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18 DIY Deer Feeder Plans For Wild Life

As we know deer feeders are an inexpensive and easy way to attract deer/ elk and other wild animals to your property. If you've ever wondered how to build a deer feeder these DIY Deer Feeder Plans are just what you need. Easy-to-follow instructions will allow you to create a feeder to please the local wildlife and you.

Useful DIY Deer Feeder Plans

DIY Deer Feeder

Here are some easy DIY deer feeder plans to help you build your deer feeder. Deer are naturally curious, and once they learn the location of their food source, they will often return to it day after day. By building a gravity feeder yourself, you can place it anywhere, even off the ground or in trees and away from other animals. Learn how to build a DIY deer feeder for year-round enjoyment.

These DIY deer feeder plans will show you how to create a gravity-fed, deer-specific feeder that won’t break the bank. We’ve included detailed instructions for every step of the process and a companion video to help take you from planning to installation!

Advantages Of Having Deer Feeders In Your Backyard

Making your deer feeders is a rewarding project that offers many advantages:

  • Support the local deer population by providing a reliable food source.
  • Customize the feeder to fit your needs and preferences.
  • Save money by using available materials or repurposing items.
  • Enjoy up-close wildlife viewing by attracting deer to your property.
  • Help deer survive harsh weather conditions when natural food is scarce.
  • Teach children about wildlife, responsibility, and compassion through a fun project.
  • Experience the satisfaction of creating something useful and eco-friendly.

Best DIY Deer Feeder Automatic

This amazing deer feeder is a great way to keep deer from eating your garden. It also helps attract more deer to your property. I will show you how to make the best DIY deer feeder automatic following this amazing video tutorial. It’s affordable, simple, and a lot of fun!

DIY Deer Feeder Trough

How To Build A Trough-Style Deer Feeder

As a hunter, you know that access to natural food is critical for keeping deer healthy. This feeder allows you to deliver your food and water supplies with minimal effort. This low profile and simple feeder design make it easy to set up and maintain so you can spend more time hunting.


DIY Deer Feeder With Roof

DIY Deer Feeder 1

A DIY deer feeder with a roof can help keep your free-choice feeder dry and debris-free while preventing snow from covering the feed. It is so easy to make and the best feeder you have ever tried and I hope you'll love it!


DIY Deer Feeder Trough

DIY Deer Feeder Trough

This amazing DIY Deer Feeder Trough plan will be great for being part of your deer habitat to feed and enjoy eating freely. You can customize this deer feeder trough to look like a real trough bucket. At that point, you can place it on the ground and put a few gallons of corn in it, then watch as deer approach it to eat.


Cheap DIY Deer Feeder

If you want to build your DIY deer feeder and want to know how to do it easily because of the lack of money we are here to help. This is what we have for you. It’s a great way to attract deer, especially during hunting season!

DIY Deer Feeder PVC

DIY Deer Feeder PVC

Make a deer feeding station with PVC pipe and a feeder portion. It is a quick and simple project that will be accessible to the entire family. This cheap homemade deer feeder will delight you and your family as you watch the cute animals enjoy this delicious treat. It's the easiest DIY project that takes only a few minutes to build and costs less than $10.


DIY Deer Feeder Hanger

This is a way to feed your deer in a natural setting while being able to hang your feeder out safely away from the dog and human feet. This feeder can be hung from a tree, post, or fixed object. The deer will come by and nudge the tin can hanging from the bottom of the bucket, causing it to rock back and forth. As a result, some of the feed inside will spill out over time and attract deer.


55 Gallon DIY Deer Feeder

Deer feeders are a great way to keep deer away from your home and other areas on your property. This simple DIY deer feeder is easy to make and can be customized in several ways to fit your needs. The video will show you how to build a DIY deer feeder using a 55-gallon barrel and metal legs. Put this in your yard to help during hunting season, and come back in a few days to see if hungry deer have stolen it! This feeder is ideal for small enclosures and areas where you want to attract wildlife but prevent damage to property and vegetation.

Make A Deer Feeder From Wood

Make A Deer Feeder From Wood

This wooden box deer feeder will give you years of joy as you watch your deer and other wildlife pop in and out of the lid. It has a storage bin that drops food down to a below-ground level so that animals can easily eat without having food on the ground. Made with pine or cedar, you can choose a painting finish that matches your home. The wooden box plan features a removable lid to fill the storage bin easily, and fresh food falls as the animal eats from the bottom.


Homemade DIY Deer Feeder

This feeder is a little more old-school but works great for the deer. You can make this yourself and enjoy watching deer feast on your homemade feeder. You can use an old drum to make it; I hope you find it useful. It can be used as a feeding station or water station, or both! You can also put it at the bottom of your garden to protect it from big animals like deer.

Homemade Deer Feeder Plan

Homemade Deer Feeder Plan

The Covered Deer Feeder is a high-quality and durable wild game feeder that allows for effortless feeding for five deer simultaneously. The sturdy tray is built to last with a galvanized steel bottom and a polycarbonate top and front and side access doors. While it holds up to 300 pounds of feed, it takes only 10 minutes to fill the hopper from the front access door, thanks to its convenient sliding window design.


DIY Deer Feeder Barrel

Build a DIY deer feeder for your backyard to help attract wildlife and feed the local deer population. This 55-gallon barrel deer feeder is easy to make and greatly adds to your landscape. Learn how to cut holes in the sides of your barrel to make a trough for filling with food and water.

Five Gallon Deer Feeder Plan

Five gallon Feeder

This easy-to-make feeder is perfect for hanging in your backyard or wildlife plot. It can also complement several other five-gallon bucket accessories, such as the cover and misters. This feeder is sized well for deer and other small animals. The feeder can be hung above the ground, allowing accessibility by even the smallest animals.


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DIY Deer Blind Plans: Making a DIY deer blind can be a smart approach to your hunting experience; it helps you to create effective deer blind plans that are easy to set up and durable for the long run.

DIY Deer Feeder Plastic Barrel

This video will show you how to make a cheap, low-maintenance deer feeder that works well in dry areas. You can make this out of a plastic barrel with a few pieces of PVC pipe and PVC connectors. This design is best for households who live in areas with very little rainfall. You'll need to do some woodwork and have some plumbing skills, but you can build this for less than $20!

Best DIY Deer FeederBest Feeder idea

Placing a downspout on a tree makes a great homemade deer feeder looking for an inexpensive and easy way to feed your deer. The plan includes detailed instructions and diagrams for a high-quality down spout deer feeder that attracts deer without drawing deer too near your home or garden.


DIY Pipe Feeder PVC

The PVC pipe feeder is easy to make and affordable. It'll last for years and help you attract deer to your land. Simple yet effective, what more could you ask for?  This feeder can be made in the backyard with simple tools and standard PVC fittings at your local hardware store.

Easy Deer Feeder Plan To Attract Deer

Easy Feeder To Attract wild animals

This heavy-duty deer feeder has proven to be an effective way to help keep your local deer herd healthy and strong. Its large capacity only needs refilling every 5-6 days, making it easy to set up and fill.  This will help keep your deer well-fed from late fall through early spring before the grass grows again on your property.


Make A Deer Feeder From PVC

Make A Feeder From PVC

If you don’t have access to a large enough garden plot to make your deer feeder, this project is for you. You can build a PVC deer feeder using a PVC pipe that is 6 inches in diameter, and it’s pretty easy to build compared to many other homemade deer feeder designs. This PVC deer feeder holds up to 24 pounds of corn in one feeder, so you won’t have to refill it daily.


DIY Deer Feeder Plans


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