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21 DIY Bath Bomb Plans To Enjoy Showers

DIY Bath bomb plans are the rage these days, and it’s easy to see why they’re so popular. If you don’t know what bath bombs are, they are cubed or ball-shaped fizzy bomb that goes into your bathtub to release bubbles that create a relaxing and therapeutic experience. These little, colorful treats are the best part about taking a bath, and most ladies enjoy them very much; making them home can be expensive. However, with the proper ingredients and just a few steps, you can make your bath bombs from scratch!

DIY Bath Bomb Plans

DIY Bath Bomb Plans

Making bath bombs is a fun, aromatic project that you and the whole family can enjoy. Plus, by making your means, you get to customize their scent and color to best fit your personality, but the process for creating them is surprisingly simple. The process of creating your bath bombs is surprisingly simple. A few key elements are needed, and the rest is left to your creativity, allowing you to create different colors, scents, and styles. Bath bombs can be made inexpensively since the ingredients are easily purchased from a drugstore or online. The process takes about three days total, including drying time for the mold.

A relaxing soak in the tub is one of life’s simple pleasures. But if you are worried about potential chemicals or are looking for a fun project to do, you can create your own! If you are looking for an easy way to relax and unwind, you can make your bath bombs! These natural, homemade bath bombs provide a mini spa treatment without the chemicals. This relaxing activity can be done by anyone, whether or not they are crafty or creative. With this list of free DIY bath bomb plans and tips, you can learn how to make bath bombs.

DIY Bath Fizzy Bombs

DIY Bath Bomb Fizzies

Bath bombs are a great way to get the most out of your bath time. They make your water soft and smooth, leaving behind a fragrant scent that lingers long after your bath or shower. You can create them at home by using simple ingredients and following easy instructions. This process will take two hours to complete; however, you can leave the room and let it sit after the first hour. You can come back every 15 minutes to give it a quick stir.


How To Make A DIY Bath Bomb Easy

How To Make A Bath Bomb

Bath bombs are a fun and simple project to make at home. They can be used to relax in your bathtub or as gifts and show off your skills. These bath bombs are a great way to make a gift for almost anyone. Use them in the bath yourself, or give them as presents! This simple recipe will get you started, but don't stop there! Once you've mastered this technique, feel free to add other ingredients like essential oils or perfume.


How To Make A DIY Bath Bomb

How To Make A Bath Bomb

Bath bombs are a fun, unique way to bathe. They add color, fragrance, and fizz to the water, making it a more enjoyable overall experience. This recipe will give you a basic base for your creations. You can mix in any oils, butter, fragrances, and colors you want to help soften the skin and create something all-natural or scented with synthetic ingredients that best suit your needs. Not only will you experience the luxury of an all-natural homemade bath bomb, but you can also create something that fits your needs, so it feels just right in your tub of water.


Easy Hex Bomb Idea

DIY Hex Bomb

This explosive homemade Hex Bomb creates an ominous effect in your bathtub or kitchen sink. This DIY hex bomb is the perfect Halloween decoration for your tub! Just mix a couple of ingredients, drop in the red hexagonal bomb, then watch it fizz out into a red liquid when you drop it in the bathtub. With just a few ingredients, you will have created a bomb that looks like witches made it! Gather your materials, follow the step-by-step instructions, and let the explosion reveal a brand new color in your tub.


Easy DIY Bath Bomb

Easy Bath Bomb

Make your Bath Bombs home with simple instructions and only a few ingredients. Bath bombs are an easy way to enjoy a relaxing bath at home and make great gifts. You can add any oil, color, or scent you want! It is best to use coconut oil if you don’t want it to solidify too quickly or liquefy at a temperature that is too hot for most baths (around 100 degrees). We recommend using natural candle dyes if you want to add color.


Exploding Death Star Bath Bomb For Halloween

Exploding Death Star Bath Bomb

Far from the dreary, cramped conditions of the Death Star, this bath bomb will transport you to a faraway galaxy. There are two different ways to make this: you can do something all black or include light-activated pigments that will allow this bath bomb to glow. The choice is yours and your’s alone. This one is up to you and how artsy you want to get. Share it with your friends and family, or use it as a unique gift for that special Star Wars fanatic in your life. It’s up to you!


How To Make A DIY Bath Bomb At Home

Make Bath Bombs

Learn how to make a set of bath bombs at home using simple ingredients. You will be surprised by how easy it is! You can create your bath bombs with just some basic ingredients and a few ingredients you can buy from the store. Once you know the formula for creating your bath bombs, give it some time to dry and cure for about 24 hours. Then, you must place them in the tub and let them work their magic!


DIY Geode Bath Bomb

Geode Bath Bomb

Make the most of your relaxation time with this geode bath bomb. You can use a silicone mold or a plastic ornament ball to have a set shape or fill up your mold. Be sure to measure everything accurately for the best results. This is an easy and effective homemade project that you can use repeatedly! This beauty bar is crafted with soothing Epsom salt and coconut oil to soften and color to resemble a geode. The rustic smell of fir needle essential oil will enhance your outdoor experience or help you relax after a long day.


Homemade Fizzing Bath Bomb Plan

Homemade Fizzing Bath

This homemade fizzing bath will be a hit if you love creating fun, spooky gifts for your friends and family. It looks like brains and is super easy to make. This project is great for kids over six years of age because they can help mix the ingredients. This homemade brain fizzing recipe comprises Epsom salt and a few drops of essential oil. You'll need to use a mold shaped like a brain matter to complete the look. It is super easy to make and can use whatever essential oils you like. If it's Halloween, this could be zombie brains or some other Halloween spookiness.


DIY Pokemon Bath Bombs

Pokemon Egg Bath Bombs

This Pokemon bath bomb is made with all-natural ingredients and colors. You can expect this bath bomb to make your skin feel soft and smooth while making you smell like sweet cotton candy. With only 3-4 drops of food coloring from our color chart, you can add the iconic spots of Pikachu or other pokemon into the mixture. Mix until you get the shade you are looking for, and pour into an egg mold for a fun look inside! These Pokemon egg bath bombs make it simple to unwind after a long day, using ingredients found right in your kitchen or local grocery store.


DIY Bath Bomb Recipe Without Citric Acid

Bath Bomb Without Citric Acid

Bath bombs are the newest trend; everyone wants to make them for friends and family. However, citric acid can be challenging to find in some local stores since most products don’t include it as an ingredient. This simple kit lets you make bath bombs without citric acid, making it easier for everyone to participate. Citric acid is often used in most bath bomb recipes, but you can use other ingredients to achieve the same softening and fizzing effects on your skin. This project will cover how to create your unique bath bombs at home, with no citric acid and no essential oils.


DIY Bath Bomb Recipe Easy Bath Bomb Recipe With Essential Oil

Creating your bath bombs is easy and affordable, even if you don’t have all the necessary kitchen equipment. Most of it can be picked up at a local cooking specialty shop or online. This recipe is simple enough for beginners and fun enough to try out once you’re ready to move on to bigger projects! It’s best to use a double boiler or a small saucepan with water instead of a microwave because it will be safer. To ensure you have the proper consistency for your bomb to form, add more baking soda if it appears too gooey or more cornstarch if it’s too runny.


DIY Bath Bomb Plan

DIY Bath Bombs

Our DIY Bath Bombs are easy to make, fun to color, and simple to give away. Create bath bombs matching your personality with the included ingredients and fragrance oils. Use a combination of molds or choose from our set of six solid-colored bottles for an original look. Whether you're looking for a fun activity with your kids, friends, or yourself, this kit will provide hours of entertainment. You can customize these to your scent preferences, but we recommend using something like lavender since it’s known for its calming properties. Your kids will love helping create this fun DIY project with you!


Easy Fluffy Bathbomb Plan

Easy Fluffy Bathbomb

When you have a good bath bomb recipe, it's easy to turn out unlimited amounts of homemade gifts in just a few minutes. The process is simple and requires only ½ cup citric acid, 1 cup baking soda, ½ cup cornstarch, and two tablespoons of water. You can also use any color food coloring dye or perfume you'd like to scent your bombs. Once you've mastered the basic steps, you can replicate your creations as often as possible!


Easy Mini Bath Bomb Ideas

Bath Bombs Mini

Our mini bath bombs are perfect for travel, for people with a lower budget, or for anyone who wants to avoid breakage. Cut the portions of ingredients you use in half and follow the same instructions as usual. The result is a perfectly sized, perfectly shaped bath bomb. These mini bath bombs are a great alternative to trying something new when traveling. They use the same ingredients as our original products and are made with great care and quality in smaller portions!



Enjoy Science Bath Bombs For Kids

Enjoy Science With Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are a fun way to explore science without having to do messy experiments. Add these colorful fizzers into your bath and watch as they transform into brightly colored balls of amazingness. They're a relaxing activity that the entire family can enjoy. These awesome science experiments were made to fizz and make a great gift idea. We've come a long way since the first water balloons. Explore these beautiful bath bombs that fizz and bubble in the tub!


Free Holiday Bath Bombs

Holiday Bath Bombs

Perfect stocking stuffers and Holiday Bath Bombs are thoughtful gifts everyone will love. They're made with peppermint and fir needle essential oils for a festive scent. For a more intense aroma, place your bath bomb in the tub before you get in to fill the room with a sweet aroma! These bath bombs are fun, easy to make, and perfect for anyone who loves a long soak in the tub. Mix a batch of homemade stocking stuffers that everyone will love!


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Fun Chocolate Bath Bomb

DIY Chocolate Bath Bombs

Chocolate lovers and bath bomb enthusiasts unite! Learn how to make chocolate bath bombs with cocoa powder, olive oil, and cornstarch. These DIY beauty essentials are easy to make with just three ingredients and no molds required. The recipe includes cocoa powder, a dryer bar, and a chocolate mold. A unique way to enjoy your bath time, this novelty gift is sure to be a hit at any party or around the holidays!


Egg Bath Bomb DIY

Egg Bath Bombs

Making eggs with bath bombs is the best way to have a fabulous time at home. These egg-shaped bath bombs are super easy to make, and your kids will love them! The Egg Bath Bomb is a fun, and easy craft kids can make as a special gift or an Easter basket decoration. Kids will have fun combining all the different colors of bath bombs and creating a unique egg shape! This does a great little project to include in an Easter basket too.


Moisturizing Bath Bombs

DIY Moisturizing Bath Bombs

Our homemade Moisturizing Bath Bombs are the perfect way to relax and soothe your skin. Made with various moisturizing ingredients, including coconut oil and shea butter, these bath bombs will leave your skin feeling smooth, nourished, and refreshed. This DIY moisturizing bath bomb will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth while helping dry and chapped areas become healthy again. With just a few ingredients you probably already have in your pantry, you will have a luxurious bath time experience.


Easy Galaxy Bath Bomb Plan

DIY Galaxy Bath Bombs

Make your bath bombs with this DIY Galaxy Bath Bomb recipe. Transform your next bath into a celestial experience with DIY Galaxy Bath Bombs. Lush has been making these for years, but you can make them yourself in your kitchen with these easy instructions and ingredient lists. Just drop one of these colorful balls in your bath water, and watch it gently fizz right before your eyes! They come out looking like actual stars and can help you unwind or make your bath a fun experience!


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