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8 DIY Trap Bar Ideas For Squats And Deadlifts

If you're passionate about home workouts and DIY projects, creating your trap bar can be an exciting venture. This list is full of easier and amazingly useful ideas to help you make a trap bar for yourself and add to your commercial gym, too!

Best DIY Trap Bar Ideas

You can go with multiple amazing ideas like making a trap bar from iron/ steel pipes that'll surely be best for long-lasting use. Or use any of the repurposed wood available around to turn into a hexagonal/ h-shaped trap bar in no time.

What Is A Trap Bar?

A Trap Bar is a great piece of homemade, exercise equipment that you can use for strength training and muscle building. It has a unique 'H' or diamond shape, which is different from a regular barbell and will surely be a great option for squat training and muscle building too.

Benefits Of Having A Trap Bar

A trap bar, also known as a hex bar, provides many benefits for fitness enthusiasts and athletes.

  • First and foremost, it can reduce the risk of injury because it encourages a more upright position in exercises like deadlifts. The center of gravity is shifted, leading to less stress on the lower back compared to traditional barbells. You get the same muscle activation and strength benefits but with a reduced risk of harm.
  • Furthermore, a trap bar can enhance grip strength, a key component for many athletic performances. Lastly, it's versatile, allowing you to perform various exercises such as shrugs, farmer's walks, and jumps, not just deadlifts.

Our Homemade Trap Deadlift Bar is a fantastic and cost-effective solution for weightlifters! Made of robust materials and fully welded, this bar is capable of supporting a massive load. Not only does its sturdy construction offer a safe, high-performance workout experience, but it also saves you money compared to conventional alternatives.

Materials Need:

  • 3 by 3 Square Steel Tubing
  • Iron Pipe
  • Welding Tools

This amazing DIY trap bar/hex bar embeds simplicity and effectiveness right in your hands; it's ideal for performing deadlifts and squats and almost every gym lover's favorite.


Homemade DIY Trap Bar

The History Of The Trap Bar

Making this trap bar at home is simple and saves money. This strong and basic bar fits all your strength training requirements. It is not only beneficial but also provides a personal touch to your gym gear due to its easy design.


Trap Bar Hex Bar

Trap Bar Hex Bar Shopping Guide

Tise Trap Bar, also known as a Hex Bar, is a handy fitness tool for your home gym. It's shaped like a hexagon, letting you step inside to lift it. This design helps lessen the strain on your back while doing deadlifts or squats.


Make A Trap Bar Deadlift Rig

Made A Trap Bar Deadlift Rig

Create a trap bar deadlift rig that is economical and simple. You need wooden strips, dowels, and some weight. The weight could be bags of sand or cement. You can assemble by joining the wooden pieces into a hexagonal form and installing dowels as handles. Then load your weights & you're ready to lift!

Materials Needed:

  • Wooden Stripes
  • Wooden Boards
  • Nails
  • Screws
  • Concrete Mix Bags

Tools Required:

  • Circular Saw
  • Drill


DIY Trap Bar Jack


The DIY Trap Bar Jack is a handy tool for lifting closed, non-rackable trap bars. It's simple to use, making your weights easier to lift and lower. The trap bar jack is perfect for those who want to maximize their home gym workouts safely.

Materials Need:

  • 6ft 1x8
  • 6ft 2x4
  • ye birch plywood
  • 2.5-inch wood screws
  • 2-inch lag screws
  • W washers
  • EarlyAmerican wood stain
  • Black spray paint

Tools Needed:

  • Dewalt sliding miter saw
  • Dewalt cordless drill
  • Dewalt impact driver
  • Dewalt 20v random orbit sander sander
  • Countersink drill bit
  • Socket adapter for drill
  • 7/16 socket
  • Router and table
  • Wood Clamp set
  • ¾ Forstner bit
  • Digital Caliper
  • Digital Angle Finder Ruler
  • ¼ inch round over bit
  • Glowforge 3D laser printer


DIY Open Trap Bar

This DIY Open Trap Bar is a budget-friendly gym tool excellent for performing deadlifts, especially by beginners. Known for its straightforward construction, this unique trap enhances your workout routine while also promoting safety. Made to be convenient and effective, it is the perfect addition to your home gym. Its open design and affordable making truly set it apart, and this amazing video tutorial is going to help you throughout the making.

Most Rare Trap Bar Exercises

Our amazing video will guide you about the most secret and rare exercises and training done by bodybuilders.

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