micro Camper Idea

Easy Micro Camper Idea

When you need to camp but don't have a luxury camper, make your own by transforming an old trailer into something functional. This Oleum Paint Camper Idea is a great way to repurpose an old trailer and create a new camper. Because this project will take time and cost, you should be prepared to create the frame from plywood and apply black paint to give it a nice, rustic look.


Minimal Traveler Trailer Idea For Campers

Do you want a camper that is easy to travel with and store? If so, this idea is for a Tiny Traveler Camper (Teetonk 315) that uses a lightweight, durable aluminum frame for the roof and has a bed made from recycled cardboard. The Tiny Traveler Trailer Idea is a unique alternative to a full-size camper. It looks the same on the outside, but it is a different story once you open the door. This one is easy to navigate and takes up less than half the space of regular campers, but you still get all the essential features.

Homemade Micro Camper Plan

Homemade Micro Camper Plan 

A camper is a perfect way to add a room or two to your home without remodeling the space. This do-it-yourself micro camper idea uses an old used trailer box, a tent, and some boards. This is a great option to create a roomy place for you and your family to unwind and relax. This homemade camper lets you travel comfortably while adding a touch of luxurious camping. It uses a single axle and has a box that can be accessed from inside the trailer. To create an a-frame, wooden planks can hold the canvas tent, giving it enough space to store things or people.


DIY Micro Camper Ideas for trips

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