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10 DIY Terrarium Ideas For Making Indoor Green Masterpieces

Terrariums, or mini indoor gardens, are fun and easy to make. They add a touch of nature to your space and are very beautiful. A terrarium is a clear container filled with small plants. It's like having a tiny jungle that you can keep inside your house. The best part? You can make your super DIY terrarium even more beautiful than the decorations you buy from the store. Let me share some DIY terrarium ideas with you.

Best DIY Terrarium Ideas

DIY Terrarium Ideas

Creating your DIY terrarium is a creative and rewarding experience. You can make a terrarium that perfectly matches your taste and the style of your home. All you need is a few materials and a bit of time. Plus, there's something very special about creating something with your own hands. We have a list of ideas for you to choose from to help you create a terrarium that is as unique and beautiful as you want it to be.

Modern DIY Terrariums

Modern DIY Terrariums

To make a modern terrarium, mix interesting designs and plant choices for a fashionable look. You'll need air plants, clear glass jars with a wooden bottom, paint, little disco balls, and mini flamingos. First, paint fun patterns (like crosses, wavy lines, or dots) on the wood to make it look up-to-date. Next, put the air plants inside and add eye-catching decorations like small disco balls or flamingos. This project creates a stylish, attention-grabbing terrarium that looks great in any room.


Beautiful DIY Terrarium In 3 Easy Steps

Beautiful Diy Terrarium In 3 Easy Steps

Create a lovely DIY Terrarium with these three simple steps. First, combine the drainage and dirt layer with small stones and plant charcoal. This helps stop bacteria and mold from growing. Add just enough damp soil for your plants. Next, pick the right plants for your terrarium. If it will be in a closed container, use ferns or moss as they like more wetness. If it’s open, use succulents or cacti that prefer less moisture.

Lastly, add things like pretty stones or branches to make your terrarium look good. Arrange them until you're happy with how your tiny indoor garden looks. With a little care, your terrarium will stay nice and healthy with hardly any work.


DIY Terrarium Globe From Embroidery Hoop

Embroidery Hoop Diy Terrarium Globe

Turn an easy-to-find embroidery hoop into a homemade Terrarium Globe. This fun project can be done following some simple steps. You will need things like embroidery hoops, copper paint, a foam brush, crafting wire, and plants. It's suggested to use fake succulents.

Start by putting together your hoop shape. Use the outer and inner hoops and glue them in a certain way with clear glue. Next, paint the hoop with two coats of copper paint. Once it’s dry, twist a piece of copper wire around the base to make a place to put the moss and the succulents. For a steady base, stick the moss and fake succulents in with glue. There you go; your terrarium globe is now ready. You can hang it with a leather strap or string or put it on a table for a pretty indoor garden decoration.


DIY Lantern Terrarium

DIY Lantern Terrarium

A DIY Lantern Terrarium is a cool way to add plants to your house, even if you're not great at looking after them. For this project, you'll need a candle lantern, gold spray paint, Spanish moss, small river stones, fake succulents, and wire cutters.

First, carefully remove the glass from the lantern and spray it lightly with gold paint. When it's dry, put the glass back in and put a layer of Spanish moss on the bottom. Next, place the fake succulents, using a good mix of different shapes, colors, and sizes. Try to have one taller plant at the back to fill the space. If you need to, use wire cutters to snip off extra wire. Finish off with river stones around the plants to help them stay in place and hide any wires that show. Now, you can enjoy your easy-to-look-after plants in their new, stylish home!


DIY Fairy Garden Terrarium

DIY Fairy Garden Terrarium

Making a DIY Fairy Garden Terrarium is a fun project that adds a bit of charm to your house. First, get your terrarium container ready. This can be a pot, bowl, or large jar. Start with a layer of small stones and then fill it with dirt. Dampen some moss and put it on top. You can shape the dirt and moss to look like little hills.

Next, build a tiny house using a small garden pot, popsicle sticks, and a button. After you've put it together, cover the pot with small stones to make it look like a stone house. Add a roof using more popsicle sticks and moss, and make a friendly sign out of popsicle sticks. You can give your terrarium more character by adding small extras, like a bench made from a popsicle stick and stone or a banner made from scrapbook paper. Lastly, place your little succulent plants and other decorations. The best thing about this project is that you can change it with the seasons, making it a decoration you can use all year.


How To Make A Terrarium

How To Make A Terrarium

Making a terrarium is an easy process with a few steps and needs some materials. You need a clear glass jar, small stones, plant charcoal, dirt, plants, and optionally, larger stones and moss. First, pick a jar and put a layer of small stones at the bottom for water to drain. Then, add a layer of plant charcoal to keep the terrarium healthy.

Next, put in a layer of dirt, then your chosen plants. It's important to pick plants that fit the size of your jar and the light where you'll put the terrarium. You can use larger stones and moss to make it look nice and direct the plants' growth. Once you've put it all together, the terrarium should be damp, with water about halfway up the stones at the bottom. A light spray with water now and then is also a good idea to keep the terrarium in good shape.


How To Make An Air Plant Terrarium

How To Make An Air Plant indoor

Making an Air Plant Terrarium is a fun and easy way to keep air plants or 'Tillandsias.' You start by putting sand or small aquarium stones in a clear glass jar that allows lots of air to move around. Then you add nice-looking items like colorful stones, fancy rocks or bits of wood for extra beauty, and place the air plants in it. You can make simple terrarium designs or more complex ones, depending on what you like. To keep the plants healthy, you need to soak them in water once a week, put them in bright light, and give them water mixed with a little plant food every two weeks when growing. It's a handy and enjoyable indoor plant project.


Terrarium Sand

Easy to make plant Sand

Making a Moss Terrarium or Mossarium allows you to highlight moss in a closed jar. Here are simple steps to do it. Choose a glass jar with a lid or a small opening to retain moisture. Put in a layer of stuff like a mixture of tropical plants and some charcoal. Then, add nice-looking things like rocks or driftwood. Get your moss ready by soaking it and cleaning it, then put it in the jar, gently squishing it into the soil.

You can add more good-looking things like spiderwood branches or shiny rocks to make it more interesting. Also, put in little creatures like springtails to make your mossarium alive and help break down old plant matter. Lastly, spritz the jar with clean water to avoid harm from chemicals. Take care of your Moss Terrarium by keeping it humid, not going overboard with sunlight, preventing too much heat, and trimming it if you need


How To Make A DIY Bottle Terrarium

How To Make A Bottle plant

Making a DIY Bottle Terrarium means turning a glass or plastic bottle into a nice, green space that's good for the planet. First, think about if you want a closed or open terrarium. Closed ones are good for tropical plants that like wetness, and open ones let more air in. Next, pick plants that do well in heat and wetness, don't grow too much, and are easy to put in. When putting it together, use a funnel or a bent piece of paper to guide materials and tweezers or chopsticks to place the plants. Your Bottle Terrarium will show off your creative talent and how much you care about the environment.



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