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11 DIY Phone Projector Plans For Magnifying

Projecting your smartphone's display onto a wall is a fun activity for friends and family and makes for an impressive presentation. Whether you're hosting a party at home or willing to make your movie night more memorable, just put an impressive DIY phone projector in between your phone and the wall and enjoy a pleasant magnified projection of your mobile display with minimal effort. You don't have to spend a bunch of dollars to create DIY phone projectors; follow these easy-to-follow DIY phone projector Plans that will help you create a simple and inexpensive tool for displaying the contents of your smartphone on a larger screen. These devices are usually empty boxes, magnifying glasses, and other easy-to-find materials. They can be assembled in minutes with things already found around the house.

DIY Phone Projector Plans

DIY Phone Projector Plans

Getting ready to watch a movie in your home theater but don't have the room for a projector? Use your cell phone as the screen for a DIY movie projector. These super easy ideas will help create a fun and functional DIY phone projector for your next family movie night. These projects provide fun and easy ways to make your DIY smartphone projectors. Just follow the step-by-step instructions, and you can watch movies, videos, YouTube tutorials, and more on a big screen right from your Smartphone. They're easy to create, and we've rounded up several DIY plans for creating the perfect projector for your needs. Ready to build one?

How To Build Ultimate DIY Phone Projector

Ultimate phone projector for home usage

A cell phone projector is a great way to be entertained without spending much money. With only a few simple materials, you can create a DIY cell phone projector that will have you watching movies in the darkroom on various surfaces. This video tutorial covers the steps required to build a homemade projector for your smartphone or tablet. It's worth the time and money because it can help you watch videos with your friends and family, especially in a dark room.


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Make A HD Smartphone Projector

Enjoy watching your favorite shows or movies on the wall of your bedroom or living room with this DIY HD Smartphone Projector. This fun and easy-to-build project make it possible to transform your smartphone into a portable projector that can be used anywhere at home. We even include a video tutorial so you can watch movies on the big screen without an expensive projector. This homemade mock-up projector will project an image with great quality and brightness, allowing you to watch your favorite movies or games on any wall surface. Follow the video tutorial, and you'll be watching HD images on your wall in no time!

How To Make Projector At Home

You don’t need a large amount of money to watch movies in the comfort of your own home. You can turn your empty wall into a home theater screen with little effort and some simple items. The projector will display videos from any cell phone device onto the large, white wall. You can sit on the couch with family and friends and enjoy watching movies together in high definition at home at any time of the day or night. This simple project can help you build your home projector screen.

Easiest And Portable Smartphone Projector

This Portable Projector is a fun gadget for all ages. This easy-to-build cell phone projector will be best to take from house to house and easily set up in front of a wall or screen. The simple design makes it very affordable, with only five additional parts needed for construction. It's also great for showing slideshows and home movies on any white surface (like a bed sheet hanging on a wall). This easy-to-make DIY projector is perfect for small spaces such as apartments and dorm rooms, where a large screen for viewing may not be possible. The lightweight design makes it easy to take with you as you travel from place to place.

Easy DIY Phone Projector

The Smartphone projector is a simple, cheap, and quick DIY project designed to make watching videos on your smartphone or tablet as easy as possible. It comes with a mount that you can attach to the wall and use easily. This DIY project will reduce the cost of buying a wireless projector and make using this one easier than the commercial models. No tools are required, and the diy project takes less than 30 minutes to set up. The best part is that you can show movies and videos on a big screen for everyone in your family to enjoy instantly!

DIY Phone Projector With Camera Lens

Smart Phone Projector With Camera Lens

There are many ways to make your box projector, but here’s one suggestion: With a few 3-D printed parts and a couple of clear plastic boxes, you can be on your way to watching videos on the bedside table or outside by the fire pit. Don’t toss out those old boxes in your recycle bin. Look around the house to see what you can recycle and make into something else, like a new phone projector. Gather the kids, rummage through the recycle bin, and build a DIY phone projector for your Smartphone. Make one for each room you want to use and one more so you can watch outdoor movies with your family tonight.


Simple Smartphone Projector

Create a projector for your kids' favorite videos and shows! Enlarge their screens with this DIY phone projector made from common items and a few basic tools. This phone projector plan will allow them to watch big, bright, and high definition of their favorite shows. This DIY project can be completed in just a few minutes, costing only $5 or less! This DIY projector will help your kids view those videos in a much larger format! You can build this projector with just a few common items and make even the longest road trip more fun.

How To Make A Homemade Projector With Mirror

Smartphone Projector Creation Cheap

Have you always wanted to learn about the science of optics but feared it's too technical for you? Then this portable projector is for you! Learn how lenses work and how to create your plastic lens that will project images from your smartphone onto a nearby surface. With detailed instructions, you will learn. How to use household items with inexpensive lenses to create a device that anyone can use! Whether you are looking for a fun night in with friends. Or want to share some special moments with your family, it doesn't get easier than this.


DIY Projector With Magnifying Glass

Magnifying Glass Projector for Your phone

Are you ready to learn how to make a DIY projector? This super fun and easy project can complete in just a few minutes and provides hours of family entertainment. This concise tutorial will teach you how to construct a homemade projector using household items. Give some thought now about what you plan to show with your DIY, as the lenses and materials needed will depend on the medium and size of the output surface area.


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Make A Smartphone Projector With Shoebox

Projector With a magnifying glass in Shoebox

This simple DIY project creates a shoebox-sized projector that can be used to create a wide-screen tablet, smartphone, or computer image. Using simple materials like a shoebox and white paper, you can set up the projector in about 30 minutes and use it for a fun family entertainment option this holiday season. Using a simple shoebox, you can create an easy DIY project that uses materials found around the house. This makes it easy to get started on making this phone projector today!


DIY Phone Projector With Camera Lens And Old Shoe Box

Learn how to transform an old shoe box into a DIY phone projector. This detailed video shows the building process and how it is easy for kids to do. It's a great project for families with kids who will love watching videos on their homemade projector. The Recycled Shoe Box is easy for kids to build and provides hours of family fun. Seeing a magnified result of your mobile screen on the wall will be a great option, and I hope you'll admire making it.

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