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14 DIY Soil Blocker Plans For Growing Seedlings

If you love gardening, or you're just starting out on your green journey, then these amazing DIY soil blocker plans will surely be a decent option for you to try. They will be helpful in germinating the little seeds and assist you a lot in growing seedlings at home.

Soil Block Maker

DIY Soil Blocker Plans 1

With these soil blocker plans, you can turn the fertilized soil into blocks and put seeds that will grow far faster than sowing in lawns and other locations.

DIY Soil Blocker

DIY Soil Blocker

Make super cute smaller-sized soil blocks for germinating the seeds and help you boost your gardening experience following this easier idea. It will be a great addition to your gardening equipment, and I hope you'll find it useful.

You'll need the given materials:

  • Soil Blocking Tool
  • Soil Blocking Mix
  • Soil Blocking Trays

Making: Mix your special soil with warm water in a big container until it's like soft putty. Press your block-making tool into the soil multiple times until full. Scrape off any extra. Put your tool on the tray with holes pushed down to release blocks. If not right, throw it back into the soil and try again. Put 1-2 seeds in the tiny hole at the top of each block. Keep the environment good for your seeds, and wait for them to become seedlings!


Affordable And Sustainable Soil Block Maker

Affordable And Sustainable Seed Starting With Fiskars Soil Block Maker

Soil blocking is a process of creating compressed blocks of soil, which serve as a growing medium for seedlings, instead of using expensive, non-eco-friendly propagation trays or pots.

To make soil blocks, you'll need:

  • Compost
  • Coir (Coconut)
  • Perlite
  • Reusable container
  • Cardboard box
  • Fiskars Soil Block Maker

To make these soil blocks you'll need two parts coconut coir, a handful of perlite, and 1 part compost (with optional fertilizer) to make the soil blocks. Once the blocks are formed using the soil block maker, they are placed in a cardboard box till they're ready to be transplanted.

The benefits of using a soil block maker include:

  • Simpler Transplanting
  • Lower Waste
  • Cost-efficient & Eco-friendly
  • Healthier Seedlings


How To Make Soil Blocks

Soil Blocking Tried And True Seed Starting Tech

Making the soil blocks is an excellent gardening innovation that fosters strong root growth, promoting healthier, more resilient seedlings and paving the way to a culmination of lush, vibrant growth in your garden. If you also want to make them, get the following materials on hand and follow the simplest process given below.

  • Soil block mix (can personalize based on the seeds you plan to grow)
  • Soil blocker (handheld or stand option)
  • Seed tray
  • Seeds to plant

Begin with the making process:

  • Prepare your preferred soil block mix.
  • Use the soil blocker to compress the mix into a block shape. If using DIY materials, fill them with the mix and press the soil to create the blocks.
  • Use the release lever to remove the blocks from the soil blocker or push the soil blocks out of your improvised molds.
  • Arrange the soil blocks in the seed tray.
  • Plant your seeds in the blocks.
  • Place the tray in a location that provides suitable conditions for seed growth.


Supplies Needed For Soil Blocking

Supplies Needed For Soil Blocking

Make your own soil blocks at home by following this easier guide. It's made of iron and surely great to help you make soil blocks for seed germination.

Following Materials Required:

  • Soil blocking mix
  • Soil Blocker Tool
  • Trays

Making Method:

  1. To start off, soak the soil-blocking mix in water. The mixture should have the consistency of peanut butter. There are different types of mixes available. Use the one that suits you the best.
  2. Take your soil blocker tool and push it down into the wet soil mix. Twist the tool slightly to ensure the blocks hold their shape.
  3. Release the blocks onto a tray by pushing up the tool's handle. You now have perfect little blocks ready to sow your seeds.
  4. Plant your seeds, and you are done.


How To Turn A Soup Can Into DIY Soil Block Maker

These blocks are made out of soup cans or anything with a 3″ x 5″ opening, including beans and other canned products. There’s no need to turn the can inside out. Cut off the top of the can and use an Exacto knife to shave away the rim. Voila! You can grow veggies and herbs on your windowsill or in a terrarium. These are great for small pots, hanging baskets, and larger containers. You only need a hammer, wire cutters, and a grinder/file.

Making Mini Soil Blocker

Making a Mini Soil Blocker

This soil blocker is a simple tool, though it requires much space and time. Its main benefit is that you can grow more plants in less space with fewer resources by making smaller planting blocks. This mini tumbler is easy to make and can incubate soil blocks. They are an alternative to growing plants in traditional pots because they’re less root-bound and can save water by allowing it to evaporate at the surface of the block. They’re also ideal for situations where you want to grow more than one plant in a small space with limited nutrients.


DIY Soil Blocker

Soil Blocker

The Soil Blocker is a handy device that makes it easy to make your self-supporting seedlings. It takes compost tubs and turns them into self-supporting blocks suitable for sowing seedlings. When you are ready to plant up, just cut the block to the size your plants require and place it into its final resting place, ready for planting!


In this video, you'll learn how to use a soil blocker to make your soil blocks for seedlings. For decades, growers have been using soil blocks for many uses. From germinating seeds to transplanting small plants into the garden, you will find that soil blocks are a fun and easy way to get the desired results! This video will show how easy it is to use soil blocker tools to make your seed starting mix - from scratch!

How To Make A Soil Blocker

How to Make a Soil block plan

A soil blocker is an inexpensive way to plant seeds and start plants. This device will allow you to make soil blocks of the size of your choosing. It is lightweight, easy to assemble, and requires no maintenance between uses. This guide is best for making your soil blocker. You can build these at home easily and cheaply and have them ready to plant in the garden whenever needed.


With a soil block maker like this, you can make beautiful blocks of ready-made potting soil in your home. With just a few simple clay blocks and some water, you can create an eco-friendly food garden using the same ingredients found in organic compost. And it's never been easier than with our brand new Soil Block Maker!

Making Soil Blockers With PVC

Soil block maker

The Soil Blocker is a simple tool used to make small soil blocks, commonly used in hydroponics. Small plants and herbs grow particularly well in them, retaining moisture and providing the roots with plenty of airflow. If you want to try something new, you can use them at home or take them on the road.


The soil blocker maker are the perfect tool for creating custom soil block sizes and shapes. You can easily create small soil containers using pantyhose, a capillary mat, and a cloth diaper. These are perfect for containers with limited space. They are also great for greenhouse seedlings or test plants because they can be easily removed from the main growing container to transplant into larger pots or the garden after they have grown large enough. In addition, these save you money by eliminating unnecessary potting soil purchases.

DIY Soil Blocker Plans

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