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20 DIY Camper Shell Plans For Regular Tourists

Master the art of DIY camper shell building with our easy-to-follow plans! Transform your truck into a super mini portable and mobile house for an adventure-ready haven with these super easier tips & tricks. Follow this amazing series of easier DIY camper shell ideas, and surely thank me later.

When you build a camper shell, your life will change. You'll find yourself planning long outings to take advantage of its comfort. From the smoothness of the ride to the quietness of sleeping outdoors, there's nothing like it. It's not hard to see why camper shells are so popular! This series is for you if you want to build your camper shell. These step-by-step DIY Camper Shell Plans show you how to start from scratch and take you through. This amazing collection covers many impressive and useful camper ideas, from deciding what design is best for your vehicle to choosing the perfect materials, mounting it on your car, and more.

DIY Camper Shell For Truck Plans

DIY Camper Shell Plans

DIY camper shell plans are a great way to save money on a DIY project. Getting a camper shell for your truck is an easy way to add storage and extra sleeping or lounging space. The best part about these shells is that you have many options on what types you can choose from, and it would be much easier if you built one yourself instead of spending a huge amount on them. If you plan to build your camper shell, browse through our step-by-step videos below and get started!

What Is The Best Camper Shell Material?

Selecting the best camper shell material depends on your needs and preferences; some of the most popular materials for camper shells are:

  • Fiberglass: As we know, Fiberglass shells are weather-resistant and provide good insulation, they are also low-maintenance, strong, lightweight, and offer a sleek appearance.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum is considered to be durable, lightweight, and corrosion-resistant, plus a more budget-friendly option compared to fiberglass.
  • Canvas or Vinyl: These materials are used for soft camper shells, which are lightweight and easy to install or remove; they are generally more affordable than hard shells but offer less security or insulation.

Ultimately, the best material for your camper shell will depend on your budget, insulation needs, security requirements, and aesthetic preferences.

DIY Camper Shell For Truck

DIY Truck Camper

If you're a fan of camping and want to accommodate max luggage and other stuff during trips, adding this surprisingly useful camper shell to your vehicle will surely be the best option. It looks quite cool because it is the genuine body of your vehicle and can be used for simple households after camping season too.


Custom Wooden Truck Camper

Custom Wooden Truck Camper

Here we came with a custom wooden truck camper to make your camping experience more fun and enjoy the benefits of trips and picnics away from home. You can keep all your essentials and make a mini home-like environment on the back cabin of your vehicle following this amazing camper shell creation idea.


Homemade Wooden Truck Camper Shell

Homemade Wooden Pickup Truck Camper Shell

Pickup trucks are mostly the most used vehicles nowadays cause of the storage option they offer and their fuel economic features. We also introduce the homemade wooden camper shell for pickup truck idea here. It will be fun to provide decent embellishments to your truck, so you'll not have to disassemble it after camping season, and this camper shell will also help you in your normal working routine.


Easy Wooden Truck Topper

Wooden Truck Topper

Camping is always fun, but if you have the proper gear and all the facilities, then it becomes more enjoyable. This superb wooden camper shell will be your favorite option for camping needs. Especially if you have kids and much more other stuff to keep along, this camper shell will be a blessing for you.


No Welding Truck Camper

No Eelding Truck Camper

Welding is a difficult task, and most DIYers are not into it; that's why here we would like to show you a simple but unique no-welding camper shell for trucks. It will be your damn favorite camper shell idea, and trust me, you will thank me in the comment below after trying this excellent project.



Easy Truck Bed Camper Build

Get ready to explore the world with this unique and exciting DIY camper truck bed built into the ultimate camper getaway. You can turn the back of your vehicle into a cozier bed where you can rest and spend the night easily and cozily, so without being rushed into the expensive hotel reservation, pack your luggage and head on to your dream tour because your nights can be comfier with this amazingly suitable truck bed camper's creation.

DIY Camper Shell Plan

DIY Camper Shell Plan

This super unique camper shell is designed for use with a pickup truck. It can be strapped down to your vehicle's tailgate so that you can easily take it on and off. The builder chose two full-size doors and an optional full-size window that folds down when you need extra light or ventilation inside your home away from home. A beginner can do this project, but it will require some basic knowledge of tools and materials. The camper features many windows, an opening door, and sliding window covers.


Make A Pickup Camper Shell

This simple step-by-step guide will show you how to easily build a pickup camper shell at home. The tutorial has easy-to-follow instructions and clear pictures, which allow you to replicate the best available camper shell design at home. You'll start by choosing your truck and need a DIY Camper shell trailer bed and basic tools to start your project. Our amazing video tutorial will guide you along the creation and features time-lapse construction footage to help you see how the process is done in real life.

DIY Camper Shell For Trucks

DIY Camper Shell For Trucks

Follow this amazing video tutorial and start your journey towards a one-of-a-kind, self-built camper shell today! With this comprehensive guide, you'll learn to transform your trusty truck into a road-ready mobile heaven without breaking the bank. Whether you're a seasoned road tripper or a weekend warrior, our step-by-step instructions will make your camper shell dreams a reality. It will be way better than the store-bought camper shells, and many more customizing options will make it everyone's first choice.


DIY Camper Shell For Truck

This superb DIY camper shell will best add a bedroom with a door and locks to your simple, boring vehicle. It will be an easy-going project that can be completed in a garage for $800. It'll be a perfect heaven for truck owners who want to add something special to their vehicles. This camper is also perfect because it is airtight, so there is no chance for the rain and snow to come in a while camping in severe atmospheres plus, there is an added door lock, so you can sleep inside and feel safe. This easy-to-build camper can be installed greatly on any vehicle; you need some basic tools and the ability to assemble them yourself.

Overland Truck Camper Shell

Our easy and unique DIY Truck Camper Shell creation tutorial is best to guide you through the entire build. If you want to make a truck camper shell or know how it works, we'll help you thoroughly in this tutorial. This amazing idea shows how to create the best DIY truck camper shell, and I hope you find it useful too. We're breaking down the project into four parts so you can see each build stage from start to finish.

Lightweight DIY Truck Camper Shell

Lightweight DIY Truck Camper Shell

Building a camper shell is not rocket science, but if you follow the guidelines properly and use the well-suited material, you can build the perfect truck camper shell. You'll surely find this idea useful if you're a beginner and haven't tried making camper shells before. Follow along with the expert Diyer as he works, and surely you'll end up in a superb camper shell made with your hands. Some points to keep in mind are.

  • The weight of your truck matters a lot, and if it is more than the recommended weight, you run into trouble later when you try to register your newly built camper shell.
  • Material to use must be bought with low cost in mind.

But If you'd like a slightly more deluxe option than this one and are okay with spending a bit more, check out the other DIY camper shells featured on the site.


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Homemade DIY Camper Shell

This camper shell is made from wood and has a very spacious interior. It contains up to two people; one will have their own bed space while the other can stand or sit on the stool provided. Or they can pull out an extension panel underneath the bed to form a second sleeping spot. The camper contains a storage unit under the bed to store cooking supplies or personal items like clothing. There is also a small electrical spot where you can plug in your phone, lanterns, or other items to charge them easily with a USB port.

Side Opening DIY Camper Shell

Side Opening DIY Camper Shell

Experience the joy of a camper shell that combines stability with a roomy interior for a cozy, comfortable living space to help you along for longer trips. This amazing camper shell maximizes functionality and space efficiency with a built-in bed and a roll-out storage unit. The camper's inviting wide door and expansive windows ensure abundant natural light that brightens your home away from home. Use the versatile storage unit to house everything from food to essential supplies. This delightful camper shell project is a fantastic endeavor for beginners and seasoned experts, offering a rewarding and engaging experience.


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DIY Micro Camper Shell

In our super exciting camper shell creation tutorial, you'll see how to make an innovative and cozy living on the go. You'll learn how to transform your trusty truck into a charming, personalized heaven designed to fuel your travel list. You can easily make this camper shell with expert guidance and step-by-step visuals. So, get your tools and ignite your creativity with this extraordinary DIY micro camper shell you will want to take advantage of!

DIY Camper Shell Storage

Get ready for an awesome adventure with our super cool DIY Camper Shell Storage video. Watch how clever ideas and neat organization help turn your camper into a storage wonderland. Our fun tutorial, with helpful tips and easy-to-follow pictures, will show you how to improve your road trips. So, grab your tools, spark your imagination, and join us on this exciting storage journey. So you'll see your camper shell in a whole new light!

Build A Truck Bed Camper For Under $400

Build A Truck Bed Camper Under $400

There is no doubt that a truck bed camper can be expensive, but you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to get a decent unit. If you are willing to do some work and use some common materials, you can build a solid camper for under $400. This amazing DIY guide will help you build a camper that is not bulky but simple and easy to assemble. The process involves using plywood and its components to create drawers, beds, mattresses, and everything necessary for camping out in the wild.


Truck Bed Camper Tiny House

Create your truck bed camper and make it uniquely yours by adding personal touches. This DIY truck bed camper tutorial is easy to follow and can modify depending on your needs. It also includes materials & hardware lists, so you have everything within reach before you start. This project requires a Kreg Jig, a miter saw, a 3D printer with an air nailer, and a few other items like a glue bottle. This is a great guide that anyone can use to make their own cool DIY truck bed camper.

How To Build A Camper Shell

This camper shell can easily detach and attach back to the back of your truck or any other truck you need to transport. The great thing about this camper shell is that it is best to withstand all seasons. Being built out of wood and white paint, this is an easy project to start with if you want to build a camper shell or keep it as your favorite home on wheels. You can enhance the size of this superb camper without any problem, depending on how much space you want inside.

DIY Camper Shell Plan

Camper Plan

This homemade camper cover is a good project for people with trucks who want to make a protective travel cover. It gives comfort and safety to the inside of the truck. But, it takes a lot of time to make and only fits on strong trucks. Only someone who knows much about fixing cars and has patience should try this. The person who made it has shared their story, drawings, and pictures of how they did it; follow this amazing DIY camper and have fun.


DIY Camper Shell Plans

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