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18 DIY Wind Chime Ideas For Hanging Decorations

Wind chimes make gorgeous additions to your garden or front yard, and their beautiful sound can add a soothing and peaceful addition to your outside space. Whether it’s your garden or backyard, the relaxing sounds of wind chimes will make any living space seem more like home. You can hang them from a tree or use a wall hanging stand to display multiple wind chimes in one location. Plus, adding a beautiful and peaceful sound of chimes adds to the beauty of your outdoor space. If you want to make wind chime crafts, here are some easy-to-follow DIY wind chime ideas that will help get you started.

DIY Wind Chime Ideas

DIY Wind Chime Ideas

Wind chimes are a great way to decorate your garden and add a unique touch. They also add beauty and interest to your garden or deck. Indoors or outdoors, they will make you smile. Wind chimes come in various supplies and designs; they can be made from all sorts of materials, and we want to share some ideas with you for those who want to make their wind chime. The materials include crystal, glass, brass, copper, and wood, while the designs can be traditional or contemporary in style. They can also be hung from trees or on rafters in your backyard to bring breezes indoors.

There are countless ways to add a little nature to your home, and DIY wind chimes are one of our favorites. Here are some fantastic DIY wind chime ideas for all skill levels. From simple plans for kids to advanced projects for adults, you’re sure to find some inspiration that fits your style. You can easily make a chime with items you have lying around the house or even use repurposed materials. And it’s so easy to tie two or more different colors together in a single chime that each wind chime frame will look unique.

Lid Wind Chime Summer Craft

DIY Canning Lid Wind Chime

This DIY canning lid wind chime is great for repurposing old lids and creating a unique gift for your family or friends. It's a simple project that requires only a few supplies and adds a rustic charm to any porch or patio. Finishing touches on canning lids can add a special crafty personality to your homemade canned goods. For example, a bit of glitter and ribbon is a great way to use old mason jar lids that no longer have any functional purpose. The options are endless for how you want to decorate your chimes—so get creative!


Modern Wind Chimes For Tree

Modern DIY Wind Chimes

We created several aluminium design shapes to ensure a modern flair and unique aesthetic. These allow for wind to pass through and create a subtle rumbling noise that is truly unique. Try them out in your backyard area with a few wine glasses, or use them inside on the patio to create an elegant ambience before dinner. This design will be best for years of enjoyment, made of aluminium and powder coated in a semi-gloss black finish.


DIY Wind Chime With Aluminium Cans

Upcycled Aluminum Can and Silverware Wind Chime

Upcycled aluminum and silverware wind chime is a fun and economical craft project to make for anyone who loves recycling old materials. This easy DIY project is perfect for anyone with a creative spirit. The upcycled wind chimes are made from an aluminum can, including the food, drink, tableware labels, and old silverware collected from your kitchen drawers and cabinets around the house. This project is for you if you enjoy making crafts out of your old junk drawer!


DIY Wind Chimes Copper Pipe

DIY Copper Wind Chimes

Enjoy the harmony of wind chimes while you relax or welcome the soothing sound after a long day. This project provides an easy-to-build structure and design that you can customize to your liking. This copper wind chime project is an easy DIY project that can be completed in one afternoon. The first part of the material list will include pipe fittings, a base, and a windcatcher if you want to create more sounds. Copper pipe, glue, tape, and nails are also needed.


DIY Moon Curve Wind Chime

DIY Moon Phase Wind Chime

These DIY moon phase wind chimes are a beautiful decoration for your home. Choose from various bead colors to create a look that suits your style. Add a touch of celestial inspiration to your home with these DIY Moon Phase Wind Chimes. Crafted from beads, clay, and twine, they aren’t too loud but beautiful! Choose your favorite colors for the moon phases and bead colors to create a unique look. With one DIY kit, you can make one set of wind chimes at a time, making it easy to swap out colors or share with others.


Indoor Paper Wind Chimes For Home Decor

These unique paper wind chimes look great in any room and can be displayed indoors or outside! A fun and easy craft project that even children can make, these chimes are made from colorful washi tape and make a lovely wall hanging for any kids' bedroom or nursery. Using simple instructions, you can turn old magazines and newspapers into these fun chimes that create a cool rippling sound when the breeze comes through the windows.

Suncatcher Wind Chimes

Nature Suncatcher DIY Wind Chimes

Bring the beauty of nature into your home by creating a DIY wind chime with your kids. Encourage them to take part in all aspects of the project, from picking out flowers to applying contact paper, learning about plants, and creating their very own unique design. Take them outside to gather materials, then decorate their chime with nature’s beauty. This DIY wind chime is the perfect way to welcome spring.


Beaded Wind Chimes DIY

DIY Beaded Wind Chimes

Create beautiful and stylish wind chimes with this easy-to-follow beaded DIY tutorial. The beaded wind chimes perfectly blend modern design and rustic materials. These beaded wind chimes are so easy to make. You’ll need driftwood, beading thread, a drill, and various colors of beads. Drill a hole in the driftwood, tie it up with a piece of string, then start using the drill to feed the string through the holes in your beads! The result is gorgeous but not too noisy.

Bamboo Wind Chimes

Bamboo DIY Wind Chimes

Can’t keep up with all your reeds, tassels, and twigs? Instead of letting them stay tangled in a mess, arrange them on some bamboo canes and cut them into thin pieces to create beautiful DIY wind chimes. Take it outside and hang your new chimes in an open area where the wind can run through just right - and you’ll get the most relaxing sounds. Along with the bamboo canes, you will need a drill and twine to string them. This is a great project for anyone looking to add some zen to their backyard space.


DIY Handmade Clay Wind Chimes

Looking for a project that you can make and hang in your home? These handmade clay wind chimes are perfect for beginners. The best part is that the whole family will enjoy making them together. From now on, when you hear the wind gently blowing outside your window, these beautiful chimes will be there to add to the peaceful ambiance. The materials for these chimes cost about $10, and it will take less than an hour to create this simple DIY wind chime set. With just four simple supplies, you can create a set of bell-shaped wind chimes to hang from driftwood in your kitchen window.

Mini Macrame DIY Wind Chimes

Macrame DIY Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are the perfect way to add a relaxing sound to your home and enjoy a soothing, natural melody that can soothe the nerves after a long day. But if living in an apartment building or city limits you to make your macrame wind chimes, you don’t have to sacrifice the relaxing beauty of these artful accessories. With this easier craft idea, you’ll be able to craft a beautiful piece that you can use outside in your patio or garden or hang on the wall inside your home.


Metal Washer Colorful Wind Chime

Colorful Metal Washer Wind Chime

This whimsical wind chime will look great in any yard or on a porch. This colorful wind chime uses a few elements from the above projects, and the result is something bright and cheerful! This colorful design can personalize your choice of beads and other ornaments using metal washers as the chimes and driftwood as the base. It's super easy to make and is a unique piece you can customize with your favorite colors and textures. All you need are washers, a piece of driftwood, a fishing line, and beads.


Wind Chime With Seaglass

Sea Glass DIY Wind Chimes

Sea Glass Wind Chimes are a great way to add wind chimes to your space. A beautiful way to display your sea glass collection, these DIY wind chimes lend a refined touch to any backyard or patio. A quick fix could be as simple as hanging a piece of driftwood on the deck, but you can create an even more sophisticated look by constructing a unique stand. For added effect, use various colors in your chimes and ensure they match the other accents in your space.


DIY Seashell Wind Chimes

Seashell Wind Chimes

Transform your room into a cozy beach retreat with this set of DIY seashell wind chimes. The sea-inspired pieces can be easily hung in a hallway or living room for a charming addition to your home’s decor. Each chime is composed of glass beads and various brass seashell charms, including a shell pendant lacquered in blue. They’re easy to make, so you can have a new project underway while they play in the sand or water.


How TO Make Strainer Planter Wind Chime

Colander and Spoon Planter Wind Chime

Transform your room into a cozy beach retreat with this set of DIY seashell wind chimes. The sea-inspired pieces can be easily hung in a hallway or living room for a charming addition to your home’s decor. Each chime is composed of glass beads and various brass seashell charms, including a shell pendant lacquered in blue. They’re easy to make, so you can have a new project underway while they play in the sand or water.


DIY Wind Chimes For Kids

Balsa Wood Fall Wind Chimes

The vertical balsa wood fall wind chimes are a fun way to personalize the traditional wind chime. They're perfect for kids, who get to paint the wood however they want and add bells at the bottom for extra musicality. All you need to make this DIY wind chimes project is a few sticks of balsa wood, some wooden beads, and a bit of paint. The vertical design means this chime will create a different sound when the wind blows through it than traditional horizontal designs. Add bells at the bottom of your chimes, giving them a little more sound.


How To Make Wind Chimes From Recycled Materials

Make these lovely wind chimes with recycled tin cans and simple supplies like glue and paint. The kids will love helping you turn empty cans into something beautiful, especially if you paint their favorite colors. These chimes make a great gift for friends and family or to keep for yourself! You only need a mini paintbrush and some craft paints to color the tin cans, then attach them to a string. It's easy for kids of all ages to make.

How To Make DIY Wind Chimes

1-Hour DIY Wind Chimes

You have to be a little patient because these wind chimes take 1 hour to make. But the results are impressive, and you'll feel great accomplishment. The design is simple, so you can make this project in under an hour with a few simple supplies you can find at the hardware store. All you need are a few simple supplies that can be found at the hardware store. Leave your pipes and washers unfinished for an understated look, or paint them to match your home's outdoor decor."


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