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11 DIY Camping Shower Ideas For Having Bath Anywhere

Are you a person with a camping background or have a lot of off-grid trips on your to-do list? Then surely, you'll need a cheaper, portable, and useful DIY camping shower, and this list will provide you with some heck-inspiring ideas in this regard.

Easy To Make DIY Showers For Camping

DIY Camping Shower ideas

We try to put together the easiest and most inexpensive portable shower ideas that suit best all and help to fulfill all the water-related needs, especially for the campers. Like if you're on a road trip and don't have any hotel with a heated sauna on your way. then you need a fresh shower to get the dust off and be more energetic again that's where these DIY camping shower ideas become the best option to choose.

With these handmade shower systems, you can enjoy a decent bathing experience anytime, anywhere. Our amazing list of ideas will inspire you to make different types of shower, whether for toilet needs or to have an outdoor shower standing straight and singing your favorite song, you'll always find a camping shower that fit your requirements.

DIY Camping Showers That Are Portable Too

All of our camping shower ideas described below are completely portable you can take them anywhere. Just empty the gallon, and you can call him a lightweight shower gear too. We have also added some heating showers like one made for the car's rooftop top when you drive, it will automatically capture the heat waves from the sun and provide you with the best shower experience during camping.

All the basic supplies you need for making camping showers are below, although I have also added my pro tips to help you select the best supplies:

  • Gallon: When selecting the gallon, be specific in term of portability use the gallon that's easier to carry and have supports to lift up. Don't try to go with a big water gallon because it will not give you that easiness like a smaller one. although you can refill water again and again, and you're good to go with moderately sized gallons too.
  • Pipe: The pipe for your gallon has to be pressure-resistant and not too long because it will be difficult to handle and affect the water level.
  • Water sprayer: The water sprayer or shower head you may add to your camping shower totally depends on your liking whether you want the water to throw a long way, you can go with different sprayer options. Although the sprayer must be cheaper, it doesn't enhance the overall cost of your camping shower.

All of the ideas discussed below have a materials list with them you can follow them to go with the exact same supplies for identical results.

DIY Easy Camp Shower

DIY Easy Camp Shower

If you need a camp shower to go along with you wherever you go, then following this amazingly portable and unique outdoor shower idea will be the best option.

The supplies you need are: 

  • 4-inch ABS pipe
  • One 5ft length of ABS pipe
  • One threaded T cleanout
  • Two end caps
  • One ¾-inch hose spigot
  • One Shrader tank valve
  • One 5ft garden hose extension and spray nozzle
  • Cement, Silicone, and Teflon tape

This amazing outdoor shower will cost just about 50 bucks, and the water get warmer with the sunlight, so there is nothing to worry about. Just get some materials in hand and bring this amazing camping shower into your life. It's easier to keep in your camping van and can also fit on the top of your camper shell, where it gets maximum sun exposure.


DIY Camping Shower With Pump

How To Make A DIY Portable Shower For $30

Creating a DIY portable outdoor shower can be a fairly easy and cost-effective option for the best bathing experience wherever you want. It's an old-fashioned shower creation idea but extremely useful because campers, workers, or anyone who doesn't have instant access to water can use it.

  • A 2-gallon Pump Sprayer
  • Scissors
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • A Multi-pattern Hose Nozzle
  • A Metal Hose Mender
  • A Hair Dryer
  • Soapy Water

Cut off the sprayer wand from the gardener sprayer and make that cutter area wider by inserting a plier into it. Put the sprayer onto the spray hose mender and push it gently, as far as you can. Later, add the Multi-pattern Hose Nozzle to your mender, tighten it as much as possible, and make it a masterpiece shower in no time. Now, you have to give access to the water reservoir, and you're good to go with the best shower experience anytime, anywhere.


DIY Camping Shower Heater Solar

DIY Car Top Solar Camp Shower

If you spend a lot of time on road trips and always find it difficult to have a hotel room to be fresh from time to time. Then adding this solar-powered car top camp shower can help you with this situation.

All you need is:

  • One ½″ brass locknut
  • Schrader bike pump
  • One Schrader valve from an aluminum wheel
  • One 4″ T-joint ABS fitting with threaded top opening
  • ABS cement
  • Sandpaper
  • Petroleum jelly
  • ABS cleaner/primer
  • Two 4″ ABS end caps
  • Waterproof silicone sealant
  • One 10′ length of 4″ Schedule 40 ABS pipe
  • 4″ ABS cleanout cap for the T-joint
  • Two canoe foam blocks
  • One flat rubber O-ring
  • Tie-down straps
    One ¾″ hose spigot
  • Hose with nozzle

You can start by cutting the ABS pipe with respect to the shower length you need and keep the length of your car in mind, too. Now drill a hole at the end of the pipe for installing the spigot, then just above the spigot point, make another hole for installing the valve. Use the glue to secure all these amendments you made, and you're ready to install this shower pipe on your car's top. It will act as a solar water heater too. Now you have to fill the water, adjust the pressurize up to the safety limit, and you're ready to enjoy a warm water shower wherever you want. The more the sun shines, the more your water will get warmer, so thank me later for these pro features.


DIY Camping Shower

DIY Camping Shower

If you want a minute maid outdoor shower, following its guide will help. It will provide you with an excellent showing experience at any time. All you have to do is get these materials on hand:

  • 12-volt output pump
  • Tubing to fit the outlet of the pump
  • Two elbow fittings
  • Hose long enough to reach the desired height for your shower
  • Plastic pipe
  • Showerhead
  • 12-volt car lighter plug
  • Bucket of water

You'll have to make a simple shoer by adding a little piece of pipe to the pump, then add an elbow to the pipe length and connect it with the hose. Add the elbow to the other side of your plastic pipe and install a showerhead there. Lastly, you must give your pump a 12-volt supply and throw it into the bucket to fetch water. It will be a more accessible DIY project, but it will surely blow your mind.


How To Make Portable Camp Shower

Which Kind Of Portable Camp Shower

If you're an SUV camper, I can relate to your pain of not always getting fresh water for a bath. To cope with the situation, this guide can help you a lot; It's a practical, economical, and extremely useful solution to this.

All you need is: 

  • A garden sprayer
  • A shower head
  • Teflon tape
  • Adapters

Its making will be much easier like. Get a simple garden sprayer on hand, remove the sprayer from it, and add the shower head. Fix it on the top of the gallon, adjust the pressure, and you're done. It's very useful, easy to refill, portable, and can be put in the sun for some time to make the after warm. Make this shower once and get rid of all your bathing problems.


Make A Portable Camping Shower

Make A Portable Shower

Are you in need of a portable shower which do multiple tasks most beneficially? Then following this amazing guide will be helpful for you. It doesn't require gravitational force to pull the water up, although this shower can also pressurize water. You can use it to water flowers and enjoy outdoor showers anytime. The supplies you need for making this shower are simple:

  • Garden sprayer or deck sprayer
  • Garden hose barbed adapter
  • Garden hose nozzle
  • Small hose clamp

The making of this shower is very simple; firstly, remove the nozzle of the garden sprayer and screw the hose adapter on it. Out a clap on the hose and tighten it. Lastly, pump the sprayer and create pressure to enjoy a beautiful shower system in no time.


Easiest Camping Shower

Easy to make shower

I believe this is the simplest camping shower ever made by any DIYer. There are no such additives, just a simple can filled with water hung upside down, and you're one with the best shower system for your camping needs.

  • 9-litre rectangular water jug.
  • Braided poly rope.
  • garden watering can with a detachable spout
  • Watering can
  • chain shackle
  • unscrewable chain link
  • roll of Gorilla tape

You need a simple can with a detachable spot and replace the spout with a simple shower head on it. Then, run a rope from its handles into the base of your watering can, as described in the image above. You can use gorilla tape to cover the poly rope and turn it into an amazing shower with minimal effort.


This portable shower looks like something very professional and difficult to deal without surely it's not. It can be used anywhere; whether you need to rinse some fresh water over your plants, wash cars/camping gear, or desire a fresh shower in any remote area, this amazing shower will always suit you best. But once you find out its usability, you'll surely mark it as your favorite.

  • Tank
  • ⅜" ID vinyl tubing
  • Diaphragm Pump
  • ⅜" Reinforced Vinyl Tubing: https
  • ⅜" barb to ¼" adapter
  • Air Hose 20'
  • ¼" to ¾" brass adapter
  • Garden Nozzle
  • Battery 12V 10A
  • 12V 5.5mm Coupler: https
  • Cigarette Lighter Socket

With this high pressure in your gear, your camping will become much more fun and easy. It's far better than some hand-pumped shower, and surely you'll find it best. All you have to do is give it an electric source like a car battery or anything else, and it will provide you with a pressure water source for almost all of your needs. Like washing utensils, giving a shower to your pet, washing clothes, and much more up to your wish.

  • 5 Gallon Bucket
  • lano 5 Gallon Bucket Topper
  • Seaflo 12V DC 35 PSI On-Demand Water Pump
  • ⅜" ID x 10 Feet High-Pressure PVC Vinyl Tubing
  • Kingston Kitchen Faucet Sprayer
  • Micro Hose Clamps
  • 12AWG SAE Weatherproof Port
  • Round Hole Illuminated Rocker Switch
  • In-Line Fuse Holder 12 Gauge Wiring Harness
  • 10FT Cigarette Lighter to SAE Extension Cable
  • ½in PVC Pipe 10ft
  • ½in PVC Coupler
  • #8-32 x ¾in nuts and screws
  • #8-32 x ½in nuts and screws
  • ⅜thin Barb Hose Splicer
  • Nylon Lock Nuts

The making process of this portable shower is explained very well in this video tutorial, and I hope you'll love it.

If you want an off-grid living experience but are curious about the shower and toilet needs, this portable shower will be a great option for you. It's as simple as it seems, although it suits almost all related tasks well. Whether you use it for your composting toilet or anything as a regular open-air pooping experience, this water source will be the best.

All the supplies you need to make this shower are: 

  • 2 Gallon Water Tank
  • Garden Hose Adapter Female
  • Garden Hose Adapter – Male
  • Shower Sprayer
  • Hose Clamp

You just have to get a gallon on hand and add a shower on its top by following the easier video tutorial it can be done in minutes. Then add a sprayer shower on its top, and you're done. Now all you have to do is generate some pressure by pressing it in and out and enjoy a decent water showering experience.

DIY Camping Shower ideas 1

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